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Fresh Music Friday: BTS, Ellie Goulding, Yungblud and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: BTS, Ellie Goulding, Yungblud and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

Map of The Soul: 7 – The Journey – BTS

BTS are back with the Japanese edition of their latest album and while those of you new to the Bangtan Boys may think it’s pretty much the same, let it be known that BTS‘s Japanese editions for their comebacks are literal works of art on their own. This album features some of the songs from February’s Map of the Soul: 7 such as ‘Make it Right’, and ‘Boy With Luv’ as well as some new songs exclusive to this edition. The positive affirming ‘Stay Gold’ is the lead single for this release, with the glittering yet poignant ‘Your Eyes Tell’ written and produced by the golden maknae Jungkook being the second single which is set to feature on the soundtrack for upcoming Japanese movie of the same name.

Despite many of the songs being familiar to fans, it’s worth noting that these versions do hit differently, such as the fan favorite ‘Dionysus’ having a much more vigorous feeling compared to the original (which still goes off hard, might we add.) This album just flexes the boys’ many talents – from being to sing in a different language, to their stunning vocals and harmonies, we truly cannot get enough.

Listen to the album here

Brightest Blue – Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding has a real treat for us this Fresh Music Friday. Brightest Blue in full in all its glory. Ellie opens the exploration with ‘Start’ perfectly conveying the teetering on the edge of a beginning. The hesitation and also fatigue of feeling like you have to continually reinvent yourself. Listen to the lyrics and the slow crawling dance of the music. You’ll see what we mean, but there’s more than just the first song dear friends. With 13 gorgeous songs to the A-side, we’ve accepted the inevitable and gracious privilege to start again.

Tiptoeing from song to song we get small tastes of a realization of power, self-love, and exploring depths and boundaries all over again. On the B-side EG.0 five more songs, Ellie explores her boundaries and harmonies with others as we see features from blackbear, Lauv, Diplo, Swae Lee, and the late Juice WRLD. A medley of emotional electro-pop ladened beats and swells. There’s so much to unpack, so get on over to Spotify and bask in the stunning vocals of Ellie Goulding.

Listen to the album here

‘Strawberry Lipstick’ – Yungblud

Dom aka Yungblud has seriously fed us stans during lockdown but we are totally blown away with ‘Strawberry Lipstick.’ We get some old school Sex Pistol vibes with this track, that we cannot get enough of. The track has all the traits of what we envisage being an anthem for the fandom and as incredible as this studio version is, we just know this song is gonna go off live!

Listen to the single here

1 Billion Views – EXO SC

EXO-SC are back with the release of their first full album, 1 Billion Views, and it is everything we hoped for. While we were treated with teasers leading up to the album’s release with ‘Telephone,’ ‘Nothin” and ‘On Me,’ the full album takes all the elements seen in these three songs and explores them even more. The other lead track. ‘1 Billion Views’, which features MOON, has a mix of pop and funk that match the hints of a throwback aesthetic we see in its music video.

Chanyeol and Sehun’s vocals (as well as their rap verses) complement each other perfectly with the diffrent styles of music they play with. You go from more laid back tracks like ‘Jet Lag’ and heartfelt ‘Fly Away,’ which features Gaeko, to feel-good songs with ‘Rodeo.’ EXO-SC’s tracks can make you feel the emotions that are being sung the second you hear the beat, and it is an album you need to add to your collection immediately.

Listen to the album here

‘Easy’ – Troye Sivan

It’s been a long time but Troye Sivan is back with ‘Easy’! Have you had a listen? We sure have. The music gives us a nice light drum to drive along to. A nice summer song that hides a little sadness. The music video is pretty great with Troye popping to different color pallette filled rooms. Over all we’re left with a sort of melancholy and lonely feeling. The lyrics repeating “he made it easy, easy please don’t leave me”. We’re breaking in this loneliness. Our one salvation being Troye’s voice and that maybe, we’re not quite so alone.

Listen to the single here

everything means nothing part 1– Blackbear

Blackbear has dropped the first part of his double album and we at Fresh Music Friday are living for it! Have you ever just felt too much and not wanted to feel that way anymore? SAME! Blackbear reminds us with the fresh bop that is ‘i feel 2 much’ that we’re not alone in being this way. The verses resonate and while the instrumental has somewhat uplifting dance music beat, the song itself also has a chilled tone to it that has us swaying along and wanting more.

‘i feel bad’ is a banger that starts with a fast-paced beat that elevates you to your feet and honestly the track speaks for itself and has us blown away. The words are more of a statement. We have all felt bad and it feels good to get that bad energy off your chest. Meanwhile, ‘i felt that’ will have you walking way from this song being like ‘I really did feel that’ the thought-provoking words that express the toxicity of a past relationship and how much someone can hurt you with their lies and poor behavior. Blackbear manages to express this over a dance beat that conflicts with the words but in an oxymoron way it just works and we at Fresh Music Friday can’t get enough of it.

