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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Louis Tomlinson

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

This Doncaster lad has been in our lives for over nine years now. We fell in love with his voice on The X Factor and his personality during the video diaries when he joined his fellow One Direction band members at the bottom of the stairs and he’s captured our hearts ever since. If you’re late to jump on the Tommo bandwagon or just want to remember just why you love him so much, here’s 5 reasons to stan Louis Tomlinson.

1. He’s no clean-cut popstar

Image Source: MTV

With Louis, what you see is what you get. There’s no mystery, there’s no pristine and immaculate appearance that’s so “perfect” it’s unreal. He’s perfectly unperfect. Mr Tomlinson doesn’t try to act as something he isn’t, he’s just authentically himself, and that’s something we just love. You know that whatever he says or feels it’s legit because he’s straightforward, even if that means he’s a bit cheeky or doesn’t play by the rules of Hollywood and media training. A legend.

2. He’s trying to make pop with instruments cool again

Louis Tomlinson
Image Source: LTHQ Official

Over the past decade or two, we’ve seen people hang up guitars and drumsticks to work on music all created digitally. Now we’re not saying that’s a bad thing, but Louis Tomlinson is going back to the roots of his childhood which was full of incredible artists who had instruments in their music. He’s making them cool again while reintroducing them to the younger generations. Tommo is straying from the popular decisions to do what he wants and make the music he likes. It’s a brave move and we are so here for it.

3. He’s got an incredible connection with his fans

Every artist has fans which they love, but when it comes to truly connecting with them, Louis Tomlinson has it hands down. He knows them really well and they know him just as much. It’s always banter between the two but the love is so strong and undeniable and while he’s performing for the world, he’s always got his loyal supporters in his mind. It’s like a dream team!

4. He has a heart of gold

Louis Tomlinson
Image Source: LTHQ Official

When it comes to giving back, Louis is always up to something. He’s always doing something for charity. Football matches, benefit concerts, you name it! One of our favorite moments is when he and his mother hosted the ‘Believe in Magic’ ball where terminally ill kids were given their Cinderella moment. He had their dresses and suits made and they got to give a grand entrance in a castle-like venue. Tommo even played the role of the kids’ Prince Charming and they had their special dance. He’s a literal angel sent from above.

5. He’s extremely relatable

His song ‘Just Like You’ has a lot of truth to it. If you tune out the fame, Louis is still the Louis Tomlinson from Doncaster he’s always been. It’s like putting the funniest kid in class in front of the world and he’s just owning it! He still loves his Sunday roasts, supports his local soccer club and is massively proud of his hometown and being British. You can take the boy out of Donny but you can’t take Donny out of the boy!

So there you have it! TL;DR: stan Louis Tomlinson.

Louis Tomlinson
Image Source: GIPHY

Of course, there’s a million and one other reasons to stan Louis Tomlinson – what’s your top five reasons? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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  • We stan him because he is just everything good in just one person. I don’t know why someone can’t love him. I mean he went through so much and he still keeps on going and smiling. And he wants us fans to do the same. And that is a big thing, I love at him!
    Germany loves you 🙂

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