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What We Learned From The COLDPLAY X BTS ‘My Universe’ Documentary

What We Learned From The COLDPLAY X BTS ‘My Universe’ Documentary

On Sunday, BTS and Coldplay blessed us even more than they already had with the release of ‘My Universe,’ by releasing a short documentary all about the making of!

And if that wasn’t enough, BTS and Coldplay also gifted us two new editions of ‘My Universe’ – an acoustic version and the ‘Supernova 7 Mix,’ produced by Coldplay’s very own Guy Berryman! The acoustic version really allows all eight vocalists’ talents to truly shine, whereas the ‘Supernova 7 Mix’ adds more production for a psychedelic, galactic feel.

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They’ve Been Working On ‘My Universe’ Forever!

ARMYs thought we were ahead of the curve when we noticed that Chris Martin, who loves BTS, was in Seoul in April and started to connect the dots. Jokes on us! Turns out, by the time Chris made it to South Korea, the collab had already been in the works for eighteen months. Eighteen?!

As Always with Both BTS And Coldplay, Sincerity Is Key.

When talking about the group studio experience, Jungkook said “I saw Chris Martin close his eyes and sing along with such a happy smile. It was a genuine look that came from his heart.” Plus, J-Hope spoke about how Chris travelling to Korea and all of them creating the song in person together, added sincerity to the song. Both bands have championed honesty in music throughout their careers so it was amazing to see that play out in the studio so clearly.

Chris Martin Is As Impressive As Ever

BTS and ARMY were all so impressed by Chris’ dedication to this collab. Not only did he travel to Korea, but learnt the Korean lyrics for both the studio sessions and Coldplay’s live show. RM described Chris as a person “without prejudice.” Chris also explained the meaning of the song – it’s about love without borders, whether that’s geographical, political, or societal. We love seeing artists of this caliber celebrating both each other, and the whole world!

We Really Need To See Them All Play ‘My Universe’ Live

Ok, so maybe we knew this from the moment we first heard the song, but the documentary really hammered it home. The video cutting to ARMY and Coldplayer crowds, really made us emotional (especially that ‘Young Forever’ moment) and we’re not so patiently waiting for the day both fandoms are reunited with their favorite artists. In fact, we think the only people more desperate for an OT11 performance are Coldplay and BTS themselves! For now, we guess we’re just adding ‘My Universe’ to the list of songs we’re manifesting BTS play at Permission To Dance On Stage next month!

You can find the original version of ‘My Universe’ here. Plus here’s the acoustic version and ‘Supernova 7 Mix.’

And you can watch the documentary in full here:

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