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Fresh Music Friday: Miley Cyrus, SuperM, Fletcher and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Miley Cyrus, SuperM, Fletcher and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Midnight Sky’ – Miley Cyrus

Gets ready for some disco loving feeling with Miley Cyrus‘ new song ‘Midnight Sky’. Other than the groovy 80s vibe what catches our eyes is the outfit changes. Have a 70s/80s style wardrobe on hand? Looks like Miley took a few tips and pointers. From bell bottoms to rocking that short blonde hair, this is an all around trip. Following those observations, the lyrics were the icing on the cake. Miley seems to be embracing herself and newly appreciated independence. Some fans in the comments even went as far as to say this is reminiscent of Stranger Things.

Listen to the single here

‘100’ – SuperM

The “Avengers of KPOP” have dropped the first of two pre-releases from their new album, Super One! The song is called ‘100’, and SuperM definitely “go 100” in this song and beyond. The song is high-energy, and the music video that goes along with the song is as well. Each boy gets their shining moment, from Taemin and Baekhyun‘s powerful vocals to Mark and Taeyong’s raps, and then the center dance moments from Kai, Lucas, and Ten! It’s fast-paced, attention-grabbing, and the ultimate hype song. Get ready, because this is only beginning for this new era from SuperM! Consider us excited!

Listen to the single here

‘If I Hated You’ – Fletcher

The Fletchfam has been without much sleep with the excitement Fletcher has for us. The release of ‘If I Hated You’ was a wild ride but here it is! It’s emotional with a chorus that’s easy to dance to, but “it’d be easy, if I hated you.” Fletcher singing of knowing it’d be easier if she hated someone that knew she wished she could’ve loved better. It’s something that hits deep when we really think about it, but at the surface it’s a bop we can really dance to and enjoy! After hearing this, we’re even more excited for her EP the s(ex) tapes, but for now, we at Fresh Music Friday are excited for ‘If I Hated You’!

Listen to the single here

‘Levitating (The Blessed Madonna Remix)’ – Dua Lipa ft Madonna & Missy Elliott

Dua Lipa has stormed the scene skyrocketing into stardom. No signs of slowing down, she solidifies her stay by executing a single with icons Missy Elliot AND Madonna. Can you believe it? Well, you should. The remix incorporates the lovely soulful voices of Dua and Madonna and a sweet little treat called Missy Elliot. In perfect fashion, it’s a classic Missy flow that is ever so flawless. We think this remix rocks, and so should you.

Listen to the single here

‘Lit Bit’ – Blackbear

Blackbear is back this Fresh Music Friday with a heavy hitting solo tune this week. ‘lil bit’ is a track full of heavy bass lines, catchy lyrics and a drum beat we can’t help but have a dance to. It’s a track about feeling yourself and being up in your own vibe which is exactly the energy we’ll be taking into the weekend!

Listen to the single here

‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ – Drake ft Lil Durk

Oh Drake, baby, how we love you. ‘Laugh Now Cry Later’ ft. Lil Durk is a smash. Classic Drake, full of R&B vibes, we’ll be crying to this one for a while. Releasing hit after hit, this one is absolutely no different. Having Lil Durk on the track just makes us go even wilder. As for this song, we think it embodies everything great about Drake as an artist and thing this type of vibe suits him the best.

Listen to the single here

‘Lemonade’ – YUNGBLUD & Denzel Curry

Emo king YUNGBLUD is back this week with his latest single ‘Lemonade’ featuring Denzel Curry. It’s an upbeat anthem that we can’t wait to headbang to in our cars! We’re also in love with Denzel’s rapping too. The song is full of heavy rhythms that create a jerky funk, the entire song as a whole flows smoother than honey. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

‘So Done’ – Alicia Keys ft Khalid

What do you get when you have two amazing vocalist on one track? an amazing listening experience. On Alicia Keys’s new track ‘So Done’ she is joined by another phenomenal vocalist, Khalid. The track and vocals are so smooth, as what we expect from these two. The music video is also what you imagine while listening to the song, just slow dancing with your s.o. We’ve all been waiting for this collab to finally happen and it was for sure worth the wait.

Listen to the single here

‘Hard Feelings Remix’ – Miquela ft Rvssian

Our robo- queen has done it again! Miquela featuring Rvssion on the ‘Hard Feelings’ Remix is so good. We always say “no hard feelings,” right? And do we mean it? This song touches that subject a little bit as they sing “I could say ‘no hard feelings’ but I’d be wrong.” It’s also a bop that we can really dance to, and overall? Just a song that we have “no hard feelings” about.

Listen to the single here

‘Losing You’ – Wonho

Get your tissues ready, because Wonho‘s new song, ‘Losing You,’ is an emotional one. The Pop-Ballad is a song for the fans, and the message Wonho has for them is beautiful. The music video starts with an image of Wonho crying, setting the tone for this moving song. His vocals are incredibly sweet, and it is undeniable the passion that he sings within his first solo song. With hard-hitting lyrics like, “cause losing me is better than losing you,” we are reminded of how special Wonho is; we have truly missed him and his music, and we cannot wait for more!

Listen to the single here

‘Show Me Love’ – Mali-Koa

Our queen Mali-Koa is back with a hauntingly beautiful rendition of ‘Show Me Love’. Originally the track was a 90’s party anthem but Mali’s new spin has turned it into a heartbreaking ballad. Her vocals shine through in abundance and we just can’t wait to hear her cover this live! It’s a track we’ll be playing on repeat all weekend while we try not to cry into a box of tissues.

