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Fresh Music Friday: Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Irene & Seulgi and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Little Mix, Taylor Swift, Irene & Seulgi and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Holiday’ – Little Mix

Little Mix are back and have us all in a need of packing a bag and jetting off somewhere tropical. In their glittery new single, the girls compare their lover to the bliss and euphoria of being on vacation. The track follows suit of their previous ‘Break Up Song‘ with the revived 80’s sound, full of heavy bass and electronic beats which makes for a pure club banger and the perfect soundtrack to our summer. We at Fresh Music Friday cannot get enough!

Listen to the single here

Folklore – Taylor Swift

Our Queen is back and feeding us and we’re so stoked! Taylor has not disappointed either as the catchy ‘the 1’ draws you in she takes you on an emotional journey as only she can. We don’t wanna give to many spoilers but we’re really digging ‘the great last american dynasty,’ that Bon Iver feature has our minds blown, it’s SO powerful and moving. And we may have to say that ‘my tears ricochet’ is a firm favorite already!

‘cardigan’ is unsurprisingly the lead single and when you hear it, it’s absolutely clear to hear why. It is touching, moving and blissfully everything we love about Taylor. We get a story over a beautiful, chilled melody as she takes us on a journey with her. Folklore is a well-rounded album that you are certain to revisit repeatedly there is not a bad track. For us anyway, as well as previously mentioned though we are also living for ‘august,’ ‘invisible string’, and ‘epiphany.’ What are yours?

Listen to the album here

‘Naughty’ – IRENE & SEULGI

Irene & Seulgi have recently blown us away with their first mini-album, Monster. They have kept the momentum from this debut as a duo up by releasing the music video for their next single, ‘Naughty.’ They grab your attention with their dancing, their style, and of course, the song. The track is a fun dance-pop melody with a baseline the ripples through the song and once the chorus hits, they have you hooked. These two have proved with this song that they are queens (but we knew that already), and we’re sure you’re going to be having this song playing on repeat.

Listen to the single here

Un Dia (One Day) – J Bavlin, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa and Tainy

When we found out J Bavlin, Bad Bunny, Dua Lipa and Tainy were teaming up for a new single, we were beside ourselves with excitement. Now it’s out we’re so hyped that we’ve got a slow latin tune to dance away the rest of summer! What’s even cooler is the music video for the tune. It’s got a quintessential summer vibe, with warm tones and a film aesthetic.

Listen to the single here

‘Take You Dancing’ – Jason Derulo

Derulo’s just bashing out the summer tunes. His latest instalment ‘Take You Dancing’ is certainly no different! With a catchy guitar melody and one of the grooviest choruses this track has us turning up the heat. If you see our hips swaying involuntary, mind your business.

Listen to the single here

‘Dunno’ – Noah Cyrus

Fresh off her collab with Diplo, Noah’s just dropped her chilled summer anthem in the form of a cover of the late Mac Miller’s ‘Dunno’. It’s full of soft lo-fi beats and her smooth vocals are back in full swing. We at Fresh Music Friday just can’t wait to add it to our study playlist!

Listen to the single here

‘Nobody’s Love’ – Maroon 5

Leave it to Maroon 5 to give us a heart-wrenching little number. ‘Nobody’s Love’ dropped a music video at midnight sharp. It hits late at night and in the morning as well. To all those lonely hearts out there this one’s for you “And my love ain’t your love It’s never gonna be nobody’s love”. The band goes as far as to have an end card with a call for change at the end of their music video. This is one song you’ll find yourself seeking at some point in your life, so why not get it on your playlist now? 

Listen to the single here

‘Say Something’ – Kylie Minogue

Pop Queen Kylie is back with another stellar track ‘Say Something’ this week. It’s choc full of classic disco beats and sounds along with an epic harmonised chorus. If you’re looking to get your booty on the disco floor this weekend then this is the tune for you!

Listen to the single here

All Distortions Are Intentional – Neck Deep

Neck Deep dropped the potential album of the year with this one. All Distortions Are Intentional is no compilation of singles, but rather an entire work of art and a story that is whole. Opening the album with a fan favorite ‘Sonderland,’ we’re delivered with poppy-punk perfection. Hook-heavy sing-along punk continues through the collection of fun-loving and passionate songs. Showcasing the progression of vocalist Ben Barlow’s voice, songs like ‘Telling Stories’ and ‘Quarry’ shake us to the core. Exciting and ambitious, the band wanted fans to see them for all that they are. And damnit, we have. Songs for a passionate generation ‘Empty House’ is one that hits the mark. Melodic rock for the ages.

