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Fresh Music Friday: Katy Perry, 5SOS, BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez… and MORE!

Fresh Music Friday: Katy Perry, 5SOS, BLACKPINK & Selena Gomez… and MORE!

Welcome to Fresh Music Friday; where every week we at The Honey POP will be giving you the lowdown on this week’s sweetest releases! Here’s your chance to see what your faves have been up to as well as discover some new music which you can easily fall in love with.

‘Ice Cream’ – BLACKPINK ft Selena Gomez

BLACKPINK are back and this time they’ve enlisted pop princess Selena Gomez to hop on this summer single. Co-written by more pop royalty Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét the pretty pop single is as sweet as you’d expect. It’s a fun and flirty track which emanates confidence and is sure to get stuck in your head with the captivating melody and memorable lyrics. Catch us singing along to this for the rest of the season!

Listen to the single here

‘Kill My Time’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

Our OG kings 5SOS have given us the goods this Fresh Music Friday! After months of begging, ‘Kill My Time’ is finally available to stream worldwide. It features (yet another) catchy guitar line but Luke’s falsettos on this track are to die for! You can find the track featured on their new CALM Plus 1 album on streaming services for you to stream to your heart’s content.

Listen to the single here

Smile – Katy Perry

Mrs. Katy Perry has delivered another bundle of joy into the world, but this one is readily accessible to all. Smile is the latest album and just a week ago we got the music video for the song ‘Smile’. We’ve so far heard ‘Smile’ and ‘Daisies’ plus the two 2019 songs ‘Never Really Over’ and ‘Harleys In Hawaii’. If you’ve been scoping out her youtube page you can see that the videos for the latter two songs dropped with in the past day/two. Not to mention the acoustic version for ‘What Makes A Woman’, Katy has been pouring us some fire gold and smiles with this build-up. So that’s 5/12 or 5/16 if we’re counting the Fan Edition. The Target Edition will have 14 songs and the Japanese Edition will have 18 songs respectively.

We at Fresh Music Friday can get behind this theme of being strong and learning to smile through watery tears. ‘Cry About It Later’ is about indulging in life so fully that you kind of forgets to cry about it. We’ll ‘Cry About It Later’. Then we roll right into a dance-filled far away beat of ‘Teary Eyes’, guess we found time to cry about it huh? The songs each roll beautifully into one another. Personally, for us we’re digging ‘Tucked’ it’s a super catchy beat that’s a combination of rock beats and dance tunes. Basically we’re keeping all our favorite things ‘Tucked’ away in our head. Really all these songs are so worth a listen or a few dozen. Maybe make it easy and just put it on repeat, so go check out Smile, album number 6 from Katy Perry.

Listen to the album here

Dynamite (Extended) – BTS

Just one week after the release of the original single, BTS have delivered an extended edition of the release, featuring the ‘Acoustic Remix’, ‘EDM Remix’, ‘Tropical Remix’ and ‘Poolside Remix’ of ‘Dynamite.’ The ‘Acoustic Remix’ gives off an even more groovy vibe than expected, truly fitting in the funky disco approach for the single. Meanwhile the ‘EDM Remix’ is the go-to for anyone looking for a club-friendly smash, truly amplifying the track to a full party banger.

If you’re longing for a vacation then the ‘Tropical Remix’ is sure to whisk you away with the whole new revamp of the track while the ‘Poolside Remix’ is like the love child of the ‘Tropical Remix’ and ‘Poolside Remix’. If you thought you couldn’t enjoy the boys’s takeover single anymore, now we have these brand new deliveries to add to our playlists!

Listen to the EP here

Badlands Live From Webster Hall – Halsey

After weeks of cryptic clues and teasing, we finally got a whole new album! This week, Halsey’s taken us on a trip down memory lane to revisit The Badlands 5 years later. Last year, she played her debut album Badlands in full to a sold out Webster Hall and now we get to relive that show from the comfort of our own beds.

One of our favourite things about this live album is just how atmospheric it is! While tucked up in our duvet under the moonlight listening, we really did feel like we could be there if we closed our eyes. It’s a record that also shows Halsey’s own musical progression since she was 19 and we at Fresh Music Friday are in awe! 5 years on we’ll always count ourselves lucky that we picked this talented pocket rocket to stan.

