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It’s Finally New Music Friday!

It’s Finally New Music Friday!

It’s that time of the week again! We get to celebrate New Music Friday with all of you! We always love getting to deep-dive into the best of what’s new weekly in music, and it’s broadened our musical horizons so much. This week we have such an incredible mix of music spanning all genres for you guys! Let’s get into it!

Ali Comerford – ‘Come Home’
Image Source: Shane Hatton

Stream ‘Come Home’ here!

This is it, folks! ‘Come Home’ is the final single before we get Ali Comerford’s entire album, Knots, on July 29th! Upon first listen, ‘Come Home’ immediately resonated with us. There’s this internal battle between wanting to return home to familiarity but feeling like perhaps too much time has passed.

Brynn Elliott – Can I Be Real
Image Source: Atlantic Records

Stream Can I Be Real here!

We thought we couldn’t be more in love with Brynn Elliott, but then she released Can I Be Real. Ever since checking out ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty,’ we’ve been waiting for an entire project! The entire EP is incredible, ‘Tell Me I’m Pretty‘ and ‘Call Me Stupid’ are our standouts!

Man Made Hills – ‘Sunshine’
Image Source: Evergreen Entertainment

Stream ‘Sunshine’ here!

What more could we ask for than a song called ‘Sunshine’ as we get into the peak of summer! If you love artists like George Ezra, ‘Man Made Hills’ is for you! You just can’t help but smile and want to jump around while screaming the words to this track.

Adam James – ‘Sleep At Night’
Image Source: Evergreen Entertainemt

Stream ‘Sleep At Night’ here!

An upbeat track with deep lyrics that we can connect with more than at a surface level? Sign us up! This is the perfect venture into an indie-folk sound. We’re adding it to all of our summer playlists ASAP. Think of this track as giving off the same summer vibes that ‘august,’ by Taylor Swift, gives off.

Reuben Hester – ‘Time Of My Life’
Image Source: Echoism Music

Stream ‘Time Of My Life’ here!

If you’re on the hunt for a new artist to check out, Reuben Hester is a perfect choice! Hot off of the BBC Little Mix-The Search, Reuben is for sure one to watch! ‘Time Of My Life’ is straight up a banger, a must for all party playlists.

Callie Reiff & Kaeyra – ‘Heart Ain’t Safe’
Image Source: Tallulah PR

Stream ‘Heart Ain’t Safe’ here!

Collaborations between DJs and singer-songwriters will always pique our interest! That’s precisely what you get here with ‘Heart Ain’t Safe.’ When we see a track described as an “indie-club anthem,” there’s no way we aren’t going to add it to our New Music Friday. We can’t imagine going into a club this summer and not hearing this track.

Elle Winter – ‘Candy’
Image Source: Adriannerose Haliwa

Stream ‘Candy’ here!

Ok, we’re obsessed! ‘Candy’ is the perfect track for anyone who’s wanting to test the waters and listen to hyper-pop for the first time. You get the classic Carly Rae Jepsen-esque pop vibes, but then the electronic beat sneaks up on you. All of a sudden, you think about how this song could be played at EDC!

Tom Odell – monsters
Image Source: Sony Music UK / RCA Records

Stream monsters here!

It’s here! We’ve got an album from Tom Odell! With 16 tracks, this record is front to back a masterpiece. Every track is a home run. However, we can’t stop listening to ‘lose you again.’ It’s such a powerful song and showcases what an incredibly beautiful voice Tom Odell has.

mazie – ‘dumb dumb’
Image Source: Good Boy / Virgin Music

Stream ‘dumb dumb’ here!

If you love this track as much as we do, then you’re in luck! August 25th, Mazie’s debut EP, the rainbow cassette, will be released! This track, ‘dumb dumb,’ is the first single! Written the day after the horrific events of January 6th, ‘dumb dumb’ talks all about how the internet runs with misinformation.

Emma G – ‘Faith In You’
Image Source: David Wardrick

Stream ‘Faith In You’ here!

‘Faith In You’ is a smash! There is so much power in Emma’s voice that it almost catches you off guard. This track is the lead single off of Born In Crisis: The Stripped Soundtrack, which means this is just the beginning of what we can expect from Emma G! What an incredible addition to New Music Friday!