Listen to the album here

‘LMM’ – Hwa Sa

LMM, from Hwa Sa’s latest album, Maria, carries a message that everyone should see. The song is a beautiful ballad with her voice powerful and full of emotion, and the music video for it is also heartbreakingly beautiful. In the video, we see Hwa Sa having arrows shot at her, and one even hitting her in the back. However, she keeps going, and in the end, we see a swarm of them flying directly to her, but she is still standing. The song represents getting hateful comments from others and how you sometimes also say these hateful things to yourself. But Haw Sa carries on, and delivers something unique and real, making this a song everyone should listen to and a music video you should watch.

Listen to the single here

‘500 Veces’ – Ally Brooke X Messiah

Miss Ally Brooke is back and bringing Messiah for the ride in her hot new Spanglish banger ‘500 Veces’. In her second collaboration with the rapper, Ally bursts with pride with a song which oozes of her heritage with the flirtatious bilingual Latin track where the duo’s voices entwine to perfection. Another one for our summer playlist!

Listen to the single here

‘To Be Young’ – Anne-Marie ft Doja Cat

Anne-Marie is back with the third single of her upcoming sophomore album and has summoned miss Doja Cat to hop on this track. The pair reminisce in this dreamy song about the glory of youth, singing about falling in love, experiencing heartbreak, and the ups and downs of your adolescence. Anne-Marie’s hazy vocals are complimented with Doja’s self-penned soft rap, creating a nebulous track that you can chill and vibe to. The perfect lazy day soundtrack.

Listen to the single here

Under My Influence – The Aces

The Aces are back this week with their dreamy pop album ‘Under My Influence’ and it’s sublime! We’ve been counting down the days since it’s release was pushed back in the wake of George Floyd’s death and we’re so glad it’s finally here. The Aces are experts at a catchy guitar riff and this album is no different. If you’re looking for some tunes to dance around to then this is the album for you! Some of our faves include ‘I Can Break Your Heart Too’, ‘Can You Do’ and ‘Zillionaire’.

Listen to the album here

回: Song of the Sirens – GFRIEND

GFRIEND have just had their latest comeback with mini album 回:Song of The Sirens! It features some of the catchiest tracks we’ve heard all year, and we’re sure to have them stuck in our heads all summer long. ‘Apple’ is our standout track, complete with a music video and the visuals are stunning. What are you waiting for? Go stream it now!

Listen to the album here

‘Hard Feelings’ / ‘Handful’ – Miquela

Whatever you might think about Miquela technically being a robot, you can’t deny that her music is fire! Our one to watch in 2020’s latest tracks ‘Hard Feelings’ and ‘Handful’ are both upbeat, classy and catchy. If you’re looking to feel the rhythm this weekend then her music is just the place to be!

Listen to the double single here

‘Funny’ – Zedd & Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson and Zedd team up in upbeat collaboration ‘Funny’. With Jasmine Thompson and her straight up angelic voice, it’s pretty impossible not to be drawn to this song. Lyrics ‘It’s funny how you miss me more than you can love me’ we’re hit directly in the feels. Although the message is somber – her personality shines through in this clever turned fun, flirty video. A magical pair indeed.

Listen to the single here

‘I Revolve (Around You)’ – Neck Deep

Neck Deep released an incredibly ear-satisfying single with a kick-ass visual to match. The song is a cute little ode to the distraction of love. An interesting sound-all while not straying from their iconic pop-punk roots. The comic style video and single is a big metaphor for love, and it conquering all. We love Neck Deep and their evolving sound, and relevancy to the pop-punk community.

Listen to the single here

This Summer: Live Off The Floor – Alessia Cara

Alessia Cara has a beautiful voice, wbk. But have you really heard it in all it’s beauty if you haven’t listened to This Summer: Live Off The Floor yet? The start and the end just take us to a different world, starting off with ‘Summertime’ and finishing off with ‘I Choose,’ a song we can’t help but sway and slow dance to. The whole album takes us on an emotional journey as we listen to Alessia’s voice as vulnerable as ever. We wouldn’t have expected any less from Alessia, as she always delivers the best! If you have the time to listen, do it, you won’t regret it.

Not to mention, Alessia has announced that all her proceeds for the next 21 years will be donated directly to Save The Children, an organization dedicated to helping children all over the world in need of food & shelter, healthcare, protection, and education. What a true queen!