‘Little Dove’ is another song we just can’t seem to get enough of from ADAI, but we welcome you to make your own choices about that. As for the rest of the album? It’s something to be proud of, but you’ll have to learn that yourself. Listen to the album on all streaming services, or pick up a hard copy in stores! It’s worth it.

Listen to the album here

‘Save Myself’ – Ashe

A beautiful love song to the old adage “hindsight is 2020”. Yikes! ‘Save Myself’ by Ashe is a wonderful slow song. It’s a self-loving ballad in the kindest regard, lamenting the choices of the past. Starting, teetering, yet holding onto an acknowledgment of being young and making mistakes. Being bitter but wanting to forgive oneself. A reminder that putting yourself first is generally always best. “If I had the chance I would take it back jumping off your sinking ship ‘stead of going down with it”. Listen to the angelic notes of Ashe as she brings us ‘Save Myself’. Maybe you can learn from her?

Listen to the single here

’10 AM’ – State Champs

What is this single? It’s everything. ‘10 AM‘ from NY Natives is power-packed with all the feelings. Vocally, lyrically, and instrumentally, the band delivers a whole new stripped-down sound. Raw and real, the song makes you feel good, even if the lyrics break your whole heart. Painfully relatable, a song about lack of self-worth and unrequited love, we at Fresh Music Friday will be jamming to this one far beyond 10AM.

Listen to the single here

‘Cabin Fever’ – Jaden Smith

Off of his upcoming ‘Cool Tapes Vol. 3’, Jaden just released new single ‘Cabin Fever’. With every release we seem to never be disappointed. ‘Cabin Fever’ is a song you could be listening to alone in your room or while taking a drive. It’s a song that we at Fresh Music Friday believe will spread pretty quickly and rightfully so. With the new single, it gets us excited for what’s to come and the release of ‘Cool Tapes Vol. 3’.

Listen to the single here

‘무기력 (Lethargy)’ – M.O.N.T

M.O.N.T.‘s new music video for ‘Lethargy’ is one that you need to watch. While the video is aesthetically pleasing, you’re going to want to pay attention to the song and the meaning of the lyrics. It’s a song that paints perfectly how we can all sometimes feel that there are moments we want to be alone, not work, and keep to ourselves, even just for one day. The song is a laid back melody that eventually gets joined with more instrumental sounds partway through, but the guitar in the background is rather calming and goes along with the vibe of the song. It’s one that you should definitely listen to when you get the chance!

See Also

Single available to stream soon

‘Hot’ – Pia Mia

Pia Mia’s latest single ‘Hot’ is really turning up the heat and we’re basking in her warm, rich vocals! The track’s full of rhythmic melody lines that we can’t help but have a lil salsa to while the keys are simply divine. This track is by a mile one of our fav tunes from the whole Summer!

Listen to the single here


Our king HRVY is back with a hazy summer bop ‘NEVERMIND’. It might be a breakup song, but the track sounds so upbeat since it’s full of rolling synths and top notch vocals. From the harmonies in the chorus to the way the song’s energy ebbs and flows, there’s not one bit about this track we don’t love!

Listen to the single here

‘What Are You Waiting For’ – SOMI

After recently signing with Interscope Records, SOMI has released single and music video for ‘What You Waiting For’. If you are looking for another KPOP song to add to your playlist, this one is it. The lyrics and beats make for a fun track. It’s a track you will for sure be dancing along to. If this is how the rest of her new tracks will be, she won’t have trouble reaching a bigger global audience. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

Ho, Why Is You Here? – Flo Milli

Viral TikTok icon, Flo Milli has just dropped her highly anticipated album Ho, Why Is You Here? We’re here to tell you that it’s all kinds of HOT! If you’re not aware of Flo Milli, then ugh where you been sis??? But don’t stress, you can listen in here and discover some brand new bops that are sure to have you strutting your stuff!

Listen to the album here

Hot in the Hive: Editors’ Choice

Find out what we’re loving at THP HQ! Our editors are sharing with you their choice of music that you just need on your playlists. Discover some on the rise artists, old faves and hidden gems right here.

Which songs from this week’s Fresh Music Friday will you be blasting all weekend? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Dani King, Dakota Ash, Jodie Rose-Loren, Rachel Coullucci, Valerie Valdez

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Simon Jones PR | Taylor Swift via Instagram | Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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