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Fresh Music Friday: Taylor Swift, BTS, Katy Perry… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Taylor Swift, BTS, Katy Perry… and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Dynamite’ – BTS

BTS are back and are bringing the color back into the world with their bright and cheery new song ‘Dynamite!’ Like a light in this dark world, ‘Dynamite’ is a massive disco banger full of feel-good vibes that through an irresistible beat has the capability to wash away any blues and replace them with an urge to get you grooving to a funky beat and sing your heart out. Adding this song to your playlist is guaranteed to boost your mood and maybe get you busting a few moves. Fresh Music Friday approved!

Listen to the single here

‘The Lakes’ – Taylor Swift

A new Taylor Swift song, the bonus track for folklore. The deluxe edition dropped August 18th and with it ‘The Lakes’. A wondrous love song to nature, being, and the art of ending. An endearing ode to the poets, artists, and art lovers. Swift embraces her worth, centering herself is what inspires and drives her rather than who and what people have to say. Being above the hate, the name dropping, and just enveloping in herself. The lyrics paint the perfect picture for an enriching place to explore yourself. Close your eyes and let ‘The Lakes’ by Taylor Swift inspire you and ease your tired heart.

Listen to the single here

‘What Makes A Woman’ – Katy Perry

Our queen Katy Perry is back this week. Only this time, she’s gifted us a stripped back ballad with honey sweet vocals! But if that’s not enough for you, this latest track is a quietly understated feminist anthem. With a baby on the way, we love how reflective she’s been getting this year and ‘What Makes A Woman’ is the cherry on top.

Listen to the single here

Drama – Tomorrow X Together

TXT is back and have dropped a new music video for their Japanese version of ‘Drama.’ The video is beyond adorable, but with its hints of drama (per the song’s title), showcasing the boys in different sports activities. Of course, we can’t help but see the connections back to the popular sports anime, Haikyuu! and we love it. The video is fun, and the song is amazing; we at Fresh Music Friday wouldn’t expect anything less from TXT!

Along with ‘Drama,’ TXT also released the Japanese version of their track ‘Can’t You See Me?’, and a new song ‘Everlasting Shine.’ It is a powerful and heartfelt track with the boys’ harmonies making you feel warm on the inside. You can feel their emotion in this new track, and TXT shows once again just how talented they are!

Listen to the album here

In A Dream – Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan has just dropped In A Dream and in one word it’s, well, everything we could want on an EP? Sivan’s soft and dreamy vocals float over a landscape of laidback synths that unwind to produce some of his best work to date. Some of our fav tracks include ‘Take Yourself Home’, ‘Rager Teenager!’ and the title track ‘IN A DREAM’. We at Fresh Music Friday can’t get enough!

Listen to the EP here

‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’ – Iggy Azalea & Tinashe

This song is a whole bop. It’s an unlikely duo we wouldn’t have expected to work together, but Iggy and Tinashe’s voices and musical stylings pair perfectly together for one hell of a dance anthem. It’s already got us dancing like nobody’s watching, and we know it will you as well. This is going to most definitely be a chart topping hit, and the perfect addition to playlists of all kinds!

Listen to the new single here

‘Entrepreneur’ – Pharrell & Jay-Z

Pharell Williams ‘Entreupnure’ is an absolute anthem for the Black man. Featuring one of the best ever to do it, Jay-Z, this song lights a flame under the young creative minds across the world. Pharrell Williams is an all-time favorite with his quick, quirky flow and brings a sense of peace to your mind with first listen. This one makes us want to go out and get it for ourselves. It’s inspiring.

Listen to the single here

everything means nothing – blackbear

Our rap king blackbear has dropped everything means nothing and it’s one of our fav albums of the year! After opening with the viral tune ‘hot girl bummer’ the hits just keep coming with bops like ‘me & ur ghost’ and ‘queen of broken hearts’. What we love most about this album, besides blackbear’s incredible talent, is the emotional journey it takes you on. There’s love songs, breakup songs and everything in between. Go check it out now!

Listen to the album here

‘MORE & MORE (English version)’ – TWICE

Even if you aren’t a fan of KPOP we highly recommend you give this song by TWICE a chance! It’s the English version of their recent hit single. These girls are one talented girl group and they need some more recognition. The track is a bop, and dancing along to the hypnotic beats just comes so easily. Throw in the girls ethereal vocals and this song is a masterpiece, and deserves a top spot on all your playlists.

Listen to the single here

‘Feel’ – Fletcher

If you’re part of Fletchfam, then you’ve been wanting ‘Feel’ for a while, and now we’ve got the studio version! Released with less than a 24 hour warning, we weren’t ready at all. The song is an absolute BOP that’s got us ‘feel’ing a lot more than we were prepared for. We at Fresh Music Friday literally got goosebumps, and you can bet this song will be our emotion anthem. ‘Do anything, so I don’t feel you,” the lyrics have us sobbing at this point. And can we talk about her voice? It’s beautiful.

It’s one of those songs you know you can sing out while crying in the bathroom, and it’ll fit any emotional situation perfectly. The song is so heartbreaking, but are we still going to listen to it on repeat? Yes, yes we are.

