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Our Favorite 8 Moments From Michael Clifford’s Streams

Our Favorite 8 Moments From Michael Clifford’s Streams

Michael Clifford is a singer, guitarist, songwriter, and – even though you are mostly catching us calling him “the boy we love the most in the whole world,”– a streamer. When the world started to battle with the COVID-19 pandemic and the whole industries, especially the music industry, stopped working their wheels, everybody had to find a way to cope with it in their own way. While two of his bandmates, Ashton and Luke focused on their solo music career and Calum took time away from social media and focused on himself, Michael decided to use his free time to do live streams on Twitch and stay connected to his fans. 

michael clifford stream
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Starting with a good cause, Michael Clifford’s first stream was a charity stream for Australian Fire Relief which he collected and donated $8000, he kept streaming after that and his streams have become our major serotonin source. There are a lot of reasons why we call Michael our comfort person at THP HQ and his streams are one of the biggest reasons. We could keep talking about how he makes us happy with those streams but instead, we will show you instead. Let’s check our eight favorite moments from Michael Clifford’s streams. 

His Marvelous Parrot Drawing

Michael has been playing a game called Drawy which is an interactive game that you can play with your Twitch chat. It means Michael stans are lucky enough to say “Oh, yes, I have played a game with my favorite human in the world. Multiple times,” and we absolutely adore him for that. He does everything possible to connect with his fans all over the world on his streams and we thought Drawy is the best explanation. HOWEVER, one of the most talented men in the universe is not so talented when it comes to drawing. Well, we don’t mind, it would be too much to handle anyway. Especially after his drawing of a parrot, there were no survivors. But hearing his adorable laugh for one whole minute was worth the pain we bore while trying to guess what it was. 

Michael Is A Goose?

Gather around, people. We are going to tell you the story of michael_is_a_goose username (even though he changed it now). It all began when Michael Clifford decided to play the game called Untitled Goose Game on his stream. It was August 4, 2021. Michael was so confused at first but little did he know, soon his gamer soul would take over and do a great job playing this… weird game. So, with the goose, he named Ryan Goosling with the help of a fellow fan, Michael started to complete the tasks and like he always does, he brought joy to our hearts by giving Ryan Goosling a voice, with his voice. And this is how michael_is_a_goose and one of our favorite moments from Michael Clifford’s streams were born.

Literally Every Moment South Or Moose Shows Up

Okay, we love watching Michael playing games so much but our little hearts literally can’t handle watching him giving love to his dogs South and Moose. Not a single moment we see him with his dogs failed to put the biggest smile on our faces and we are not even going to mention screaming “AW!” to our screens. 

The Grapes

Not to expose him or anything but did you know that Michael Clifford didn’t know he should wash grapes he buys? Well, he does now with a little help from his fans. But you should have seen his reaction when somebody said that he should have washed his grapes. We actually had to convince him to go and wash them before he keeps eating. This was one of the best moments ever in Michael Clifford’s streaming history. Well, at least we all learned something from this experience. Michael learned he should wash his fruit, and we learned Michael is still adorable even when he is grumpy. 

Whole Minecraft Stream

We have witnessed Michael Clifford playing Minecraft for the first time. I repeat, we have witnessed that. The Minecraft stream has been one of our biggest comfort streams ever since then and we are proud to say this. Even though he got so offended when he got killed by suffocation in the sand and never accepted to play again, it was an amazing experience. 

The 5SOS Stream

Things Michael Clifford did: THAT! Can you believe he gave us a 5SOS studio stream? He even tried to convince them, for us! This man and his band give us happiness nobody could ever give and we really appreciate them for that. The whole stream made our hearts warm since it was the first time we have seen the band together after a long time. However, if 5SOS thinks we are over that ranking that was dominated by their terrible taste, they are wrong. Come on, guys, we all know ‘Outer Space / Carry On’ is an S tier.

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That One Emotional Talk

We won’t even argue. Yes, we are crying and yes, Michael Clifford is one of the best people in the whole world who we should protect no matter what. Michael’s biggest reason for streaming is him trying to connect with us. With every stream, he is trying to remind us how much he wants to meet all of us just like we do. The best part about it is we know he would meet all of us and have a conversation with us if he could. Add that to your list of reasons why you should love him.

Reminding Us How Much He Loves Us

Last but not least is the moment that is our favorite, which luckily happens at the end of every stream by Michael. He always reminds us that he loves us so much multiple times before he goes offline. Hearing “I love you, guys.” from him is like a ritual now. He doesn’t only put the biggest smile on our face from the very first moment he starts to stream but also he is making sure that we go back to do whatever we will do that day with the same, big smile on our faces. This is why we think Michael’s streams give us so much serotonin we can’t even handle. So, even on the days he doesn’t stream, always remind yourself that Michael Clifford loves you so much and he appreciates all the love you give to him.

michael clifford stream
Image Source: Tumblr

What is your favorite moment from Michael Clifford’s streams? How many dark days did he save you from with these little moments? Tell us in our comments, and over on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! If you want more friends in your life to talk about Michael, don’t forget to join our Discord server, The Hive.


Featured Image Source: Michael Clifford via Twitch TV

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