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Loki Ended With More Questions Than Answers, And We’re Not Complaining

Loki Ended With More Questions Than Answers, And We’re Not Complaining

Okay, the Loki finale was a lot, to say the least. Don’t get us wrong, we loved it, but now there are many more questions than answers floating around our heads. We thought we had questions after episode 3! Now it’s even worse. Pretty sure that’s exactly what Loki himself would want anyway, but we still want the answers. It’s probably a good thing that Loki has been officially renewed for a second season and that Tom Hiddleston has been confirmed to appear as the trickster in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, then. Maybe one of those will give us some answers. And even if they don’t, we should all be excited just at the prospect of seeing Loki, Doctor Strange, and Wanda Maximoff share the screen. The absolute power that this movie will have!

Now, on to our thoughts on the finale. Firstly, the character development Loki went through during the entire season was *chef’s kiss*, okay? Did that make us cry even harder at the ending? Yes, but we still loved it. Secondly, we nearly had about 15 heart attacks during this episode, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Loki was Marvel’s best series so far, there we said it.

***This is the spoiler warning for the season finale of Loki, if you cause a branch in the timeline by reading this before seeing the episode, that’s on you***

Tom Holland saying "no spoilers"
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The Story

The episode opened in The Citadel At The End Of Time, where Miss Minutes tries to convince Loki and Sylvie to give up on their quest with the promise of inserting them back on the timeline. Of course, that doesn’t work, and the duo is introduced to He Who Remains (who we still think is a Variant of Kang, the Conqueror, but that’s a subject for another time). He Who Remains spends the whole episode explaining that he’s the reason there hasn’t been another Multiversal War. Loki believes him, Sylvie does not. This conflict leads to both a greatly choreographed fight scene and Sylvie pushing Loki back into the TVA so she could kill He Who Remains.

By killing him, Sylvie allows the timeline to branch out, which will cause many problems for a certain sorcerer from New York. Doctor Strange takes a few days off and comes back to complete chaos, poor guy. But that’s something for future THP to talk about. Let’s get back to Loki’s story. The episode ends in a cliffhanger to rival any other in Marvel’s history: Sylvie is alone in the Citadel, Loki is stuck in a version of the TVA where a darker version of He Who Remains seems to have taken over, and no one remembers him, not even Mobius. We’re sad now. Why does Marvel keep taking away everyone Loki cares about? This poor God of Mischief deserves to be happy too, you know. How dare you take this from us?

Loki and Mobius hugging
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The Characters

The Lokis

As with any good character-driven show, Loki did an excellent job of exploring the different sides of each character, especially the title character, the God of Mischief himself. Throughout the season, Loki was forced to come to terms with his past actions and demons. He started the season, willing to punch his way out of the TVA and not to trust his own shadow. By the end of the last episode, we’re all in tears because Sylvie betrays him and Mobius no longer remembers who he is. Loki definitely sees himself in a different light now. No longer a god “burdened with glorious purpose” (or at least not just that), he’s more like someone just trying to do the right thing. The look on Loki’s face when he sees the consequences of killing He Who Remains will haunt us until season 2 rolls around.

Loki and Mobius's salad
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And speaking of the death of He Who Remains, let’s talk about the one who caused it: Sylvie. First of all, we love her, and she’s a great character. However, she still has some growing up to do. We get where she’s coming from, and she has her reasons to be angry at the way He Who Remains was handling everything … but her treatment of Loki was a little unfair itself. She accuses him of not being trustworthy, only to turn around and betray his trust in her. So yeah, she definitely needs to learn to trust people and maybe a thing or two about admitting when you’re wrong. With all that being said, we do hope to see more of her in season 2. There’s clearly room for growth just like there was for Loki.

The TVA Agents

Mobius, a.k.a. the first person to ever treat Loki as a person instead of just a villain, is kind of a huge question mark right now. His last words in the finale were “who are you?” directed at Loki, implying this Mobius doesn’t remember anything about this season, and now we’re sad! Loki’s first friend, the man who went against every lie fed to him for who knows how long, is back to square one. No memories, no purpose outside whatever version of the TVA this is. We are left to wonder, are those moments from season 1 lost forever, or will Loki be able to get his friend back?

Mobius saying "nice try"
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Judge Renslayer, what can we even say about her? She went from pawn, to villain to, “where the heck is she at now?” really quickly. But her final actions in the season set her up as a huge question for next season. Will she be on Loki’s side or go off in a quest of her own? We have no clue, but we can’t wait to find out. One thing we know for sure, though: she’s mad about being lied to for as long as she can remember, and that’s going to be her primary driving force for a while. And for some reason, we feel like Ravonna Renslayer being associated with Kang in the comics may influence where her story goes in season 2.

And finally, the fan-favorite, Hunter B-15. We’ll be honest, we weren’t her biggest fans initially, but she won us over. Most of all, when she came to Loki and Sylvie’s rescue. Multiple times, because she’s a queen. Last we saw her, she had also lost all memory of Loki and their adventures. She better get those back because we need more of her.

What Comes Next

With the confirmation of season 2 come lots of questions we’d like answered. And, since there’s nothing even close to an official release date yet, we can only speculate and list some things we’d like to see when the time comes. Care to join us?

Loki looking disappointed
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First, we’d love to see Thor reunite with Loki in a second season. We know it’s a bit of a long shot, but nothing is impossible for Marvel, so who knows. And since we’re talking family reunions, Loki getting the chance to see Frigga again would be nice as well. Yes, Loki needs to work on many aspects of himself, but who said he has to do so without support from the two family members who loved him the most?

Story-wise, the consequences of no longer having He Who Remains are definitely at the top of our list of things we need to see explored. There’s a literal multiverse of possibilities out there now! Could this mean more Loki variants in the future? Or even the return of the ones we’ve already met? We sure hope so because you can never have too many Loki’s. Another important thing that has to be fixed is Mobius not knowing Loki, okay? Their friendship is too good to not exist anymore!

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Loki hugging Mobius
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Speaking of Mobius, somebody better get this man a jet ski in season 2! And more information about his backstory too. Ravonna was shown to be working at the school, which is where the pen in her office came from. Now we want to know where Mobius was pulled from! We’re betting on a beach during the 90s where he most likely works with/has a jet ski. And if anyone could suggest having Mobius actually ride a jet ski, that’d be great too. Also, can we please know what the memory Sylvie showed B-15 was? She said she seemed happy, and then it was never mentioned again.

Last but not least, Sylvie better be in season 2. At the end of season 1, she’s where Loki was in the first Thor. She needs to learn how to trust others, and that’s only going to happen if she’s around longer. Plus, her dynamic with every single character was gold! And if Loki had the chance to overcome his past issues, Sylvie deserves that too. In conclusion, here’s a GIF to illustrate our feelings about Loki:

Loki yelling "another!"
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And those are our thoughts on the Loki finale. What did you think? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to hear from you.

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