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We Are Booked And Busy This Concert Season

We Are Booked And Busy This Concert Season

It’s happening! Our favorite time of the year is back! Concert season is upon us at last and we are so ready for our wallets to be empty in exchange for an endless amount of serotonin! So many of our favorite artists are announcing tour dates and opening acts and we are just in overload mode! We’re already planning outfits and thinking about our dream setlists! We thought we’d break down our top five tours that are absolute musts when it comes to attending! Let’s geek out together about all these live shows that are finally coming back!

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Dan + Shay – The (Arena) Tour
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After having to cancel the tour last year amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Dan + Shay are returning to the road this fall! The tour is set to last from September to December and we know we are fully prepared to drunkenly dance to ‘Tequila’ with our friends. The duo has chosen The Band Camino and our girl Ingrid Andress as their opening acts! The fact that we also get to cry to ‘We’re Not Friends’ just warms our hearts. This is truly such an incredible lineup.

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Aly & AJ – A Touch Of The Beat World Tour
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After listening to the incredible album that is a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun, there is no way we could miss this tour. We need a night of dancing away all our worries to the all-time happiest record. Just picturing ‘Listen!!!’ live is giving us all the serotonin we’ll need to make it through until the tour starts in February. The tour will span far and wide and goes from February through May!

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The Driver Era – World Tour
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Excuse us we’re going to need a full year to get over the fact that we’re going to see The Driver Era and The Wrecks in one night!! We are 100% sure our voices will be gone, but we’re so okay with that! The Driver Era put on such an incredible show and has some of the best energy we’ve ever seen on stage. It’s definitely a show you will not regret spending money on, plus you get to stare at Ross Lynch, win-win!

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Harry Styles – Love On Tour
Image Source: Ryan McGinley for Rolling Stone

Firstly, that’s the cutest tour name we’ve ever heard. Harry Styles truly owns our hearts. We have pit tickets to this show and will not be able to stop ourselves from ugly crying at least 90% of the show. We’re sorry we don’t have self-control! Fine Line is one of the brightest and most incredible albums we’ve ever heard so we already know it’s going to bring all the best vibes with the live shows! We know it was popular to throw kiwis at Harry last tour, let’s not do that with watermelons though! Instead, throw flowers, he deserves all the flowers.

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Dodie Clark – Build A Problem North American Tour
Image Source: Bjorn Franklin

All we want is a night full of crying to Dodie’s incredibly soft, beautiful music. Adding the opening act Lizzy McAlpine into the mix just ups the chance that any makeup we will be wearing will be completely ruined. The tour goes from February to March and will hit most major areas in the United States! We love supporting all-female tours so you already know Dodie Clark and Lizzy McAlpine can take all our money!

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We would love to hear from you! What tour are you most excited to check out? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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