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These Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Ashe!

These Are The 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Ashe!

We fell in love right away when we heard Ashe´s voice after her incredible song ‘Moral of The Story’, and finding out that she had some gems of songs that we needed ASAP. The American songwriter-singer debuted for the first time in 2017 with the collaboration ‘World on Fire’ Louis The Child, and now she is conquering the world with her newest single ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’, a collaboration with the one and only FINNEAS.

Ashe has taken all our hearts with her voice and with her personality. She is just one of the best people we have ever stanned. If you haven’t heard of her or only heard her single ‘Moral of The Story’, don’t worry, we got ya. Get yourself a drink and stay with us to know the five reasons why you need to stan Ashe!

Her ASHETONISHING Skills As A Songwriter

From songs like ‘You Don´t Do It for Me Anymore’ by Demi Lovato to ‘Let You Get Away’ by Shaun Frank, Ashe has shown us her amazing skills for writing songs. Before her debut, she had been co-writing songs for several artists, but now she has given us the combo of her stunning voice with her incredible mind. We all love honesty, and that´s what she is giving us. Along with the beautiful melodies, you can appreciate how Ashe doesn’t use filters to express what she is feeling and what she has been through, letting us connect more with her and understand the true message of every song she has released. Some of our favorites are ‘Save Myself’ and ‘The Same’.

Her Vocals

Ashe has blown mind us with her vocals. In every song, you can appreciate how the singer discovers new musical notes and we are obsessed with them. In her acoustic performance in the Royal Albert Hall with Niall Horan last November, she has shown us that her talent is pure and perfect. She has stunned us with her talent, again and again, most recently on her TV appearance on the night show Jimmy Kimmel Live where, next to FINNEAS, she blessed us with her amazing voice performing ‘Till Forever Falls Apart’.

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The Style Is Just OMG!

Her unique style is something we love about her. Her Diane Keaton-inspired style is something very remarkable in the way she dresses. Also, let´s not forget she is the queen of turtlenecks. In each of every appearance, she finds a way to express her personality and aesthetic in her clothes, using an Ashe x Gucci inspo style that we all want to wear. C´mon Gucci, we want a collab with Ashe!


Ashe always finds a way to make us happy, and we couldn´t be more thankful. Besides being an incredible artist, she has shown us the amazing human being she is by making us all laugh in every livestream she has and spreading love every day on Twitter. She is always showing us she is thankful for us. Ashe always finds a way to make us feel all love and Take Care Of Each Other. Every time she is active in social media, she reminds us how bad we want to be her besties so we can share a beer and laughs with her. She is the cutest, and we all want her as our BFF!


Bringing us back to the 70s and 80s era, Ashe has always rocked the vibes she gives in every single thing she does. From using her style to combine the images of her music, she has shown us that she is never out of style, and she is one of the biggest faces of the retro in the 2020s. We are obsessed with the way she uses this aesthetic in every single music video she has, making her more stunning than she already is. Ashe surely came to be our iconic queen.  

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What´s your favorite song of Ashe? Let´s keep chatting and tell us in the comment the reasons why you stan our queen Ashe! Don´t forget to buzz with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP and on our Instagram and Facebook to know more about incredible artists like Ashe.

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Featured Image Source: Hannah Claire Baker for TeenVogue

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