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All Time Low Ultimate Setlist

All Time Low Ultimate Setlist

A new album means new music from All Time Low and back to back concerts. Whether you’re seeing them at Sad Summer, alongside 5SOS, on their own, or just jamming in your bedroom this is one setlist to die for. The boys have been pretty busy between solo endeavors and collaborations to wine. Yes, wine. The All Time Low boys are iconic.

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver

The Irony of Choking on a Lifesaver music video

We gotta start with this gem. Who could resist singing along to the opening lyrics, “stop fucking around with my emotion”. The perfect angry anthem to get it all out. Just a guy in a tough spot with a problem he can’t seem to get rid of. Angry and paranoid it leads perfectly into set song number 2.


If your friend isn’t belting this out alongside you are you even friends? It’s the 4 AM anthem and probably the number two song ATL is known for. Off their album and released in, this is a throwback we’d be insane to not include. After all the anger comes to a nice dose of ‘Therapy’. We all need to talk it out sometimes and artists are no exception.

Backseat Serenade

Before we even knew to miss someone sleeping beside us the lyrics were sung like we knew something. The implications of this piece are a bit… dirty but the lyrics are a love ballad in true. The music video for this one is a bit odd as meteors fall and the world seems to be ending. Say hello teenage angst. The world is ending but the All Time Low boys are just fine.

Hello Brooklyn

Dreams of the whole world being in the palm of your hand. This song holds the excitement and energy of your early 20s and good friends by your side. “Let the good times roll we can let go everybody knows there’s a party at the end of the world.” It plays well off the last song where the music video is literally the end of the world. ATL aimed high and smashed it out of the park. Whether it’s Brooklyn, LA, or Tokyo the party is happening.

Dirty Laundry

A new era and an all grown up ATL brought us to a pause. We all learned this day what it meant to fall in love again. From the lyrics to the music this sends our souls soaring. Going for darker undertones and lighting ‘Dirty Laundry’ is a more mature song. The same boys just a little longer spent on this Earth.

If These Sheets Were States

The ultimate love song. Whether you’ve had a LDR (long-distance relationship) or not this made you ache like you did. “Cause I don’t sleep at all without you pressed up against me.” The setting is still an apocalyptic world with a lot of the same shots but a few new ones. The ordering is, of course, different but this video goes well with the album as a whole. All of the songs are teenage angst and melodrama on steroids, but isn’t that what makes them so damn good?

Missing You

Comforting like no other, it’s a friend coming to check on you. Someone coming to offer healing and assurance that you are not alone. We have to say this might be our number one favorite of the list. And who could forget that music video? The absolute elation and pure joy on those fans face as they spoke to their idols. You’re not alone and All Time Low is making sure you know that.

Don’t You Go

Don’t You Go

In a haze of sleeping with one person after the other or a one time go at it then realizing that you want this forever. Practically begging for someone to pause everything and give one more night of their time. A song we really should have gotten a music video for, but we can’t argue. With how many hits All Time Low produces that’d be an expensive music video budget.

Somewhere In Neverland

Somewhere in Neverland music video

The drudgery of growing up and growing out of the old things you use to do. Now onto a life that means less time with friends but fighting that. Not accepting the life planned out for everyone and daring to be different. Running away for a better reality. The music video opens in a typical office setting with Alex standing up and walking out to the ledge of a building. Dramatic but it’s exactly how it feels. We see the guys in the background photocopying his butt and when we step outside the world is childlike and bright. Just how life should be.

Paint You Wings

Paint You Wings music video

Watching someone change before your eyes is devastating. You think you know someone yet when you look at them there’s something awful. They’re not themself anymore so what do you do? Try to set them free. The music video is the same as all the other on the album but of course with its special ordering of events.

Six Feet Under the Stars

Sic Feet Under The Stars Music Video

Late nights roaming a town and getting to know someone is the most nerve-wracking thing. Meeting up and going out with someone you feel is so out of your league but you’re so head over heels you want this. Happy to go for it and fall especially if they’d fall too. Let’s not forget baby All Time Low with one of their first music videos. Wild and wacky you can tell they were having fun with the concepts. The film quality isn’t the greatest but the song is a masterpiece.


Weightless music video

Pressures of being famous are exhausting. We know it’s the dream to have your name in lights but as we can see from this music video that means any and everyone wants to know you. It can feel like a major burn out when you’re always going, this coupled with our boys hitting the age where they might be getting “old” is the perfect recipe for a new brand of angst. These forever young guys constantly find a way to take their emotions and channel creative genius. And as you can see, the video quality greatly improved~

See Also

Remembering Sunday

Remembering Sunday Live ft Juliet Simms

A heartbreaking duet that any lover of ATL would die to sing with someone. Full of emotion over a separation. Of being led on then seemingly left out to dry. One end reaching and searching for the other while the other is so wracked with fear and guilt. We all know someone who is so hurt by others that they no longer believe in love. This song renews our hopes for a beautiful love story that might not be so tragic.

Damned If I Do Ya (Damned If I Don’t)

Damned If I Do Ya music video

Put in a situation where no matter what you do you’re screwed. Like in this music video, if you get with a teacher well… refuse and you might suffer bad grades. Go with it and the backlash could be monumental. Either things go great and one little thing could bring everything crashing down “one stupid call and I end up alone” or nothing happens at all. Giving bright colors and meta old school TV shows a whirl, this music video is an indicator of all the bad that could happen from this kind of relationship. A song that’d be killer to see live, if only!

Dear Maria

Dear Maria music video

The classic to end the night on. A song anyone knows ATL for, if that little cough doesn’t stop your heart I don’t know what will. Taking place in a small club we see someone is thirsty over a stripper… Not what we may have expected but if you know ATL it only seems obvious. Oh 2008, please take us back!

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