Listen to the album here


When a song opens with S.Coups and his beautiful voice, it’s always going to be a good one. And ’24H’ only gets better from there. Despite being a Japanese release, it captures everything that makes SEVENTEEN a k-pop supergroup. Smooth, melodic vocals, perfectly synchronized dance moves, and a hypnotic beat are just some of the highlights of this bop. The members also have a chance to showcase their overflowing talent in a chic music video. They radiate a more mature intensity than we’ve seen before, but we could definitely get used to it.

Listen to the single here

‘Expensive’ – Ty Dolla $ign ft Nicki Minaj

Ty Dolla $ign never disappoints us, but add Nicki Minaj and it is even better! Expensive makes you want to dance, it will for sure be that song that comes on the radio that you need to turn up. The beat of the song is catchy and you find yourself singing along right away. This is for sure a must add to your playlist!

Listen to the single here

Club Future Nostalgia: The Remix Album – Dua Lipa

After doing bits on the charts this year, Dua’s back to transport us to Club Future Nostalgia! If you’re on the hunt for an 80’s disco trip then this is THE album for you. Each track from Dua Lipa’s sophomore album ‘Future Nostalgia’ has been remixed by a different artist and we’re so in love!

Listen to the album here


ATEEZ dropped ‘THANXX’ as a single this week and we just had to comment on it. The music is reminiscent of India, flirting with the stringed vibes. The scenes take place in a city setting jumping from industrial and schoolhouse type building. The dance? On point of course. Our boys break it down then take it to a whole other level. The rap verses hit too well making us swoon with the looks they’re serving. Sass never looked so intense. Taking the party from the schoolhouse to the street, we’re schooled in just how insanely cool contrast is with a wardrobe change and color transitions. This is one party you don’t want to miss! Fresh Music Friday approved.

Listen to the single here

‘Over Now’ – Calvin Harris X The Weeknd

Calvin Harris and The Weeknd are bringing us all the vibes this weekend with their new track ‘Over Now’. It’s the perfect combination of The Weeknd’s honey smooth voice and style. While Calvin Harris works his magic to take this song to another level. ‘Over Now’ has all the soft RnB notes you could want while still being able to groove along too!

Listen to the single here

‘1 Billion Views Remix’ – EXO-SC

A remix of their previously released titled track, ‘1 Billion Views,’ EXO-SC gives up an upbeat twist on single featuring the singer Moon. The remix is apart of a new project called iScreaM by SM’s EDM label ScreaM Records. The project is made up of remixed singles of SM artists’ done by global DJs and producers. The upbeat twist with the booming bass sounds adds more fun to the track and gives us beats to dance in our room with. Who knows? Maybe we’ll hear it at a club when quarantines over!

Listen to the single here

‘Come Over’ – Rudimental ft Anne-Marie & Tion Wayne

Rudimental, Anne-Marie and Tion Wayne have teamed up to drop a huge tune this week. ‘Come Over’ is a perfect genre bending combination of old school dance and rap. We can guarantee that it will be all over the airwaves for weeks to come and it will be on repeat on our playlists too!

Listen to the single here

Hideout: The New Day We Step Into – Season 2 – CRAVITY

CRAVITY has taken ‘Flame’ out of this world with this new music video. Are we possibly reaching for the stars? ‘Flame’ is all about pushing to that uppermost limit and going even further. “Like that sun, get up, get up, I get up, get up”. Showering us with positivity and the energy to push forward, CRAVITY is winning our hearts with this one. Not only that but we got the whole album with a quickness. Hideout: The New Day We Step Into Season 2 is out and the name is pretty on brand.

With songs like ‘Flame’, ‘Believer’, ‘Ohh Ahh’, ‘Realize’, ‘HOT AIR BALLOON’, ‘Sunrise’, and ‘Breathing’ we are seeing a theme. This album is obviously meant to uplift us and help us achieve our true potential. ‘Believer’ is a slow burn that builds to a wonderfully empowering cheer while ‘HOT AIR BALLOON’ is a snappy drive to the sky. We’re stoked to keep these on repeat.

Listen to the album here

‘WOW’ – Zara Larsson

This song may have been released in 2019, but thanks to TikTok it is making a comeback in a big way. The song may just be getting released as a single now, but we can see why! The song is a get-up and dance song without a doubt. It is a fun and catchy tune that you want to play loudly while driving down the road. It is a must-have on your 2020 playlist.

