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Our BLACKPINK 2020 Comeback Wishlist

Our BLACKPINK 2020 Comeback Wishlist

YG Entertainment just announced that BLACKPINK is set to make a comeback in early 2020!! How exciting is this?? Currently, BLINKS around the world (including me!!) are freaking out!

Of course, there are quite a few things that BLINKS hope for with BLACKPINK’S new comeback … I have decided to add my two cents to that and compile a list with everything that we expect from BLACKPINK’S 2020 comeback.

1. The Comeback itself

In the past, we have been getting a lot of false promises from YGE about BLACKPINK’S activities and a looot of delayed comebacks. So my first wish, is for the 2020 comeback to happen for sure! After all, it has been a while since we have gotten new songs from the girls.

2. A FULL Album

Oh boy. For YEARS now we have been begging YGE to give BLACKPINK a full album but that hasn’t happened yet. Today, the keywords ‘FULL ALBUM’ & ‘BLACKPINK’ were trending 7th and 8th respectively on Twitter. Let’s cross our fingers for that full album, Blinks!

3. More Creative Input from BP

If you take a look at BLACKPINK’S song credits, the girls aren’t really credited at all…This is not because they aren’t able to write their songs at all. A vocal coach from YGE praised Jennie’s skills at writing lyrics a while ago and she also participated in writing the lyrics to her song SOLO but only got credited after she mentioned her role during the writing process of the song. In this article right here, we briefly mention more of BLACKPINK’s uncredited work in the past.

4. A HIP-HOP concept

Moving on to the actual music part of our wishlist, I would LOVE to see an even stronger concept than DDU-DU DDU-DU & Kill This Love. In an interview a while back, the girls mentioned that they were used to training to really strong hip-hop and rap-focused songs during their trainee period and how they would love to show us more of that stronger side. Well, I’d love to see more of that as well!

5. Line Distribution

BLACKPINK’s line distribution is actually quite fair in comparison to other K-Pop groups. However, there is one thing that I don’t really agree with: Jisoo’s lines. Jisoo is the lead vocal of the group but still somehow ends up getting the least lines most of the time?? I would love to hear more of her voice in the future. Also, while Jennie is the main rapper she isn’t even rapping in the majority of their songs. And no, I don’t consider ‘I go boohoo’ as rapping lol. (See Kill This Love). I think more songs with BOTH Lisa and Jennie rapping just like in BOOMBAYAH would be awesome, right?!


Even though, this is about Rosé and not the group per se, I still think it should be mentioned here. Rosé’s solo was supposed to be released after Jennie’s SOLO. However, SOLO was released over a year ago and we still don’t have Rosie’s promised solo song. We would love for that to happen in 2020 after BLACKPINK’s comeback!!

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That has been quite the list and I am pretty sure that the rest of the fandom agrees with me. While we are waiting for BLACKPINK’s new album, stream their songs to keep you entertained!

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