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Daniela Andrade’s Dreamy New EP: Album Review

Daniela Andrade’s Dreamy New EP: Album Review

It’s finally here! Honduran-Canadian artist and producer Daniela Andrade’s new EP, Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same is out now and we’ve been waiting to get our hands on it since the announcement!

Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same has a dreamy quality to it, and listening to it is a sonically pleasing experience that overall demonstrates Daniela’s ability to create art with sounds.

Although the lyrics throughout the EP are simple yet blunt that gives us an intimate look, Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same is complex in its sound. Each track compliments each other but has its own unique and distinctive sound achieved through the instrumentals and vocal effects. All six tracks end rather abruptly which establishes their individuality, seemingly as if they are personifying Daniela’s thoughts. She puts us in the seat as the observer!

As this EP came to creation to cope with the pandemic, co-produced by Daniela and Gray Rowan, Daniela’s artistry is at its peak and we’re captivated by it! So, buckle up and let us be your guide to her collection on Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same!

Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same Cover
Image Source: Ema Gaspar

The EP immediately caught our attention with the titled track, ‘Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same,’ with its old-timey vibe present in the piano, guitar, and bass lines. She sings sincerely, expressing her unyielding feelings of love for another person. Her voice is sweet and soft but evokes power all at the same time as we heard in her previous EP, Tamale!

We loved ‘Puddles’ when it was first released, accompanied by the music video, earlier this month and now hearing it mixed in with the rest of the EP we became obsessed with it even more! It blends so well with the first tracked especially as it has a similar laid-back feel in the instrumentals all while emitting a contrasting change in the production of her voice!  You can read up more on thoughts about ‘Puddles’ here!

With the tracks ‘Deso’ and ‘Sin Ti’ Daniela takes it back to her roots, incorporating a Spanish flair. As she switches between singing in English and Spanish in ‘Sin Ti,’ her vocals are undeniably beautiful, perhaps the best on the entire EP, backed by a cool echoey and surround-sound texture. In ‘Deso,’ she completely sings in Spanish, accentuating the light quality to the EP, with this track especially, featuring a flavorful guitar melody on top of an airy piano, strings, and background harmonies.

Unlike the rest of the EP, ‘K.L.F.G.’ is seemly simple in the instrumental design in the drums and piano melody but picks up halfway with more intricacy, laying heavily in distortion.  She yet again conveys her honesty, admitting her desire to reconnect with a person she knows she shouldn’t by revealing the meaning behind the letters ‘K.L.F.G.’

She finishes off Nothing Much Has Changed, I Don’t Feel The Same with ‘Alone.’ Despite her saying she’s “alone for the first time,” we stand with her on a track! She brings the daze cast in the EP full circle with the sleepy guitar melodies and overall woozy texture. It’s a nice detail to end on!

So what did you think? What’s your favorite song off the EP? What was your favorite sound effect? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the inside buzz? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop culture news!

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