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Five Songs By Gatlin You Need In Your Life!

Five Songs By Gatlin You Need In Your Life!

Are you always looking for new singer-songwriters to support? So are we! Our latest obsession is Gatlin! If you like artists like Maisie Peters, Taylor Swift, and Olivia O’Brien just to name a few, Gatlin is going to be your next favorite artist. Her relationship with her pen is top tier when we are listening to her music we feel like she’s ripped pages out of our diaries!

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We’re going to break down our five favorite tracks from Gatlin that can turn anyone into a fan!

If you love Gatlin’s music as much as we do you can catch her at a show by clicking here!

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‘What If I Love You’

We had to start with the track that makes us feel like we’re 19 and in love for the first time. The whole concept of finding the one and saying you guess you’re done for life, but then not having that be reciprocated, is heartbreaking. Even while the lyrics pack a punch, it’s hard to be too in your feelings with the beat behind this track, you just want to bask in the sunshine and scream the words.

‘Talking To Myself’

There’s a reason ‘Talking To Myself’ is Gatlin’s most popular song on Spotify. The track is pure pop excellence. With Gatlin’s soft vocals, and her unmatched ability to put her thoughts into the most beautiful lyrics, ‘Talking To Myself’ in itself can turn you into a fan.

‘I Think About You All The Time’

If you’re looking for a more somber track, Gatlin has that too! ‘I Think About You All The Time’ feels like genuine heartbreak put to music. There is something about the emotion in Gatlin’s voice that just exudes pain in the most beautifully tragic way. As people who’ve gone through wanting someone who hurt you so badly, this one hurts.

‘Cold Night In Brooklyn’

Let’s take it back to the second song Gatlin ever released. ‘Cold Night In Brooklyn’ seems like the tale of a girl who’s afraid of commitment. Gatlin sounds so unbelievably beautiful in this track, her voice is at its softest. Now we’re dying to listen to this track on an actual ‘Cold Night In Brooklyn.’

‘never been in love’

Sometimes, no matter how perfect someone is, the feelings just aren’t there on your end. It’s such a frustrating realization that nothing is there and that feelings aren’t developing. If you have trouble with developing feelings and making it past just having a crush, you’ll feel so seen with this track!

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