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May Music Round-Up: Jacob Whitesides, Olivia Rodrigo & More!

May Music Round-Up: Jacob Whitesides, Olivia Rodrigo & More!

May was one of our favorite months so far this year for music! So many incredible singles, albums, and EPs were so graciously given to us. We’ve been crying, dancing around our rooms, and singing at the top of our lungs to these songs since the day of their release, it’s about time we full-on gush about them!

Jacob Whitesides – ‘therapy’

If you haven’t been supporting Jacob Whitesides, what are you doing with your life? Jacob has been making music that consistently gets better since we were young teenagers attending his shows. Now we’re all adults and he’s making music at the level of his latest track ‘therapy.’ This track delves into the comparison of finding that person who breaks down your walls to ‘therapy.’ We truly think this is one of the best tracks Jacob has released, we’re looking forward to hearing it live!

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Victoria Justice – ‘Too F*ckin’ Nice’

The long wait is over! Victoria Justice is finally starting her path to pop royalty we’ve always known she was destined for. Ever since Victorious we’ve been hoping Victoria Justice was going to hit us with some bops, and here we are! ‘Too F*ckin’ Nice’ is quickly becoming an anthem for us. We’ve had it on repeat since the release with the volume turned up.

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Sigrid – ‘Mirror’

If you haven’t heard Sigrid’s discography do yourself a favor and dive in immediately! ‘Mirror’ is beyond incredible, and it only scratches the surface of the treat you’re in for when becoming a Sigrid fan! ‘Mirror’ is all about self-love, about truly loving who you see in the ‘Mirror.’ We love this energy and hope you all can keep this mindset that Sigrid sings all about!

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Lacy Cavalier – ‘Figured Out’

We became fans of Lacy after hearing her heartbreaking track ‘This Ain’t Love.’ The track completely showcases what an incredible songwriter Lacy Cavalier is! And of course, that talent is on full display here in ‘Figured Out.’ Lacy so beautifully describes through music what it feels like when you find that person that has you completely ‘Figured Out.’ It’s rare to find, and when you do you have to hold onto it for dear life.

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Bleachers – ‘Stop Making This Hurt’

Anything Bleachers touch is gold, we had to get that out of the way. We couldn’t have been happier seeing them release new music! You can bet we already have our tickets, so we can jam out to this track live! The track is beyond upbeat, and it’s the song you want to have as the soundtrack to all your best moments. It’s a theme with Bleachers music, to just be the perfect music to blast on any day you want to be brightened.

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Zara Larsson – ‘Morning’

Poster Girl quickly became a favorite album of ours, now we have the summer version of the record! One of the new additions to the album is the song ‘Morning.’ ‘Morning’ delves into the concept of knowing a difficult discussion needs to be had, but just wanting to enjoy the moment and wait. We genuinely didn’t think we could love this music more, but we’ve fallen in love with this track it’s an absolute hit.

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Tenille Arts – ‘Back Then, Right Now’

If you’re looking for your country fix look no further than ‘Back Then, Right Now.’ Tenille is everything incredible about modern-day country music. This track is sure to be on repeat all summer long, it’s going to be the backing track of so many bonfires and tailgates. ‘Back Then, Right Now’ is all about nostalgia. It’s reminiscing on simpler times and what once was, truly a genius concept.

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Olivia Rodrigo – ‘brutal’

We could have easily put every track from Sour on this list. The entire album is a complete knock-out! Olivia Rodrigo is truly going to take over the pop-music scene and we’re so here for it! Out of all the tracks on the record, the one that we play at least 100 times a day is ‘brutal.’ It’s the song we love to scream at the top of our lungs. We’re so glad angsty teenagers growing up right now get to have this as *the* song during such formative years.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song that came out in May? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP

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