Listen to the single here

‘Hard on Yourself’ – Charlie Puth & Blackbear

After that little tease Charlie Puth posted we feel right at home with the newest song opening. ‘Hard on Yourself’ was born by a little music exploration and fun. Charlie Puth and Blackbear team up to bring us a song we know you can get behind. After all… why are you so ‘Hard on Yourself’? When we say we added this song to our playlist so fast. It was only half over and we felt those gushing feels. On top of being a sick beat the lyrics are on point. The guys are pretty sweet laying out problems and more asking why you gotta be so ‘Hard on Yourself’. Catch that pick me up and warm hug from Charlie Puth and blackbear. It’s a nice dose of serotonin.

Listen to the single

‘You!’ – LANY

LANY has dropped a new single from their upcoming album ‘mama’s boy’ and this one hits different. Built from melodic guitar riffs and smooth drum beats, ‘You!’sings about the feeling of being nothing without that special someone. The music video silhouettes the band against a stunning sunset surrounded by a Stonehenge made of amps as they perform with passionate reverence. If you’re looking for something with rocky but chilled vibes this one is for you.

Listen to the single here

‘Ocean View’ – Rothy ft Chanyeol

The world of KPOP is full of untapped talent that is finally starting to get the credit it deserves. Landing ever so gracefully on this week’s FMF is a song that will fulfill all of those KPOP fantasies. ‘Ocean View’ by Rothy ft. Chanyeol is a fun, poppy, feel-good tune. Rothy’s voice harmonizes perfectly with Chanyeol’s, creating a song that is pretty much perfect for summer. Full of talent, grace, and happiness, this song puts forth all good vibes; this song makes us long for an ocean view.

Listen to the single here

Solitude – Tori Kelly

Solitude is Tori Kelly’s latest EP and we’re up in our feels about it. The EP is made up of five soft emotional songs that range from stripped back acoustic ballads like ‘Glad’ to tracks like ‘Don’t Take Me Home’ that showcase her phenomenal vocal range. If you need us anytime soon we’ll be curled up next to a rainy window with a cup of tea listening to this excellent compilation of talent!

Listen to the EP here

Twice as Tall – Burna Boy

Full of reggae vibes, Burna Boy delivered a new album Twice As Tall. Nigerian legend Burna Boy is an artist that bring s a sense of true uniqueness to the music industry. Not fitting into just one genre, this album is just the same. Vibing all the way through each song tells a different story, both lyrically and musically. This album is one we can vibe to any time, anywhere, and from start to finish. Do yourself a favor and stream Twice As Tall immediately.

Listen to the album here

‘Everyone is My Friend’ – James Bourne

If you’re a fan of British band Busted then you’ll know exactly who James Bourne is. If not, then let us give you a quick introduction! Having dropped his first solo track, we’re here to let you know that Bourne has an ear for a laid back groove. If you’re looking for a soft and mellow track to add to your playlists this Friday then look no further!

See Also

Listen to the single here

‘i disagree (more)’ – Poppy

Poppy’s i disagree (more) gives us more of that bone chilling grunge we love. This album is the deluxe version of Poppy’s i disagree. The deluxe gives us more songs and even more of the Poppy we’re coming to love. A total of 14 songs and a way too soon over 45 minutes of our time. We at Fresh Music Friday loved her performance and message in her song ‘i disagree’ released 10 months ago. Now we’re getting an extra 4 songs with the same aura. If you gotta problem with complacency, conformity, and corruption then you’ve come to the right place. It gets a little dark around here but the beats are heavy, Poppy is perplexing and lovely, its an all around good time. Go get the deluxe in your ears ASAP.

Listen to the album here

Quarter Life Crisis – Ella Eyre

Quarter Life Crisis is the Ella Eyre EP we needed! It’s a collection of tracks she’s released through the summer along with brand new song ‘Tell Me About It’. Eyre’s vocal range and control is showcased to the max in both ‘Tell Me About It’ and the rest of the EP. We can’t wait to have a taste of summer in these four tracks to take with us into the Autumn!

Listen to the EP here

‘Tonight’ – Alaina Castillo

Alaina Castillo is here with a hot new party anthem for the weekend! Her new track ‘Tonight’ is a fast, high octane belter that we cannot wait to vibe to. The club may be shut right now, but that’s fine because we can just ‘solo dance in our rooms’. If you’re on the hunt for a new artist with a string of tunes to party to then Castillo is your girl!

Listen to the single here

‘Never’ – Awgust with Sofia Reyes

Awgust is the newest artist on the block and we’re already obsessed! His debut track ‘Never’ was released this week and it’s a Fresh Music Friday certified bop. The song is a groovy latin inspired track and the effortless way that Awgust switches from Spanish to English is beautiful. Sofia Reyes, is also simply divine and takes the song to a whole new level. If you’re looking for your next pop obsession then Awgust is it.

Listen to the single here

‘9LIVES’ – Hyolyn

One of the queens of summer is here! Hyolyn has released a music video for her pre-release track, ‘9LIVES’. In ‘9LIVES,’ Hyolyn dazzles fans with her amazing vocals and raw emotions. She belts out the emotional song lyrics in English with ease and not a single struggle in her voice. In the music video, she dances alongside a dancer whom she says reflects her younger self to capture the true emotions and contents of the song.

Listen to the single here

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Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Dani King, Dakota Ash, Rachel Coullucci, Brooke Gray,Valerie Valdez, Keisha-Tara Watkin, Jade Sheppard

Featured Image Source: Miley Cyrus via Instagram | SuperM via Instagram | Fletcher via Twitter

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