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‘The World Keeps Spinning’ As THEORY Makes It All Better

‘The World Keeps Spinning’ As THEORY Makes It All Better

Two acoustic sessions dropped April 1st with ‘The World Keeps Spinning’ and ‘History of Violence.’ These are two songs off of their 7th and newest album. Times are tough right now, but we always have music to ease our minds. You can check out their original music videos or catch Tyler Connolly’s Instagram Live performances down below.

‘The World Keeps Spinning’

 What a sweet set up, black and red are always a good choice, but more importantly, we’re focused on that jean jacket. That lovely voice is like a hypnotizing pull serenading us with hope and that in the end, things will be okay. Stress, hunger, and struggle are all a part of life, but the world will keep spinning. You may miss something or feel down, but you can have faith in the fact the world will continue to go on.

‘History of Violence’

It can feel like the world is just going up in flames right now, but it is so much more. Life goes through cycles, hence the ‘History of Violence.’ We have overcome every obstacle thus far. Who’s to say this time is it any different? No one is safe, but we as a whole have shown to be resilient and in this together.

"The city's on fire, the streets are a riot
Now look at this place, no one is safe
No one is safe from you
Oh, look what you've started
It's a history of violence
Now look at your face, no one is safe
No one is safe from you"

We’re powerful; humans are powerful. No one is safe, yet everyone could be safe. When we band together, nothing is impossible. The music is topical and raw. We should embrace it with all we’ve got because there’s no time to struggle, we need to live. We digress, it’s a hard time, but let us be there for the future and to tell others, show others, to carry on.

You can catch their newest album too while you’re here. We hear it’s pretty rad. Why don’t you be the judge? And don’t forget to catch Theory on Facebook Live Saturday, April 11th.

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What did you think of those acoustics? Pretty sweet, right? Let us know in the comments down below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPop! We’re here for you and help you stave off the boredom, so do us a favor and let us know what you’re missing! We’ll get right on it.

To learn more about Theory of a Deadman:

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