Listen to the album here

‘Rascal (Superstar)’ – Tinashe

Our girl Tinashe is back with a brand spanking new song which has automatically found its way to our summer playlist. Full of slick beats and a captivating chorus, Tinashe crows of her lavish lifestyle, radiating total boss bitch vibes which has us all envying her. The accompanying music video is quiet the aesthetically pleasing visual as she dances and makes cakes in the pastel dreamland that looks something straight off our Tumblr dashboard. Excuse us while we live through her vicariously!

Listen to the single here

Running TOOGether – TOO

TOO run back into the arms of TOOgether with their 2nd mini album, Running TOOgether! 3 months after breaking into the Kpop scene with their hard-hitting debut track, ‘Magnolia’, the 10 fresh faced boys return with the anthem of the summer, ‘하나 둘 세고 Count 1, 2’! The retro and sweet title track is supported by 4 other groovy songs, including a remake of Dancing In The Moonlight by Kelly Sherman. Check out the soundtrack of this summer’s road trips! Fresh Music Friday approved.

Listen to the single here

See Also


‘Care’ – beabadoobee

In rejection to sympathy from people who just don’t give a shit – beabadoobee smashes it with the new single. An anthem to those who’ve had enough it’s clear she’s on everyone’s radar for good. An insanely catchy chorus and unmatchable vocals, there are so many reasons we love this song. Memorable with a sensational message – What’s not to love?

Listen to the single here

‘Live Without Your Love’ – Love Regenerator & Steve Lacy

Calvin Harris has dropped a new single as his other alias Love Generator. Teaming up with The Internet’s Steve Lacy, the track is heavy on jaunty synth sounds with a firm baseline which carries the buoyant dance vibes, giving nostalgic 90’s disco feels that has the beat taking over our bodies in an urge to just groove. 

Listen to the single here

‘Villain’ – AleXa

Ahead of her second mini album, AleXa and ZB Label drop the pre-release track, ‘Villain’. Paired with yet another visual feast of an MV, this heavy bass track follows AleXa and her A.I. story, using many visual parallels between identities. She boasts if being different makes her a villain, might as well be one! This track is also ahead of her online concert, [ENTER] the AleXa Universe, set to be broadcasted on July 18th.

Listen to the single here

‘Everything’s Wrong’ – Chaz Cardigan

Chaz Cardigan is back, and has served us up a bop on a silver platter. ‘Everything’s Wrong’ is about not letting a breakdown keep you broken down, and we know we can relate to that on a personal level. The song, while deeply meaningful, still has a killer beat that we can dance to, and add to our hype playlists. We have no doubt that this new era of Chaz is going to be his best yet!

Listen to the single here

‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’ – Kygo X Tina Turner

In what might possibly be one of this year’s weirdest collaborations, Kygo’s just remixed Tina Turner’s ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’. Aside from a mildly perplexed first listen, we’ve decided that it does indeed slap. Kygo’s taken everything great from Tina’s golden era and added a modern twist! The entire track is so masterful we’re in awe. We just can’t wait to hear it blasting over the airwaves!

Listen to the single here

‘Brokenhearted’ – joan

We at Fresh Music Friday have been itching to hear this ballad and the sadness was worth the wait. joan‘s lyrics never cease to amaze us and the storytelling in the VHS, old school style video puts it over the top! The chorus is haunting with a delivery that will have you feeling like you lost your soulmate. You’ll be crying along to these lyrics in no time, and the ending… chef’s kiss

Listen to the single here

‘Night Garden’ – BENEE featuring Kenny Beats & Bakar

BENEE just never seems to disappoint us! In the wake of ‘Supalonely’ accumulating over 1 billion views, she releases yet another dope single entitled ‘Night Garden.’ We love that it take some a bit of a different sound then we are used to hearing from her and Kenny Beats & Bakar adding in their talents only takes this track to the next level. We expect big things from this single as well and lie in wait to watch is soar!

Listen to the single here

‘Discounts’ – CupcakKe

CupcakKe is a slim-thick, style icon. Revolutionary in style and skills new single ‘Discounts’ is nothing different. A super-sick flow over a badass beat, she serves it. A real lyrist, she’s impressed us all. Leaving fans begging for an album, we’ll be jamming this one on repeat.

Listen to the single here

Hot in the Hive: Editors’ Choice

A new edition to Fresh Music Friday is our Hot in the Hive Playlist! Our editors are sharing with you their choice of music that you just need on your playlists. Discover some on the rise artists and hidden gems right here.

Which songs from this week’s Fresh Music Friday are worthy of a place on your playlist? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Jodie Rose-Loren, Destiny Drumgold, Dakota Ash, Dani King, Mar Maldonado, Emily Defoor, Rachel Collucci, Sophie McCarthy

Featured Image Source: Yungblud via Twitter | Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment | Ellie Goulding via Twitter

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