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Here Is How Harry Styles Is Doing Good On Tour

Here Is How Harry Styles Is Doing Good On Tour

As somebody whose mantra is “Treat people with kindness,” Harry Styles is an angel walking the Earth. With his beautiful heart, Harry has been helping a lot of charities, trying to raise awareness, shows that he cares about important matters with every chance he gets, and he inspires his fans to do so since his One Direction days. During Live On Tour, Harry Styles raised $1.2 million by his tour income from tickets to merch, and he has donated this money to 62 charities all around the world. It means, he doesn’t only light up the whole world with his smile, but also he takes action to change the world for the better.

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Just like Live On Tour, Harry Styles has plans for Love On Tour‘s income, too. We heard about some of them, but we probably won’t hear about the rest of them until the tour is over. However, from the moment he started to tour, he also started to make changes for the world and raise awareness among his fans. So, by the things we know so far, let’s see how Harry Styles is doing good while on tour, and appreciate his efforts.

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Climate Positive Tour With REVERB

REVERB is a nonprofit organization that believes the music industry has a huge impact on climate change, and they are trying to change this impact from bad to good under The Music Climate Revolution. To accomplish this goal and minimize the environmental pollution caused by festivals, events, or tours such as Love On Tour, they partner with artists. Of course, Mr. Harry Styles is one of the partners. He has been helping REVERB to fulfill their dream of a better future with less environmental waste since Live On Tour, and now with Love On Tour

In every venue of Love On Tour, you can see REVERB Action Village. In these stands, REVERB volunteers inform you about global climate change and how to make it better. You can also get Harry Styles Love On Tour reusable bottles by donating them, or you can fill your reusable bottles with free water at refill stations. Of course, REVERB also helps Harry, his tour crew, and management to reduce their environmental impact in the cities they go to. They also use reusable bottles, they have water refill stations backstages, tour busses, and caterings, they are recycling water again in the same eras. We are all familiar with post-concert venues full of empty plastic water bottles, this is exactly what REVERB and Harry are trying to avoid during Love On Tour

If you think it’s done here, you are so wrong. Harry and REVERB take it to another level and they collect dead batteries that harm nature a lot, they calculate tour carbon emissions and they collect toiletries that they didn’t use from the hotels they stay in, later donating these to local shelters. Everything about this project is amazing. We couldn’t be more proud of Harry for keeping his tour as green as possible, and of course, we are so thankful for all REVERB volunteers for their efforts. 

To learn more about REVERB and donate, you can visit their website from here.

Informing Young People About Their Power

Harry Styles doesn’t only try to inspire his fans for a better future by treating nature with kindness, but also he is helping HeadCount to inform his fans about a better future, democratically. From the moment we have met with his warm heart, Harry has been telling us to vote, and the importance of voting.

HeadCount is an organization that reaches out to young people and informs them why they should vote and how democracy matters, empowering them by making them realize their power and registering them as voters. Harry has been also partnering with them since Live On Tour, and continues this partnership with Love On Tour this year, supporting them to register voters and helping his fans to notice their value for their countries. 

To learn more about HeadCount and donate, you can visit their website from here.

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Donating Tickets For Important Issues

Harry has always been a great supporter of Red Nose Day of Comic Relief. He has a huge heart and he is not afraid to show it. As we all know so far, Comic Relief is a charity that helps people in need by founding a lot of organizations. For this year’s Red Nose Day, Harry donated two tickets of UK footage of Love On Tour. To win the prize, fans donated £10 for each entry, and the money that was raised has become a hope for people who struggles with homelessness, mental health issues, hunger, abuse, and more. The UK dates for the tour have been postponed but the winner still has their ticket with the happiness in their heart for being able to help people. 

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Local Shelters Are Important Too!

As an artist who has grown up on the road, nobody can be more aware than Harry about the fact that tours are bigger than people think, especially in the background. By big we don’t mean the crew that works for the tour, we mean how it is so easy for things to go to waste. As the most basic example, food. Harry thinks that it’s unfair there are still people struggling with hunger while there is a lot of food that is going to waste even on the tours. So, he has found the solution by giving all untouched, extra food from catering to local shelters in every city they go. We don’t know about you, but he makes our hearts so warm.

Image Source: Tumblr

You know the popular saying, “Not all heroes wear capes.” Well, Harry Styles is the proof. Since he stepped into the music industry, he has been changing lives. He doesn’t only save his fans every day, but also saves people in need.  We are so proud of him for every success he achieved, but we are especially proud of him for treating the world and the people in it with kindness.

What do you think about Harry’s golden heart? Are you proud of him as much as we are? Tell us in our comments, and over on TwitterFacebook or Instagram! If you want more Harries in your life, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive.

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