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Jagwar Twin: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan

Jagwar Twin: 5 Reasons Why You Should Stan

Whether you know who Jagwar Twin is or not, there are many reasons why we should all stan him. You will find something worthwhile in everything he does. He’s always open about his journey, and a lot of us need to hear it. He sure knows how to make us feel appreciated, no matter what walk of life you have come from. Not to mention, his vocals are like a warm blanket you just pulled out of a dryer for the ultimate comfort. Luckily for you, we are here to give you the low down. Here are five reasons why you should stan Jagwar Twin and kickstart your admiration.

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1: His Music

Let’s start with the most obvious, his music. He has an amazing album called Subject To Flooding, which is available on Spotify and Apple Music under Jagwar Twin. It includes the fan favorites such as ‘Shine’ and ‘Loser.’ If you ever need a good pick me up, we’d highly recommend listening to ‘Good Day.’ Now while we could talk for hours and go into great detail about why each song is so incredible, we’d rather you make that discovery for yourself, just with a bit of encouragement from us. Jagwar Twin also has the most cryptic music videos we’ve ever seen! For instance, take a look at ‘Happy Face‘ and let us know how many hidden messages you can find in it; there might be a few hints here. His voice is golden, and there is no one quite like Roy.

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2: His Spirituality

Jagwar Twin is deeply connected and at one with his soul. He’s very humble and always talking about constantly learning. And there are a few things that we can learn from him constantly getting so deep about emotions and the universe, bad vibes are are no go! His words are encouraging and always make you wonder about the world past ourselves and our immediate surroundings. Another thing we can learn from him is that nothing is out of reach. He knows how to make us feel like the best versions of ourselves. Let’s take on the world (and maybe the rest of the universe) with Roy’s positive influence!

3: The Connection With His Fans

Roy has the most beautiful connection with his fans. He’s always online, on all platforms, talking and interacting with us. His hit song ‘Shine’ even has a busy but wonderful music video. So many fans were heavily involved with this video, and it would not be possible without them! We go into the depths of that video here. On top of all of this, he’s always hosting zoom calls to talk to his fans. He really is the most loving man and cares so deeply for each and every one of his fans.

4: Endless Passion And Determination

Listen up! We are nowhere near done! Although by now, you’re already in love with him, right? Jagwar Twin puts every ounce of passion into his songs and everything he creates. You won’t get regular promotion with him. He goes above and beyond. There are websites, hidden messages, and posts to promote his songs. He always takes us on a journey down deep holes to find hints and put the pieces of one big puzzle together. On top of this, he’s always talking about his work and what it means to him. Roy goes deep into describing his songs and what they mean to him and encourages us to share our thoughts on them too.

5: Fashion Sense

Just look at his fashion; it’s self-explanatory. We know he is very tuned in to the world of style and fast fashion. He believes everything should be worn with purpose and that everything should be given a good chance at life. Sometimes Roy talks about the clothes he wears, where he gets them from, and what he wore them for. He finds ways to connect his clothes to stories, to moments in his life, which gives them more depth and passion.

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