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11 Songs By Our Faves That Were Written By Our Other Faves

11 Songs By Our Faves That Were Written By Our Other Faves

As multi-stans, we genuinely thrive off of our faves interacting with each other, so when our faves have written songs that our other faves have performed, we are truly levitating. We know that you honey bees can relate to what we’re talking about, so we’ve decided to list out 11 songs where our faves have united in the name of music. Who knows – maybe you’ll discover something you didn’t know before?

Songs By Our Faves That Were Written By Our Other Faves
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‘0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You)’ – Tomorrow X Together ft Seori (co-written by RM)

TXT‘s latest title track is a pure banger and feels like mature growth full of heartache, and it’s been thrilling to witness. What’s been even more exciting for our multi-stan hearts is the fact that RM of BTS co-wrote on this track! According to the group’s leader Soobin, Bang PD was working on the lyrics but wasn’t really a fan of them, so he turned to RM for help, where he also gave his valuable opinion. He also ended up helping in choosing the song’s title. With the song being such a powerful title track, we really aren’t surprised Mr. Kim Namjoon himself participated in the creation. We love to see it!

‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart’ – Ariana Grande (co-written by Harry Styles)

One of our all-time favorite Ariana ballads is the beautiful ‘Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart.’ It’s already just simply breathtaking, but the fact Harry Styles is one of the co-writers makes us love it even more. Speaking about his involvement, Ari said: “He went into the other room, and they were writing for a while. I remember when I heard it, I was like ‘Wow, that’s a really strong verse, that’s really beautiful,’ and then the pre, I was like ‘wow that’s a really beautiful pre, that’s a really strong pre!’ and then the chorus I was like crying!” Okay, but that’s how we feel listening to it, so we feel you, Ari! He also covered it on tour back in 2018, and we need them to perform it together someday.

‘Lucifer’ – Shinee (co-written by Bebe Rexha)

Both Shawols and general K-POP buffs know the iconic song ‘Lucifer’ by SHINee, but not everyone was aware that Bebe Rexha had a hand in creating this banger. Before she was even a star herself and just the tender age of 20, she worked on the demo of the song. Nine years later, as a well-known musician, she shared her story of how she was involved in the hit. “It was just me in my bedroom, and I did this idea [of a demo], and then I sent it over to ‘Lucifer,’ and they did this!” Imagine having that much talent that K-POP legends incorporate your work into their music? We’ll keep on dreaming.

‘Little Things’ – One Direction (co-written by Ed Sheeran)

A true fan favorite from One Direction‘s discography was the wholesome ‘Little Things.’ Let’s be honest. We could all find something to relate to in this song, and having 1D give positive affirmations about our insecurities was just the thing we needed. This was one of the few songs that Ed Sheeran wrote for the band. He actually wrote it a long time before, but when he played it for the boys, they were fans. “It was one of five songs that I gave to them which made the album. There’s another one on there as well,” he shared. “I think they just wanted to try something different. I think they did the same formula with the last single – it sounded like a One Direction song – and now I think they want to switch it up a bit.” We’ll forever be grateful for it!

‘First Time’ – TWICE (co-written by Jade Thirlwall)

TWICE blessed our summer with their recent comeback, and we were even more excited when we learned that ‘First Time’ was written by none other than Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall! Speaking on the revelation, Jade shares: “I wrote ‘First Time’ a few years ago… the song is so special to me, so I held onto it for the right, so this bop could fully GET its moment. I’m excited and honored that TWICE have cut it for their new album.” Seriously, Jade, we are too. Girl group power!

‘Sorry’ – Justin Bieber (co-written by Julia Michaels)

‘Sorry’ was easily one of the biggest smash hits of 2015 and was co-written by the one and only Julia Michaels! Just before her breakout success as an artist in her own right, Julia was a songwriter for many of our faves, but ‘Sorry’ is probably her most notable track. ‘Sorry’ easily could have been a song Julia kept for herself instead of giving it to Mr. Biebs, but at that time, she wasn’t ready to be in the spotlight and have the eyes and the ears of the world on her. She blessed us less than two years later with her debut single ‘Issues,’ but we’ll never forget the hand she had in helping many of our faves with their successful songs.

‘Louder Than bombs’ – BTS (co-written by Troye Sivan)

BTS‘s 2020 album Map of the Soul: 7 is a pure masterpiece. All of the songs are non-skips, and one of those was written by Troye Sivan. The boys have been a fan of him for a while, so ARMY were elated to find Troye had co-written a song for them! It’s actually one of a few songs that he wrote with his writing crew some time ago, and it was called ‘Hologram Hots.’ “Somehow, it got into the hands of BTS boys, who I love, and they loved the song. They were like, ‘Wait, we are gonna cut this!’ I freaked out and quickly tried to learn Korean, failed miserably. Somebody translated it and changed the lyrics, and now it was called ‘Louder Than Bombs.'” Honestly, we’re so happy with the results!

‘Ice Cream’ – BLACKPINK ft Selena Gomez (co-written by Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét)

A summer smash from 2020 is ‘Ice Cream’ from BLACKPINK featuring Miss Selena Gomez. The hot hit came from the iconic GRAMMY award-winning team that includes Ariana Grande and Victoria Monét. The two are friends and frequent collaborators with producer Tommy Brown who has also been working with the BLACKPINK girls. Ahead of the single’s drop, Tommy shared a post saying, “Produced and written [by] me and some of my awesome friends,” tagging his team along with Ari and Victoria. Ariana also shared on her Instagram stories saying: “[Proud] of the squad, and so proud of this! So much love for this team and these ladies!” Honestly, we’re still in love.

‘Changes’ – blackbear (co-written by Louis Tomlinson)

Back in 2019, blackbear dropped his album ANONYMOUS and one of the tracks, ‘Changes’, has a notable songwriter in its credits: Louis Tomlinson! Though neither has commented on Louis’s writing, we know from his own album and the many songs he wrote for 1D just how talented he is, and it’s pretty exciting to see him write for other artists, especially blackbear, who we also love!

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‘Playboy’ – EXO (written by Jonghyun)

A true golden oldie, ‘Playboy’ is a sexy and groovy b-side to EXO’s EXODUS from 2016. And no wonder we love it so much because it was written by none other than Jonghyun! Speaking about the song, Suho said: “‘Playboy’ is a song that my friend SHINee Jonghyun gave to EXO. As soon as I heard it, I felt it was a great song, and I wished it was my song. There are many good songs in EXO’s albums, but ‘Playboy’ is very special.” And it truly is a gem!

‘Fever’ – Adam Lambert (co-written by Lady Gaga)

Glam-rock God Adam Lambert is full of iconic songs, and ‘Fever’ is one of them. But what makes this song even more amazing is the fact the one and only Lady Gaga co-wrote it! Though neither commented directly on the song itself, Adam tweeted out about working with Gaga, saying: “Yes, it’s true: I spent yesterday in the studio with the insanely talented and creative Lady Gaga recording a song that she wrote! I love her.” Honestly, it’s a timeless smash.

Did you know about the famous co-writers to these iconic songs? Have any of your faves written for your other faves? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Featured Image Source: Jazmin Williams

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