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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Jane Talks Music, Performing Live Again, And More!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Charlotte Jane Talks Music, Performing Live Again, And More!

We got some exciting news for you! Are you looking for a new obsession? Do you need new quality music in your life? Well, then we got the hook up for you! Charlotte Jane is making waves at just 22 years old! The English singer just dropped her new EP Refuge and last month the single ‘Loving The Light’ which hasn’t left out brain since.

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We had to wait two years for this absolute banger to finally drop but more on that later! We had the amazing chance to sit down and chat with the up-and-coming singer-songwriter and chat to her all about her music, how she grew up and touring. Keep scrolling to find out more!

Seeing ‘Loving the Light’ finally released after two years was so touching to see. The song has been with you for that time and it is such a healing and uplifting song. What does this song mean to you? Why did it take two years to finally be officially released?
Yeah, it’s been a real relief to finally put it out into the world. That song was written at a time where I was so determined to stay positive, I felt like I’d been relatively happy for a few months but could feel it starting to slip away from me a bit. This song is me clinging to whatever good stuff was left. I was originally going to release it last May but for obvious reasons, it just didn’t feel like the right time. I would have been a huge hypocrite if I put out a song with that message when I just couldn’t, for the life of me, find anything to be positive about. But I did listen to ‘Loving the Light’ a lot and it really lifted me up. I guess it may have done the same for others last year but now just felt like the right time. 

Back in July, you finally played live on a festival stage again. How was it playing Latitude and Standon Calling? What’s your favorite part about performing your music live? What’s your pre-show routine?
It was quite overwhelming! That whole weekend is a complete blur to me. It was the first time I’d been amongst that many people in a long time and it was both amazing and terrifying. I’ve struggled a bit with social anxiety the last few months, which I didn’t expect, so that’s made going back to shows a little more challenging but the shows themselves have made it all worth it. I always thought my favorite thing about performing at shows was getting to sing down a microphone but it’s very clear now that it’s the audience and their energy. Hence why I hated live stream gigs! Before gigs, I do 30 mins of vocal exercises, drink loads of water, and whack a bit of makeup on!

Charlotte Jane
Image Source: DediKATedpr

When you were eleven you were part of your local pop choir. How has this experience helped you with your music career? Any fun singing techniques you learned?
I was! I did that for 3 years and we performed at arenas all over the country. That really helped me come out of my shell and gain some stage presence. Before that, I used to look down, hide behind my long hair and not move a muscle. I also did a lot of BVs and that’s probably aided my studio work in terms of arranging and recording BVs on my tracks. 

As a child, you used to sneak on stage to support your grandparents while they toured Germany and Spain. What was that experience like? Any fun memories from that time? Do you plan on following their footsteps and maybe one day releasing a song in the soul genre?
I just adored watching them and desperately wanted to do what they did. They love music so much and you could feel it when they played. I just wanted to be amongst it, in rehearsals learning the songs or on stage if I could sneak up and play tambourine. I used to get very upset if they got to the end of their set and hadn’t played ‘Celebration’ by Kool and the Gang. I’d say most of my music that’s already out is heavily soul-influenced! 

Just when you found your footing and confidence at a young age, you had to move to Singapore with your parents. Moving to a new country is always a bit scary and new at such a young age, which we think is always hard to adjust to. How did this shape you as an artist? Have you taken any inspiration from your time in Asia and put it into your music?
I definitely found that challenging at the time and never really felt like I fitted in there. But it hugely broadened my horizons and made me grow up a lot. It also was the place I really got into songwriting so that’s a huge positive to take away. 

Charlotte Jane
Image Source: DediKATedpr

We truly admire your songwriting skills, you seem to get better with each song and it is so inspiring to see. How was it working with Toby Gad? And anyone else you’d love to work with?
Thanks, that’s very nice of you to say! I learned a lot from Toby, he’s a really incredible writer and he pushed me to be better. Working with other great writers is so invaluable, you take a little something away from each experience. I’d really love to write with Mark Ronson and also Chris Martin. They really intrigue me as creatives and I’d love to see what their process is like. 

You have primarily written songs for yourself. Are you thinking about writing for other people eventually too? Who would you love to write for?
I’ve done quite a bit of writing with and for other artists already just only had one cut so far. I really love writing outside of my own projects. It actually, in turn, helps me write better songs for myself. I’d love to write on a Rihanna record. 

Your 2019 EP Nowhere To Hide was all about confidence and touching people’s hearts with your voice. And with Refuge and ‘Get It Right’ you started a new chapter about being open and vulnerable. We, as fans, greatly appreciate how honest you are in your songs. What can you tell us what the next project is going to be about?  
I’ll have to write it first haha! I’m still working on what’s next and am yet to figure out exactly what it is. But I think both my projects have been pretty open and vulnerable so I’d say, expect more of that but maybe a bit more fun injected into it as well. 

Charlotte Jane
Image Source: DediKATedpr

We may have spent a bit more time on your Instagram than we’d like to admit but your sense of fashion is inspirational. Do you have any tips for us?
Really?! Hahaha, that’s so funny to me. I just love to be comfy and I don’t care what size, brand, or whether it’s men’s or women’s clothing, I’ll just chuck on whatever and then bung a load of rings and earrings on. I especially like finding huge second-hand jumpers and whacking a shirt on underneath. I think just wearing what you like and makes you feel good is the main way to find your own style. 

Speaking of fashion, the pink dress you are wearing on the Refuge cover and during the ‘Refuge’ music video is absolutely beautiful. Any special meanings behind the dress? How did you feel wearing it?
It’s actually the least ‘me’ thing I probably could’ve worn but that was kind of the point. It was supposed to represent the stereotypical bullsh*t idea of what is feminine and beautiful and I had a lot of fun wrecking it in swamp water and tearing it up on branches through the forest. The decay of the dress also symbolized how at the beginning of a relationship you want to show the best and most attractive parts of yourself but to really get to know each other you have to get a little bit ugly. 

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And at last, our playlist is naturally full of Charlotte Jane songs, but we were wondering what is on your playlist? Any recommendations? 
Giveon, Josie Man, Olivia Dean, Holly Humberstone, Matilda Mann, Jordan Mackampa, Jazmine Sullivan, Little Simz. They’re just off the top of my head but all my current go-to playlist. 

Wow, thanks for the recs Charlotte! Also Chris Martin you better team up with our girl, we are waiting for the banger to come. Well, we loved getting to know Charlotte Jane better so much, this chat was so thoughtful and inspirational. New, we are off to re-listen to the artist’s entire discography, excuse us.

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Are you ready to be obsessed with Charlotte Jane? What do you think about ‘Loving The Light?’ Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: DediKATedpr, edited by Afnan Acharki from The Honey POP’s Graphic Team

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