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Bebe Rexha and Apple Music Are Letting Us Inside of Better Mistakes

Bebe Rexha and Apple Music Are Letting Us Inside of Better Mistakes

There´s no doubt that Bebe Rexha´s new album Better Mistakes has taken over us all! Everyone is loving it! We have been replaying the album all day long, and even our neighbors are asking us to turn up the volume so they can jam with us to the amazing talent of Bebe. 

Listen to Better Mistakes here!

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Apple Music has taken us into details with Bebe in their latest interview with our supernova queen! Bebe Rexha has revealed to us some details about the journey of making Better Mistakes. Being a therapeutic path, Bebe explained how, in life, some love-hate relationships with yourself take you through some rough paths that helped her to create the masterpiece of an album. “I think with this album […], I could finally heal a bit and accept this is just who I am.”

Listen to the interview here!

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She also explained to Apple the title Better Mistakes. It helped us understand exactly what she was expressing with these two words that are more powerful than we think. Bebe explained how when she was younger she thought that in a couple of years things would get solved. But she realized that things are never gonna be perfect because we are humans. Those thoughts were so deep for us, cause we completely understand her. We all think that reaching a certain goal or certain age will let us be perfect and have a life with no worries, but that´s not possible. We all make mistakes, and we all have bad days… that´s part of being a person, and Bebe Rexha has reminded us in the most beautiful way.

Our Inspiration & Her Inspiration

Artists such as Nirvana and Lauryn Hill are a huge inspiration to our queen! Bebe Rexha‘s stunning talent reaches everyone around the world and tops the charts. There´s something in us telling us that we need to experience a karaoke night with some tequila, next to Rexha with a Nirvana and Hill tracklist. Bebe let us know when you are free so we can reserve the karaoke bar!

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Bebe Rexha has always been a huge inspiration for us. She is one of the artists that has her feet on the Earth and we can relate to it. She is really one of the best artists nowadays and we are proud to stan her forever!

What are your thoughts on Bebe Rexha´s new album so far? Tell us everything in the comments, and don´t forget to tune with us on our social media as @TheHoneyPOP!

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