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It’s Time For New Music Friday

It’s Time For New Music Friday

Here we are once again, it’s our favorite time of the week! It’s New Music Friday, which means we have so many new tracks to dive into!

LOONY – soft thing
Image Source: Courtesy of Cali PR

Stream soft thing here!

We’ve got a whole EP from LOONY on this New Music Friday to gush over! Picking a favorite track from this incredible body of work was tough, but ‘be cool’ and ‘raw’ really stand out. We can already tell we’ll be spending many nights with soft thing on repeat.

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Max & Ali Gatie – ‘Butterflies’
Image Source: Deanie Chen

Stream ‘Butterflies’ here!

We got a new MAX song with Ali Gatie on the track? Sign us up! ‘Butterflies’ is the song you’re going to want to put on and just vibe to. Both MAX and Ali Gatie have unrealistically smooth voices that we could listen to forever.

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Christian French – ‘Avalanche’
Image Source: Christian Sarkine

Stream ‘Avalanche’ here!

We’ve got the ultimate summer bop for you guys! ‘Avalanche’ is so upbeat and makes you want to get up and dance. While we love every track of Christian’s, this one takes the place of our top favorite.

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Payton Moormeier – ‘3AM’
Image Source: Jack Dytrych

Stream ‘3AM’ here!

If there’s a stripped version of any track, you know we are listening. Payton’s voice is able to shine here perfectly. Anyone who gives this song a listen will be able to tell that Payton is going to be someone we’re hearing about for a very long time.

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The Knocks X Studio Killers – ‘bedroom eyes’
Image Source: The Knocks via Instagram

Stream ‘bedroom eyes’ here!

Excuse us as we lose our minds over new music from The Knocks. We now know what song we will be adding to any of our playlists for nights out. There’s no doubt that ‘bedroom eyes’ will be part of the soundtrack to so many summer moments.

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Anthony Ramos – Love and Lies
Image Source: Erica Hernandez

Stream Love and Lies here!

From being the lead in the film In The Heights to releasing this incredible album, you could say Anthony Ramos has had a busy last couple of weeks. Every track on this record further cements that it’s a smash. We will be seeing so much more of Anthony Ramos in every part of his career. ‘Lose my Mind’ is a favorite of ours off the record.

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Annabel Gutherz – ‘Wild Side’
Image Source: Jirka Vinse

Stream ‘Wild Side’ here!

If you haven’t done yourself a service and checked out Annabel Gutherz, now is the time! This New Music Friday she’s blessing us with her track ‘Wild Side.’ The track is upbeat and so much fun, everything you want in the summer.

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Jack Savoretti – Europiana
Image Source: Jack Savoretti via Instagram

Stream Europiana here!

When we say we are utterly obsessed with this record, we mean it! Every track is so perfectly placed in the tracklist and makes Europiana so cohesive. Our favorite track from the album would have to be ‘Too Much History’ or ‘Secret Life.’

[apple_music_ad artist=”Jack Savoretti” song=”Secret Life”]

FLETCHER – ‘Healing’
Image Source: Joelle Grace Taylor

Stream ‘Healing’ here!

It’s time!! This week New Music Friday has brought us new Fletcher music! It’s what we love to see! As with all of Fletcher’s music, ‘Healing’ exceeds every expectation. This is the song you’re going to want to put on if you’re looking for genuine pop perfection.

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Savannah Kovacs – ‘Treasure’
Image Source: BraveMouse

Stream ‘Treasure’ here!

We’ve never wanted to dance to a track more than we do to ‘Treasure.’ The beat is so funky, and upbeat, and infectious. This is the first track we are checking out from Savannah Kovacs, but it won’t be the last.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Savannah Kovacs” song=”Treasure”]

Jeremy Zucker – ‘18’
Image Source: Jeremy Zucker via Instagram

Stream ‘18’ here!

We are suckers for new Jeremy Zucker music! He’s simply never missed with any track he’s released. ‘18’ sounds like it should be straight up on the soundtrack of a coming-of-age movie.

[apple_music_ad artist=”Jeremy Zucker” song=”18″]

Nessa Barrett – ‘Counting Crimes’
Image Source: Emily Sundberg

Stream ‘Counting Crimes’ here!

This TikTok star-turned pop-princess is at the top of her game. She is making such good music and building this incredible fanbase that will carry her throughout her career. ‘Counting Crimes’ will be staying on repeat.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track from this week’s New Music Friday? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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  • Treasure has got to be my favorite track on this list!!! The xylophone-y, punchy beat and rhythm is, in my honest opinion, cutting edge. We need more from Savannah Kovacs and WE NEED IT NOW!!

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