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Safety Sends Greetings From The Sunshine State

Safety Sends Greetings From The Sunshine State

There are few things we love in this world as much as a solid pop-punk record. Truly the genre is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If you’re anything like us, we have a feeling you’re about to fall in love with Greetings From The Sunshine State. The whole album deserved to be played at warped tour, and we are going to just take a moment to mourn that loss. 

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‘Song of the Night Gator’

Safety killed the opening track on Greetings From The Sunshine State. It’s chock-full of everything we look for from a solid pop-punk song. The instruments are heavy and the vocals are stellar- what more could we ask for? We haven’t longed to hear a song live as much as this one in a long time- Safety’s next live show is a must. While the track is pretty short, it certainly gets done what it needs to.

‘Sounds of the Coast’

This track is giving us big Yellowcard vibes. That is the highest compliment because ‘Ocean Avenue’ is still on repeat to this day. Greetings from the Sunshine State is shaping up to be a complete dream of an album for us. We can perfectly picture where this track would fit in an early 2000’s movie, where all the best songs of this genre were.


With the third track off of Greeting from the Sunshine State, we get the longest track on the record. And man, are we glad this track is four minutes long, even though we could listen to 10 minutes more of it. It’s a standout on the album for us, for sure. It’s not as aggressive as the other two tracks feel, a bit more chill, but with just as incredible vocals.

‘Spanish Moss’

We are completely digging the long instrumental intro the fourth track on Greetings from the Sunshine State brought us. We can see ourselves just fully letting go and feeling the music and crying to this track. Can you blame us? Sometimes you just need to have a good cry to a solid emo song. The lead voice on this track sings with so much emotion- it’s just hitting us differently. 


This is it! This is our favorite track off of Greetings from the Sunshine State. It’s is just pure excellence. This sealed the deal as to us having to attend a Safety show post-pandemic. It’s not just a want anymore, it’s a need. These lyrics, when you pay attention, are just all too real. We haven’t given proper songwriter credit yet and we just have to take this moment to applaud how good it’s been through and through.

‘Heat Lightning’

What the heck? This is certainly not the track we expected to close off Greetings from the Sunshine State, but we aren’t mad about it at all. This track is beyond killer. We can’t get over how good the beginning especially if we just keep re-listening. This is going to be a track we go back to multiple times we can already tell.

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