Listen to the single here

‘Black Rose’ – The Rose

The Rose has come back to release a special song for their fans, Black Roses! Named after them, ‘Black Rose’ is a beautiful song of thanks and love to those who have supported the group over the years and during hardships. It’s very moving, and we honestly wouldn’t expect anything less from The Rose, who always deliver with their music. Make sure you have tissues nearby, cause you’re going to need them!

Listen to the single here

Conversations With Myself About You – LovelyTheBand

We never fail to be surprised by lovelytheband and all the incredible tunes they continue to release, but this album is just next level. From the emotional and intimate aspect to its psychedelic sound, it’s one of those album that will set lovelytheband apart from all other alt-pop artists. While we have enjoyed listening to the entire album, some of our favorite tracks include ‘loneliness for love,’ ’emo, ‘buzz cut,’ & ‘your favorite one.’ This album has just saved 2020, so thank you lovely for releasing such a masterpiece. We can’t wait to see what all the future holds for the band and this album! We can tell it’s destined for greatness and will soar the band to new heights!

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Listen to the album here

CCTV: Cool Tape Vol.3 – Jaden Smith

With the release of CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3, it’s another hit album for Jaden! It is the third volume of the CTV series. Volume two came out about 6 years ago, so everyone was waiting in anticipation for the release and we were not disappointed. It’s a really good album and we think Jaden keeps getting better and better with every new release. The album also has collabs from Justin Bieber and Raury included! It is definitely one you should listen to on a sunset drive, or singing along to in the dark in your room.

Listen to the album here

‘The Baddest’ – K/DA ft. (G)I-DLE, Bea Miller, Wolftyla

Nearly two years after their debut, K/DA is back with a new single. The Baddest has vocals from Soyeon and Miyeon from (G)I-DLE as well as Bea Miller and Wolftyla. It’s an upbeat song made not only to help promote the game League of Legends but to show off the confident personalities that the characters have. The song serves as a pre-release to their upcoming EP that has yet to have a release date. The Baddest sounds amazing and is the confidence booster we need while doing our lockdown transformations. We’re looking forward to more, K/DA!

Listen to the single here

Burgundy Tape – M.O.N.T

M.O.N.T are back and holy cow, this EP is unbelievable! The bands smooth vocals paired with the soft acoustic guitar in ‘Moonlight’ just makes this song so intimate and emotional. It’s definitely one to add to your playlists for those slow dance days  It’s pretty obvious the talent that these boys have is phenomenal, and they are showcasing it even more with ever song they release! In this ‘Shadow,’ they get to show off a bit more of their rap skills and a yet, still, it’s a pretty intimate and emotional song. It will make the perfect addition to your weekend playlists, and it gets a 10/10 from us!. We love it and we can guarantee you will too!

Listen to the EP here

Use Me – PVRIS

It’s been 3 years since PVRIS released their last album but we’re so glad we waited! ‘Use Me’ features everything that made us fall in love with PVRIS while giving us a much deeper and mature sound. There are echoes of past hits like ‘White Noise’ in tracks like ‘Hallucinations’ and ‘Stay Gold’. But the band have definitely taken more risks on this album. The tempo of songs consistently changes in the best way possible and we at Fresh Music Friday can’t wait to jam out to it on repeat!

Listen to the album here

‘Take You Back’ – Russ & Kehlani

Anyone up for some nice soulful music? If so, this is the song for you! Russ and Kehlani collabing has breathed new life into our souls and set our feels into overdrive. The smooth, ethereal vocals of Kehlani paired with Russ’s poetic rap verse is just out-of-this-world. Highly recommend you get the weekend started with a fire track like this, and you’ll set yourself up for one hell of a great weekend Fresh Music Friday approved.

Listen to the single here

Gunshot – KARD

KARD is back with three new songs from their single release, Way With Words, and you need to listen. Each song has a different sound and vibe to it! The main track, ‘GUNSHOT,’ is a powerful song that comes at you hard. It’s intense, just like the music video. ‘AH EE YAH’ is a feel-good song with a sound that reminds you of summer, while ‘HOLD ON’ could almost be considered it’s opposite, with its’ different tempo and beautiful vocals filled with emotion. If you haven’t listened to KARD before, you have definitely missed out, and this latest release is the perfect time to get into them!

Listen to the EP here

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Words: Jazmin Williams, Sophie McCarthy, Adrianna Falaris, Dakota Ash, Rachel Collucci,Emily Defoor,  Keisha-Tara Watkin, Dalgi, Valerie Valdez 

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of YG Entertainment | Courtesy of UMUSIC | Andy DeLuca

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