Listen to the single here

‘Not Shy’ – ITZY

ITZY gets funky and maybe just a little bit sassy with ‘Not Shy’. Presenting the girls in some bad ass outfit and kicking cars we take it out to the desert and alley way. Tons of dancing and cruising in the car. The lyrics are fun and the story even more fun. The camera work is flawless as we fall all over the snappy dancing and rhythm. Not to mention a car chase? Hidden trap doors? We can’t stay in our seats for this one. Just what are they up to? Find out in the music video when you go check out ‘Not Shy’ by ITZY and make sure you stay for the credits.

Listen to the single here

Brand New Vision – Point North

Point North has been on Fresh Music Friday’s radar for quite some time. Honestly, they’ve earned every right to be here. Today, the band has dropped their new album, Brand New Vision. That’s what they’ve delivered us, a brand new vision, and we love it. Brand New Vision is a collection of songs with some very sick-ass features, including a feature a piece from De’Wayne and Kellin Quinn, which just so happens to be some of our favorite tunes from the record.

The album is full of clean, catchy vocals, with strings of an apparent heavy influence. Creating the perfect combination of sounds, this album is an absolute smash from beginning to end.

Listen to the album here

‘Tick Tock’ – Clean Bandit & Mabel ft 24kGoldn

Clean Bandit and Mabel have given us the BOP we needed this week. ‘Tick Tock’ effortlessly combines everything we love about Clean Bandit with the very best of Mabel and 24kGoldn! The strings mixed in with up tempo hip hop beats give this track such a unique sound and we’re totally in love.

Listen to the single here

Emotion Deluxe Expanded Version – Carly Rae Jepsen

It’s been 5 years since Carly Rae Jepsen released her album ‘Emotions’ and now we’ve been given two bonus tracks! ‘Never Get to Hold You’ is an ethereal dreamy pop hit that has us swaying our hips around while ‘Love Again’ is full of classic Jepsen vibes. We’re still in shock that it’s already been 5 years since this amazing record and if you are too, let us know in the comments!

Listen to the album here

‘Bang! (AhhHaa Remix)’ – AJR ft Hayley Kiyoko

Our queen Hayley Kiyoko has hopped on the remix of AJR’s explosive single. Keeping of the infectious chorus and dynamic production, Hayley offers a fresh new take with a brand new second verse which sings about her anxieties and how she copes with them. Added to our heavy rotation!

Listen to the single here

See Also

‘BOCA’ – Dreamcatcher

The word may sound like an island breeze but we’re dancing all over the spectrum with ‘BOCA‘ by Dreamcatcher. The beat is killer, a deep driving energy that infects your very soul. Strategically slowing down then dropping all over again making for a roller coaster of euphoria. The music video? Beautiful. Each set is designed intricately and on point. Each individual girl gets to show off a little of their own with verses and scenes. A marriage of rock n roll and pop culture. We are dying to hear more from Dreamcatcher but for now, we’ll stream ‘BOCA’ on repeat a few thousand more times.

Listen to the single here

‘Bad To Myself’ – Greyson Chance

OMG, Greyson delivered a song that is more poetic than words can describe. A song about giving the bad, toxic things in life that effect you for the worse- alcohol, toxic relationships, negative thoughts, etc. It gives off one powerful message and we got goosebumps listening to it. Just like he says in the song ‘lately I’m so damn tired of being bad to myself,’ that’s one hell of a statement and relatable to so many people in the world. Go ahead, add it to your playlists and get on your feels because we sure did!

Listen to the single here

Share That Love – Lukas Graham ft. G-Eazy

This song lured us in from the very beginning. It’s catchy and invites you to dance along to the beat. Lukas Graham’s vocals are so smooth and impressive throughout this entire track, and they bring a little bit of a feel-good element to the song. G-Eazy lending his skills to the song rounds out the song as one dope AF bop, and will make your playlists feel more fresh.

Listen to the single here

‘Baby’ – Madison Beer

Our ‘Baby’ Madison Beer is cranking up the heat this week! ‘Baby’ has been on repeat for the past 24 hours and we’re not mad about it. If you’re on the hunt for a tune that hits just the right spot then this one’s for you. There’s even a music video out already and it only gets hotter and hotter!

Listen to the single here

‘Save The Day’ – Mariah Carey & Lauryn Hill

Who better to save 2020 than Mariah Carey? Mariah Carey AND Lauryn Hill that’s who. This is collab that’s set off our nostalgia here at Fresh Music Friday. We remember growing up to hits performed by both these amazing women so we’re over the moon that we get them both on the same track. ‘Save The Day’ is a modern masterpiece that we can’t wait to groove to over the weekend!

Listen to the single here

Good Things – Wafia

Wafia is making waves with her new EP Good Things. The new EP is what happens after the break up (in both a relationship & friendship). It’s about getting stronger and moving on. Each track has it’s own feel, but they’re all so good!. Also in celebration of the release she has released a music video for lead single ‘Good Things.’ The music video’s aesthetics is fun and the colors are so vibrant!. It’s such a nice music video, for such a nice track.

Listen to the EP here

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What new releases from this week’s Fresh Music Friday are you loving? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Rachel Coullucci, Dakota Ash, Dani King, Brooke Gray, Emily Defoor, Valerie Valdez

Featured Image Source: Taylor Swift via Twitter | Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment | Courtesy of UMUSIC

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