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These Live Albums Are Seriously Making Us Miss Live Shows

These Live Albums Are Seriously Making Us Miss Live Shows

Likewise to all of you we are having serious concert withdrawals. We have just been sitting around for over a year now watching livestreams and living vicariously through live albums. We decided since we have been listening to these live albums so much that we would give you guys a list of some of the absolute best live albums, to help get you through the rest of this pandemic.

Sam Smith – Love Goes: Live At Abbey Road Studios

This set is just stunning. It was Sam’s only performance of 2020 and per usual they killed it. Sam has one of the most incredible voices in music, it’s clear whenever you listen to them. Their voice is so piercing and delicate that it just makes you feel warm. The album features older songs we’ve known and loved for years like ‘Stay With Me’ as well as newer tracks like ‘Dancing With A Stranger.’ Truly we feel like this is one of the most beautiful live albums we’ve ever heard, we had chills through the entire listen!

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SHINee WORLD IV – The 4th Concert Album

One thing you can count on with SHINee is that you’re going to have a damn good time. That’s exactly what we get out of this live album. It just makes us want to be dancing around to ‘Love Like Oxygen’ with all our friends. This is a longer live album than most of the ones we’re going to tell you about today, but you can just have an entire home concert while streaming it! Get some neon lights and blast it, as you dance around in your room! It’s a whole vibe!

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Ed Sheeran – X (Wembley Edition)

We can never get enough of Ed Sheeran. He’s an entertainer in every sense of the word and that’s so clear in this live album. His voice has this insane rasp and range and even though it’s just him and a guitar, he’s so energetic on stage. He gives so much to the audience and you can hear all the love they give him right back. ‘I’m A Mess’ is a song on the album that really stands out. It shows what a multifaceted musician Ed is.

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Ariana Grande – k bye for now (swt live)

We all know Ariana Grande is in a league of her own when it comes to vocals. It’s cold hard facts and is clear from the very start of the live album to the end. We could listen to just ‘raindrops’ on loop forever. Yes, it’s that good. We are forever wishing we had attended the Sweetener tour so we could have jammed to this entire set live. That’s the dream. But for now, we will just keep jamming out to this live album.

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BLACKPINK gives us all the girl power vibes we could ever need. They are strong wonderful women and make such kick-ass music. Their live shows are such a spectacle. Both the girls and the audience sound like they are having the times of their lives and that’s the experience we need. You can hear in the album how hype the crowd is and what an upbeat incredible environment is being created. This live album is one that is just straight-up good times and good vibes. Plus come on, ‘Forever Young’ live is the dream.

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Halsey – BADLANDS (Live From Webster Hall)

BADLANDS is an album that defined a whole year of our lives, the era was just everything. So a live album version? Sign us up! When this dropped last year it was a godsend. We spent countless hours being angsty rocking out by ourselves to ‘New Americana’ as we should, and as you should. You can hear how unique Halsey’s voice is in this live album so clear. She’s just simply the best. And the crowd in this album? You can hear them as clear as you hear Halsey! We just love to hear it!

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Taylor Swift – Live From Paris

Can we just say our thanks to Taylor Swift that she decided to record this live album of Lover before the era was cut short due to covid? It is so wild that even though the album hadn’t been out for very long the crowd knew every word to every song. Taylor truly sounds at her best on this album, especially during ‘Cornelia Street,’ What a cultural reset. We blast this album at the very least once a week and we plan to keep it that way.

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EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’RDIUM[dot] – Live Album

The talent in this group is something that hits you right away with this live album. Another thing that right away hits you is how huge their stage presence is, and that’s without even being able to see them. You can just hear it. All of the music on this album is so hype. We are experiencing major FOMO. The crowd is another huge aspect of this album we can tell they are such an excitable fanbase.

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Come on, It’s Queen B. You know we had to make room for this live album. It’s packed front to back with the hits. Everything from ‘Formation’ to ‘Say My Name’ with the Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams. Talk about iconic. Being in the crowd while this was recorded would be the ultimate flex. It’s the ultimate album to just feel like the baddest around while listening to. No one does a live album quite like Beyoncé.

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5SOS – Meet You There Live

5SOS will forever be one of our favorite bands and the main reason this website was started so, when we say this LIVE album makes us emotional we mean we ugly cry to it every time. We just want to be at a show screaming the words to ‘Amnesia’ back at our boys. We don’t think that’s too much to ask for right? Everything from the vocals to the crowd participation it’s all A+. We are constantly moved by how talented these four guys are.

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We would love to hear from you! Did we cover your favorite live album? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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