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The Imaginaries Are The New Americana

The Imaginaries Are The New Americana

We will never turn down an album by a duo. Hearing harmonies and different perspectives in songs are just such a pleasurable listening experience as a consumer. The Imaginaries are a husband and wife duo Maggie and Shane based out of Oklahoma. They have been making music together for years and have just released their debut album!

Debut albums are such an exciting time for any artist, and we are so excited we get to share this excitement with The Imaginaries! Their debut album is ten tracks and is self-titled, as a lot of the best debut albums are! Let’s get on into our thoughts on The Imaginaries.

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If this is the sound we can expect throughout the entire album, we can’t wait. These instruments are so heavy and are matched perfectly with The Imaginaries’ stunning vocals. It’s the ideal way to open an album. We can perfectly picture these two on stage just jamming out playing this track.

‘Walking On A Wire’

Their harmonies are just *chef’s kiss.* We can’t believe this is the quality of music we are getting from a debut album! The Imaginaries were meant to meet and work together, it’s crystal clear after ‘Walking on a Wire.’ Two voices rarely feel like two halves of a whole, but the way this duet is formed it’s the perfect canvas to show that. 

‘Thinking ‘Bout You’

What an utterly adorable couple song. It’s so incredible to hear people that are madly in love with each other come together to sing a song about that experience. We are getting major “Us The Duo” vibes from The Imaginaries, maybe it’s just because they are both couples that sing beautifully and make us feel incredibly single.

‘Trust Falling With You’

What an unbelievably stunning piece of art! We got chills listening to The Imaginaries sing such a soft, delicate love song. It’s so apparent they are madly in love, and it just brings such warmth into the song. We love how they sing this whole tune almost in sync, and it’s not a track where there are separate solo parts until the end. Shane does tend to have a more forefront vocal track on this one, though.

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‘There Will Come A Day’

This is such a unique sound, and we are overly obsessed with it. The track feels darker than anything we’ve heard on The Imaginaries as far as overall sound goes. Their voices fit this tone though, it all just flows perfectly. We keep on coming back to this one. Such a powerful song that could turn anyone into a fan. 

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Man, we just have to state that Shane has such a powerful voice. You can tell he gives his all when he sings, and he’s the absolute star of this track for us. Maggie sounds incredible, as she has the whole album, but we were really blown away by Shane’s control and tone in this song. This is being added to our playlist ASAP!

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‘One Life’

Is this album how we find out our ideal music type is these softer duets? If so, we are perfectly okay with that. This track is all about moving forward, and it’s just such a good message. After the year we’ve had, we all need that reminder to look to the future and approach it with hope.

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‘Enough Of You’

Okay, this is 100% our favorite track off The Imaginaries. It’s so upbeat and makes us want to dance. There is such a cool vocal effect laid over Shane and Maggie’s vocals that we can’t get enough of. And that guitar solo around the two-minute mark? Incredible. We are keeping this one on repeat.

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‘Blue Sky’

This is such a mellow, Summer track. It would be perfect for a walk on the beach or a fire at night. It’s just the vibes we are getting- you guys know how we like to set a scene. We feel pure joy listening to this song that, while it’s not super upbeat, feels very bright. And we have to say, Maggie stole this track. She’s killing it!

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‘You Remind Me’

What a perfect way to close out this project. We are getting old country vibes from this track, and we love it. It feels very Americana-Country fused. We consider this a contender for our favorite track, for sure. Beyond stellar. 

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You can stream/purchase your copy of The Imaginaries here!

We would love to hear from you! What’s your favorite track off The Imaginaries? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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