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The Finesse Of FINNEAS Is Effortlessly Illustrated In The Optimist

The Finesse Of FINNEAS Is Effortlessly Illustrated In The Optimist


FINNEAS is an internationally acclaimed multi-hyphenate singer-songwriter, record producer, audio engineer, and actor. The American singer has written and produced music for various artists, including his sister and global sensation Billie Eilish. He won eight GRAMMY Awards for his tremendous work on Billie Eilish’s debut album When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

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Image Source: FINNEAS via Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1

As a solo artist, FINNEAS has released several singles in the past, as well as his debut EP, Blood Harmony (2019), which features his most successful song to date, ‘Let’s Fall in Love for the Night.’ He has now released his studio album, Optimist, via Interscope Records, that’s been hailed both by fans and critics. FINNEAS, born in a family of legendary musicians, has demonstrated his talent and finesse as a record producer, songwriter, and singer, and he is well-positioned for success. He is a musician the world needs- he is brilliantly talented, authentic, vibrant, innovative, eccentric, and courageous, all at the same time. He has won the hearts of thousands of people worldwide at such a young age, as he is not afraid to take risks.

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FINNEAS recently appeared on At Home With by Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1, where he discussed his new album, Optimist, music production, etc. Additionally, he talked about his fondness for Lil Nas X and his sister Billie Eilish, as well as his thoughts on the latest releases from Kanye West, Drake, and Baby Keem. According to the American singer-songwriter, Optimist is an introspective album that emerged from the depths of personal experiences. It was profoundly impacted by the pandemic as, like everyone else, he stayed at home the whole year, reflecting on life and things around him. The album illustrates how he thinks and feels, detailing all the Whys and Hows, rather than merely pointing at objects. The record embodies FINNEAS at his best as an artist and human, and he feels very comfortable with it. FINNEAS is recently enjoying the latest albums from Kanye West, Drake, and Baby Keem. Although he admires all these artists and follows their works, in his opinion, he chose the album by Baby Keem as a winner. As he said,

I’m not comparing, you know, apples and oranges. I’m not comparing those two albums to each other. I’m just enjoying the songs. I listened to both those albums and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I went on this long two-hour hike, listened to all of Donda, loved it. Listened to all of CLB on a flight, loved that! Then I was driving home from a rehearsal or something and listened to all of Baby Keem’s album and was like, this wins. If there’s a competition between these albums right now, I was like, this is the winner right now.


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We have fallen under the spell of Lil Nas X since his debut release with his exceptional talent, but after the VMAs 2021, we were swept away by his charisma and became his fans. FINNEAS is no different than the rest of the world as he attended the event alongside Lil Nas X and got all emotional after watching his performance. Additionally, the singer adores his unapologetic, fun personality, generosity, incredible talent, and he will always be rooting for him.

I think there’s something about what he’s doing that you can’t even believe that he’s the first one to do it. He is the first gay black pop star, rap star, artist to be this mainstream. I was just… I was so happy. I was very happy, and I think he’s very talented and he’s a really good guy, and he is working his ass off. 

FINNEAS on rooting for Lil Nas X

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FINNEAS is now dipping his toes into film scoring work. Recently, he scored a movie around Christmas called The Fallout starring Jenna Ortega and Maddie Ziegler and loved his first experience. Aware of his burgeoning interest and curiosity in the area, he has begun to consider more ambitious projects to delve deeper into soundtracks and scoring. Finneas is a self-taught musician who started playing music with his sister Billie Eilish and shared their magic with the world, from their bedroom. The pandemic and global lockdown forced everyone to stay at home, and most musicians set up studios at home. Finneas stated he did not have access to masterclasses like Louis Bell’s monthly classes or Charlie Puth’s tutorials, or any other resources for learning about the advances in music. Having grown up watching Praise Band YouTube Logic tutorials, he continues to pick up knowledge in any medium he can. FINNEAS explained that he and Billie are not trying to beat anyone in the music world. They are just trying to make what they love and play it for their fans. Every day, these two powerhouses are breaking and setting new records with their groundbreaking work. It is no surprise that they have earned so much worldwide recognition.

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One of the exciting things we discovered about our favorite artist is that he is an introvert by nature, which contrasts with his bold and powerful music attitude. He easily adjusted to the changing lifestyle during the pandemic rage, while staying at home and making music. He is still fascinated by the idea of talking to someone over a cup of coffee and learning about them and the surroundings over going to amusement parks, movies, or pubs with friends. Nevertheless, this pandemic halted every aspect of our lives, both personal and professional. We don’t have to tell you how severely the global lockdown affected the live music industry.

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Featured Image Source: FINNEAS via Instagram; Key Quotes: Zane Lowe On Apple Music 1.

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