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Fresh Music Friday: Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, The 1975, and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Jonas Brothers, Katy Perry, The 1975, and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘X’ – Jonas Brothers ft Karol G

Get that poolside groove ready. Hot waves and sun tanning with the music pumping by the side. The Jonas Brothers have a new song featuring Karol G called simply ‘X’. Let that imagination wander because we promise it’s what you think. This song is a bit hot and steamy, “Kiss me like your ex is in the room Don’t you be afraid of something new If you play it right, you can be that someone Yeah, that someone who Won’t leave me lonely tonight”. If that doesn’t get your blood going then the tempo sure will. Move those hips and find your flirtatious side!

Listen to the single here

‘Daisies’ – Katy Perry

Sticks, stones, and ‘Daisies’! All the things children’s rhymes and lovely pains are made of, also ‘Daisies’ is the latest song from Katy Perry. The lyrics are questioning the loss of childhood and innocence with lyrics like “When did we all stop believing in magic Why did we put all our hopes in a box in the attic”. Katy tells us to embrace the childlike wonder. Break those boundaries and boxes the world put us in. She vows “But I’ll never let ‘em change me Til they cover me in daisies,”. Go make a flower crown and watch Miss Perry dance in a flower field to the song ‘Daisies’. Who says social distancing has to be cooped up inside? Find your flower field.

Listen to the single here

‘Guys’ – The 1975

Releasing jam after versatile jam, The 1975 released the last single before the drop of their fourth album Notes On A Conditional Form, ‘Guys.’ An open love letter to the band as they celebrate nearly two decades of friendship. A lovely little vibe is set with this song as it showcases frontman Healy’s voice, which is always sounding so pleasant as it’s supported with the perfect groovy tempo. We love showing our friends how much they mean to us, and well, this song is ideal for that. The best thing that ever happened to us is 1975.

Listen to the single here

To Tell The Truth I Can’t Believe We’ve Come This Far – Lewis Capaldi

As the new normal continues to keep our concerts and gigs on hold, Lewis Capaldi‘s new EP alls us to reminisce the old days. To Tell The Truth I Can’t Believe We’ve Come This Far is a collection of Lewis’s songs from his debut album from various live performances including from his recent tour, BBC R1’s Live Lounge and studio sessions and is proof that Lewis’s talent really does live up to the standards live as much as it does on a studio version. The emotionally-penned songs seem to hit on another level when performed raw, his husky vocals and live instrumental entwining perfectly and tugging at your heartstrings and sending shivers down your spine as the lyrics become more alive and real.

For anyone who has seen Lewis live, this EP is a warm nostalgic hug from your memories, and for those who aren’t as lucky, it’s just a taste of what can be expected when you attend the Scotsman’s shows. We at Fresh Music Friday are longing for the day we can see him again live now more than ever thanks to this EP!

Listen to the EP here

‘5 More Minutes’ – The Jonas Brothers

It’s a double whammy of the Jonas Brothers this Fresh Music Friday as another flower-themed tune greets us with the logo to their song ‘5 More Minutes’. The vocals swing and fall like children on a playground. They ask for “5 more minutes [cause] baby I’m not finished loving you”. It’s sweet and lovely, affectionately declaring a sweet attachment. While the lyrics can be taken in a more adult way the musical playfulness gives off a far more sweet and innocent vibe. As if a couple has been cuddling all day yet when one of them goes to leave the warm nest of safety the other is begging for a little more time. We’re in love with ‘5 More Minutes’ and you should be too!

Listen to the single here

The Book Of Us: Demon – Day6

Day6 has returned with their newest mini-album, The Book of Us: Demon, and it is everything we could have asked for. Each song flows into the next in perfect harmony and with the ability to tell a story. You may find hits of instrumental that remind you of early 2000’s alternative, and sometimes you feel as if you’re listening to hints of an 80’s rock ballad in the mix. It is very beautiful, very emotional, and it is this combination of different rock styles that make this album its own.

‘Zombie,’ the title track off of The Book of Us: Demon hits home. The song is available in Korean and English, and the lyrics are something that many people can relate to – even some tears might fall when listening. The song gives you chills, and you can hear the emotion that the members have poured into the song – the switch from a full band ensemble, to just the soft tones of a piano in the background, also add to the strong emotions felt throughout.

Listen to the single here

‘Bitter’ – Fletcher

Fletcher dropped ‘Bitter’ with Kito, and let’s just say it’s been on repeat ever since. She’s ‘Bitter,’ but at the same time her voice is sweet like honey and we can’t stop listening. It’s about the same relationship that you ruined new york city for me is, so we know it comes from a real and honest place that some artists don’t have as often in their music. Plus, it’s total girl power. It’s her first song that’s completely done by women: the writing, producing, and even the whole video was made by women. The video -which is super sweet and sexy- was directed by Fletcher and she starred in it herself. It’s everything we needed to save 2020.

