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June Music Wrap-Up: Lorde, Olivia O’Brien And More!

June Music Wrap-Up: Lorde, Olivia O’Brien And More!

Wow, what a month! June was chalked full of music from some of our favorite people in the music industry! From Greyson Chance to Lorde, we are here to cover it all! We hope you love these tracks and take as much from them as we have.

Greyson Chance – ‘Nobody

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Image Source: Broderick Baumann

Stream ‘Nobody’ here!

Trophies is a work of art, let’s be clear on that! Every track is a standout, but ‘Nobody’ is one we keep coming back to. This track makes us want to get up and dance like no one is watching.

Grady and lovelytheband – ‘The Idea Of You’
Image Source: whoinvitedgrady via Instagram

Stream ‘The Idea Of You’ here!

BRB, we are on our way to do a deep dive into every song lovelytheband and Grady has ever put out. This track is such a cool take on a more indie-pop sound. We can see this being played at festivals all summer long.

Brí – ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Brí” Song=”If I Wasn’t Scared”]

Image Source: Constance Vance

Stream ‘If I Wasn’t Scared’ here!

This track hit us so hard back when we first heard it. We knew we had to include this track here just so we could gush about it even more. And the music video?! Fantastic! We love when visuals match the track as perfectly as this scenario.

Claire Rosinkranz – ‘Boy In A Billion’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Boy In A Billion’ here!

Claire Rosinkranz is what’s next in pop music. Mark our words. If her hit ‘Backyard Boy’ wasn’t enough proof, ‘Boy In A Billion’ will convince you. Her way of experimenting with different sub-genres of pop has us hooked.

Jacob Whitesides – ‘Sex On A Friday’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Jacob Whitesides” Song=”Sex On A Friday”]

Image Source: Jacob Whitesides via Instagram

Stream ‘Sex On A Friday’ here!

It’s simple, if Jacob Whitesides is releasing a track, we’re here cheering him on. We love getting to see this sensual side of Jacob. It shows how versatile he is as an artist, as no two songs sound the same from him. We will be living for this absolute jam until further notice.

Lexi Jayde – ‘bedroom walls’
Image Source: Jess Spohr

Stream ‘bedroom walls’ here!

We love getting to discover new artists like this! Lexi Jayde is beyond killer and ‘bedroom walls’ is the perfect introduction track. This is the ideal song to scream the lyrics to or to cry to, whatever fits the mood.

Olivia O’Brien – ‘No More Friends’ feat. Oil Sykes

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Olivia O’Brien” Song=”No More Friends”]

Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

Stream ‘No More Friends’ here!

Olivia O’Brien doing a pop-punk song is straight out of our wildest dreams. We’ve had this song on repeat since Episodes: Season 1 dropped, and don’t plan on changing that anytime soon! Her voice mixed with Oli Sykes’ makes for pure perfection.

Ashley Cooke – ‘Under’
Image Source: Alex Ferrari

Stream ‘Under’ here!

We had to throw a little country into this mix! Ashley Cooke is one of the brightest shining stars in the next class of country singers, you’re going to jump on board asap. ‘Under’ perfectly follows the trope of country music telling a story so clearly, we can’t get enough.

Bleachers – ‘How Dare You Want More’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Bleachers” Song=”How Dare You Want More”]

Image Source: RCA Records

Stream ‘How Dare You Want More’ here!

Bleachers just make us so happy. It’s impossible to be in a bad mood while listening to their music. ‘How Dare You Want More’ is no different. It’s so upbeat and bright without being overly pop-infused, we’re so sure we will love this band until the end of time.

Lorde – ‘Solar Power’
Image Source: Republic Records

Stream ‘Solar Power’ here!

Can you say summer anthem!! We have been (not so) patiently waiting for Lorde to come back to us and revive the kind of pop music only she can make, and here she is! ‘Solar Power’ gives ‘Green Light’ a run for its money for all-time best lead singles, and that’s high praise.

Simone – ‘Girl Like Me’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Simone” Song=”Girl Like Me”]

Image Source: Camilla French

Stream ‘Girl Like Me’ here!

Simone is the moment. She’s taking us right back to early 2000s pop with this track. We haven’t been able to turn it off and keep sending it to everyone we know. It’s becoming a problem.

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FRANKIE – ‘Don’t Look At Me Like I’m Still Your Girl’
Image Source: FRANKIE via Instagram

Stream ‘Don’t Look At Me Like I’m Still Your Girl’ here!

We’re utterly obsessed with FRANKIE. Her super bright pop sounds have had us hooked since ‘Coping.’ This track puts FRANKIE right up with the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen when it comes to making pop perfection.

Taylor Bickett – ‘Just My Type’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Taylor Bickett” Song=”Just My Type”]

Image Source: Michaela Baker

Stream ‘Just My Type’ here!

Ever since we first heard Taylor Bickett tease this track on TikTok, we’ve been obsessed! It feels like the lyrics were taken out of our diaries, that’s how close to home they hit! We have spent every day since the release of this track screaming the words right along with Taylor.

Mallory Merk – ‘evol’
Image Source: Blair B Brown

Stream ‘evol’ here!

Mallory Merk is the artist missing from your playlists! She’s making such genuinely good pop music that you need in your life immediately. The concept of not wanting to write another love song so she calls the track ‘evol’ is genius.

Jonas Brothers -’Remember This’

[apple_music_ad Artist=”Jonas Brothers” Song=”Remember This”]

Image Source: Universal Music Group

Stream ‘Remember This’ here!

There will never be a Jonas Brothers song we don’t freak out over. That’s just one of the facts of life. ‘Remember This,’ specifically, makes us feel so warm inside. The track feels like a love letter from the guys to us, fans. We simply can’t wait to be screaming these words on tour, most likely while crying.

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We would love to hear from you! What was your favorite track released in June? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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