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Forty Feet Tall Gives Us A Good Distraction!

Forty Feet Tall Gives Us A Good Distraction!

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We found your new favorite band! Forty Feet Tall is what has been missing from your playlists! We are diving into their new album A Good Distraction, and simply put we can’t wait!

Their sound is the rock sound we’ve been searching for!

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‘Rain Machine’

What a solid way to start A Good Distraction. This song has such a heavy instrumental, and we are here for it. The musicality is current and relevant but also takes a deep nostalgic vibe. This track proves that the rock genre is very much alive, well, and thriving!


This is a bit of a slower-paced song to start with, but it gets right back into those heavy instrumentals we loved so much in the first track. Based on the genre that will more than likely be a theme throughout this journey. We can see this track being perfect music to listen to at full volume in the car.

‘Taxidermy (Don’t Touch My)’

Why does this feel exactly like a song that would play during the creepiest scene on Criminal Minds? In the best way possible though, we can vibe with it. This darker rock music is something we never knew we needed and is A Good Distraction we never knew we needed.


Okay, we’re obsessed. This might be our favorite track off A Good Distraction so far. It flows so nicely while keeping the heaviness that we’ve loved from the other tracks. This is going on next time we have the aux for sure. Plus, it’s got a sick video!

‘By Design’

This is a different vibe than anything else on A Good Distraction thus far. It’s much softer and shows what a serene voice the lead- Cole Gann, in this song, can have. We loved this track so much. We can see this being on repeat on the daily.

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And just like that, ‘Grin’ flows us right back into the heavy sound, we’ve loved from A Good Distraction. We have an urge to add this to any and all running playlists. It has the perfect tempo to run to, it’s a must. Time to take a jog and let this tune help us escape our minds, making the album name oh so relevant!

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‘Ex Kids’

This track marks the halfway point of A Good Distraction, and we have to say that the first half was incredible. We love the vocal effects in this track that feel very empty amphitheater-esque. We could listen to this for hours.

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This is a complete stand-out track on A Good Distraction. It’s very early 2000s rock but in only the best ways. It’s one we keep coming back to and for good reason. You need to go listen to this one immediately.

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Those vocals in the opening of this track are unreal! Some of the best vocal moments on A Good Distraction happen on this track. It’s so strong and we can see why it was received so well when it was released.


Such dope instrumentals happening throughout this track. Forty Feet Tall have proven so far with A Good Distraction that they can do so many different sounds and we have to applaud the talent. We love how chill this track is while still being so solid.

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‘Don’t Tell Your Mom’

Okay, we are here for this! The fast-paced vibe and talk-singing combination are just *Chef’s Kiss*. Everything about the penultimate track on A Good Distraction is perfect. And there are some killer vocal moments during this track!

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We have reached the end of A Good Distraction, and what a journey it’s been. We have found so many new songs to include in our playlists and can’t wait to listen all over again. This is a killer track to close out the album with. And one that has us reaching for the ‘repeat all’ option so we can relive this album from start to finish, all over again!

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