Listen to the single here

How I’m Feeling Now – Charli XCX

Charli XCX is one of the most impressive pop artists right now, as she’s made a whole album in about a month and ten days during quarantine. And for an album made in such a short amount of time, while at home and in quarantine, it’s amazing. Each song has it’s own flair, filled with the futurist-pop style she’s maintained throughout her songs. Appropriately titled how i’m feeling now, the album describes how she’s feeling during these tough times, and also matches our vibes right now, too. Say it with us, she’s the quarantine queen. With just one listen through the album, we’re already obsessed with every single song and trying to memorize every lyric. After all, we’re sure we’ll be listening to this quarantine-written futurist-pop album all the way through quarantine and forever after. Charli XCX came to save us all during quarantine, and we thank her.

Listen to the album here

My Arms Are Open – Emma Blackery

Emma Blackery’s voice is so sweet and makes us happy to listen to, so you can see how happy we are now that she’s released her My Arms Are Open EP and we can listen to four new songs! Not only do we love her voice, but her lyricism and music pull us in deeper into her songs. It’s like we’re taken to a new place every time we listen to one of her songs, and this EP has taken us to a whole new place listening to it. Each song feels so relatable, and with some lyrics that we’re going to remember forever. Speaking of ‘Forever,’ that song is such a beautiful love song on the EP that might just be one of our fave love songs ever already.

One of our fave lyrics from the EP is “I don’t wanna spend my future how I spent wasting my youth.” That lyric is something we know we can use time and time again, same as almost every lyric on the EP. My Arms Are Open is what the pop world needed right now, and we’re so blissfully happy listening to it even as we write this.

Listen to the EP here

‘Yours’ – Chanyeol X Raiden (ft. LeeHi, CHANGMO)

DJ and Producer Raiden and EXO‘s Chanyeol collaborated to produce the single ‘Yours’ featuring Lee Hi and Changmo! An upbeat synth-pop song with a colourful and aesthetic music video, exploring themes of connection and the strong feelings of love that are open to interpretation in romantic or platonic ways. It’s the perfect song for this time period, a wistful track that we’ll have on repeat!

Available to stream soon

‘Do It’ – Chloe X Halle

Chloe X Halle’s voices are always flawless, and while we know that, we were still blown away hearing ‘Do It.’ Perfectly hitting all the notes, we’re in awe of their voices, especially as they harmonize together. The steamy song and video has us singing and dancing along to the track, having the time of our lives. You can tell it’s a growth in their music and a more mature sound. It’s an energetic song that has us wanting to move, what else would we expect from a Chloe X Halle song? Maybe we’ll learn the dance choreo in the video! We might also try to sing it, but we know we won’t sound half as nice as Chloe X Halle singing ‘Do It.’ Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

See Also

Scoob! Soundtrack

We don’t know about you guys, but we are beyond hyped for the Scoob! movie! It’s set for release later this year, but the soundtrack is out now and it is full of some fierce tunes! Artists featured on the soundtrack include Anne-Marie, Avicii, The Vamps, Lennon Stella and Charlie Puth, MKTO, and many other out-of-this-world artists. With a total of 25 songs in the lineup, this soundtrack is sure to add a little flavor to your day! We know you’re going to love it as much as we do!

Listen to the soundtrack here

‘Princess’ – Pia Mia

Royalty has arrived at Fresh Music Friday! Pia Mia just loves to serve us bops on a silver platter, and ‘Princess’ is high on our list of Pia Mia faves! The track is a powerful, feel-good R&B/Pop track, and its inspired by some of our old favorite tunes! It’s got a throwback beat that instantly invites you to sing and dance along. It’s the perfect song to add to your party playlists even though this day in time we’re having parties for one. It gets you hyped from the first note and it’ll be the anthem of your day to get you motivated!

Listen to the single here

‘Let You Let Me Down’ – Donna Missal

Donna Missal truly has one unique voice! She can pull you through various emotions just with her voice, and ‘Let You Let Me Down’ is a prime example of her talent. It’s got powerful, poetic lyrics about letting someone consume you to the point you let them let you down. Essentially, it’s a self-realization anthem, and we are living for it. It’s one of those tracks we at Fresh Music Friday never knew we needed, but now that its here, we never wanna let it go!

Listen to the single here

‘Only’ – ZHU & Tinashe

Tinashe and ZHU is a collab we never thought we needed! ‘Only’ showcases the talent of both artists perfectly. Each artists makes you feel what they’re feeling when they sign and the beat consumes you and lured you in. It’s a banger of a track and we know we’re going to have it on repeat for days! It makes an excellent addition to our playlists a

nd it’s nice to refresh those playlists with some banging tunes like ‘Only.’

Listen to the single here

Which songs are you loving from this week’s Fresh Music Friday? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words by: Jazmin Williams, Emily Defoor, Dakota Ash, Brooke Gray, Dani King, Bless O, Rachel, Coullucci

Featured Image Source: The 1975 via Twitter | Katy Perry via Twitter | Jonas Brothers via Twitter

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