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Liam Payne: The ‘Sunshine’ Of Social Media

Liam Payne: The ‘Sunshine’ Of Social Media

We all know the lows that quarantine brought to our lives, but there was a ray of light that helped us get through it with a smile. Liam Payne became our ‘Sunshine’ at the darkest times in the last year, and there are no words to describe how thankful we are for stanning him. There have been so many things, but let´s talk about the ones that made us feel closer to him!

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We Felt At Home With Liam At The LP Shows!

Liam started creating huge smiles, with the Veeps shows he did throughout the last year! Starting with The LP Show Act 1, we all enjoyed singing the stunning and talented tracks from his album LP1, plus some of the nostalgic ones from the good all days with One Direction, which made us scream and cry a little bit. It was so emotional!

The British singer went on to make us feel closer to him, with even more online show dates, such as Halloween and his birthday, which were full of surprises and guests. Plus, some of us even had the chance to share a Zoom with him! What an incredible experience! We got to celebrate Halloween with Liam, and he certainly put the “treat” in trick or treating!

The four LP Shows that we had the chance to experience, were unique and each one was so special. We still get goosebumps thinking about how amazing it all was…

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We Want To ‘Live Forever’ Next To Payno

Liam didn´t limit himself this time. Our dear ‘Sunshine’ became one of our favorite YouTubers at the beginning of quarantine, with the funny and super cool “#StayHomeWithLiamPayne” vlogs, which made us feel like we were besties with our fave.

Letting us know more about him, his projects, and some of his secrets, we became closer with him. He made us feel like we were under the enchantment “Leviosa,” cause we were floating around with happiness. We got to settle in with Liam, and watch him on our big screens, as if he was next to us; chatting about how his day went. We were laughing our hearts out together, and that was so needed!

We Are Keeping A ‘Polaroid’ Of Every Moment!

Besides making us feel closer to him, Liam found a way to make us be part of his inner circle – by creating a special Discord server for all of us! We got the chance to actually talk to Liam, as he pops in from time to time to check on us, and hypes up some of the fan art that people regularly share in his fan art Discord channel! We have been interacting with our king in ways that used to seem impossible!

Bestie, we feel the same!

Liam has been such a fun person to talk with! He even made us become little Sherlock Holmes’s, as he dropped some puzzles on Twitter, via FanChain, which led us to a treasure… Liam! Those who completed the treasure hunt, got access to hidden voice and chat channels on Liam’s Discord server, where we got to chat to Liam and get a cheeky little sneak peek at his upcoming single! Having the chance to hear from him and chat to him, has been one of the best experiences ever, and we cannot thank him enough for what he is doing to be near us!

Feeling ‘Familiar’ With Our Sunshine

Instagram needs to give an award to Liam for being their best user! Our ‘Sunshine’ has been interacting with us on his many live streams on Instagram, where we have had the chance to sing with him, laugh with him, and see his amazing artistic talent in action!

Sharing some of the live streams with other incredible artists such as Alesso, and our favorite Irishman Niall Horan at the start of quarantine, we had the chance to adore Liam and fall in love with him even more! And let´s not forget that some lucky fans had the chance to have an actual screen face to face conversation with Liam!

They say you attract what you fear… Uhh, having the chance to chat face to face with Liam Payne is so, so scary!

Stayin Next To Him Till ‘Midnight’

The laughs weren´t missing. Our favorite singer became the best person to make us smile during the hard times with the incredible videos he started posting on TikTok, becoming a sensation we all love! He made us laugh so hard that we forgot that we were in a global pandemic, even if for short while! His videos filled us with joy, and let´s not lie, some of them gave us a heart attack. Especially when Liam started doing some of the iconic trends that Directioners were doing at the time! No guessing what corner of TikTok he’s on!

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Let´s all come together and thank our dear and lovely ray of ‘Sunshine’ on Twitter, using the hashtag #ThankYouLiamPayne! We can´t wait to see him soon and hug him and stay like that for a long time! He has become the love of our lives! In the mean time, let´s keep streaming his songs and supporting him like he has been supporting us!

Don´t forget to stay tuned, cause ‘Sunshine’ is coming y´all! Reach us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop and tell us what has been your favorite thing Liam has done!

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Featured Image Source: Republic Records, edited by Paulina Vales for The Honey POP

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