SACHI – ‘Down On Your Luck’
Image Source: Casablanca Records

Stream ‘Down On Your Luck’ here!

When asked about the track, the duo says, “We wanted to make something that felt emotional yet brought people to the dancefloor too.” With one listen of ‘Down On Your Luck,’ you can tell they hit the nail on the head with how this track feels. We will be playing ‘Down On Your Luck’ at the loudest volume possible until further notice.

Thom Kilroy – ‘Fly’
Image Source: Bitch Management

At its core, ‘Fly’ is a song about feeling free. It’s all about the art of letting go and having a whatever will-be, will-be attitude. This is the track you want as the soundtrack to a road trip in the countryside with the wind blowing in your hair and the sun shining.

Dominique Simone – ‘Sweater’
Image Source: Jenny Pitsillides

Stream ‘Sweater’ here!

Let’s be honest; we’ve all struggled this year. Lockdown has taken an irreversible toll on so many of us, but Dominique Simone was able to put it into words so beautifully. It’s always an incredible thing when artists can be this honest in a track. It makes for an even stronger relationship with the fans.

Kyle Dion ft. Ja Rule – ‘Placebo’
Image Source: Courtesy of ShoreFire Media

Stream ‘Placebo’ here!

Hearing we were getting a new Kyle Dion track this New Music Friday is exciting enough, but then he went and added Ja Rule to the mix! After the year we’ve had, ‘Placebo’ is the perfect track as summer gets into full swing. We can’t get enough of this addition to New Music Friday.

Future Perfrct Sound – ‘Got Nothin’ To Prove’
Image Source: Courtesy of Future Perfect Sound

Stream ‘Got Nothin’ To Prove’ here!

‘Got Nothin’ To Prove’ is the latest track off of Future Perfect Sound’s upcoming EP Everybody’s Going Nowhere Fast. You really can’t put this group in a box genre-wise, which this track proves with its blues-rock soundThe track sounds unlike anything else you hear in modern music, and we love it.

See Also

Inhaler – It Won’t Always Be Like This
Image Source: Lillie Eiger

Stream It Won’t Always Be Like This here!

It’s time to celebrate a debut album, everyone!! Your debut sets the course for the rest of your career, and Inhaler has set themselves up quite incredibly. It Won’t Always Be Like This is beyond what we could have hoped for. Every track had us becoming bigger and bigger fans of this group. Our standout track has to be ‘Cheer Up Baby.’

Bleu Clair ft. Jelita – ‘Have Me All’
Image Source: Insomniac Records

Stream ‘Have Me All’ here!

We will never say no to a good house track and love including them in our New Music Friday articles! It’s such an underrated genre, and Bleu Clair has mastered it. If a club isn’t playing this track at the loudest volume possible, we will be leaving immediately.

SCORPIO SZN – ‘No Inches In Between’
Image Source: Sierra Greenlee

Stream ‘No Inches In Between’ here!

We are always game for a track with 80s influence! Even on the first listen, we could picture ‘No Inches In Between’ fitting perfectly in so many of our favorite classic films. This is our official plea for more modern music to sound straight out of another era. We can’t get enough!

Nina Nesbitt – ‘Summer Fling’
Image Source: Wolf James

Stream ‘Summer Fling’ here!

Nothing is better when a song is bright and feels so good but has the most incredible lyrical content. That’s what you’re getting this New Music Friday with ‘Summer Fling.’ There’s no question that we will have this song on repeat all summer. It’s perfect for those summer evening drives.

Icona Pop ft. Vize – ‘Off Of My Mind’
Image Source: High Rise PR

Stream ‘Off Of My Mind’ here!

New Icona Pop? Don’t mind if we do! As expected from this duo, this track is an absolute banger! Having Vize on the track takes the song to all-new levels. We will simply be playing ‘Off Of My Mind’ at every party until the end of time.

Will Jay – ‘Please Don’t Get Any Older’
Image Source: Grandstand Media

Stream ‘Please Don’t Get Any Older’ here!

Let’s just get this out of the way, Will Jay has a one-of-a-kind, incredible voice. And when he sings along with a slower, piano-heavy song like this, those vocals shine. The message of this track and the internal battle of watching your parent’s age breaks our hearts and makes us think about the same.

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite track that featured here on New Music Friday? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Featured Image Source: Hailey Hastings for The Honey POP!

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