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Why We Know Louis Tomlinson Will Be an Amazing Artist Manager

Why We Know Louis Tomlinson Will Be an Amazing Artist Manager

Louis Tomlinson

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If you aren’t on Twitter, you might not know that Louis Tomlinson has announced that he will be creating a new artist management company. As OG fans of One Direction and Louis, this announcement made us jump for joy. For years, Louis has been the backbone and support of 1D and all of the artists he has had the opportunity to mentor. We just know this new venture of his is going to be amazing.

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Announcement of Management Company

Louis Tomlinson took to Twitter on Saturday and let us all know that he had the idea to create an artist management company. He went on to say that having an imprint label never worked for him, as he had to have another’s permission to sign anyone and would prefer to be able to develop the artists that he truly believed in. Back in 2015, Louis had launched a label imprint under Syco Music called Triple Strings. In his tweets on Saturday, Louis made sure to reiterate that he would not be creating a record label, just an artist management company.

Reactions to the News

The first reactions that came through were from the fans, and they had a lot to say after Louis’ announcement. Everyone is genuinely excited for him, and we can all agree that he would be an amazing artist manager. He cares about music, and we know that he will have the artist‘s best interest at heart. He has been through a lot of awful things in the industry, and we know that he is going to take care of his artists and not allow that to happen to them too.

Second, Louis received some fantastic support from one of the acts he mentored on The X Factor UK back in 2018. He also received support from one of the members of his backing band, Isaac Anderson.

Third, other artists also showed a lot of support for Louis and this new venture of his. We are thrilled to see that the love we have for Louis and his ventures is finally being seen and acknowledged by his peers.

Why We Think Louis Would Be an Amazing Artist Manager

Louis has always had an eye for talent and business. While in One Direction, Louis found 5 Seconds of Summer on YouTube and had become a fan of the group. He went on to post about them on Twitter and eventually got them to come out on tour with himself and One Direction on their Take Me HomeWhere We Are, and On The Road Again tours. Due to Louis’s involvement, 5SOS went on to become more prominent artists.

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Another reason why we think Louis is made for this? He thrived on the mentoring aspect of being a judge on The X Factor UK in 2018. From the very beginning of that season, Louis was always supporting and helping the show’s acts. He would give constructive criticism and was never harsh with the acts. You could tell he truly cared about them, and even if/when they were eliminated, he was there showing his support and giving advice.

In conclusion, we are stoked about this new venture of Louis’ and cannot wait to see what comes of it. We think this is one of his true callings and are ready to see what new artists he brings about.

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