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6 Things We Love About CL’s New Album

6 Things We Love About CL’s New Album

Everybody stop what you’re doing. Try to stay calm. CL, AKA the Queen of K-Pop, has finally dropped her debut studio album ALPHA! She produced this album under her self-managed label, Very Cherry. ALPHA is CL’s first full-length album as a solo artist following her EP project In The Name of Love in 2019.

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Image Source: CL via Twitter

We at THP have been waiting so eagerly for this release! ALPHA features a total of 11 songs with a variety of music styles, as to be expected from the best. CL is such a talented rapper and singer-songwriter, and we can hear how much effort she puts into each song. Here are six things we love about CL’s new album!

The Title Track

First off, let’s talk about what a banger ‘Tie A Cherry’ is! We love everything about this song, and it’s an incredibly well-chosen title track. CL’s flow and lyrics are perfect. She sings about building her confidence to the point where she can only trust her own vision. Only she can tell where she’ll go. And have you seen the music video visuals? Unreal.

Four Pre-Release Singles

Ever since CL announced this album in late 2020, she has released four pre-release singles: ‘Hwa,’ ‘5 Star,’ ‘Spicy,’ and ‘Lover Like Me.’ These tracks were enough to have us raving about ALPHA. And it makes sense that these four beloved songs started and ended the album. From R&B and pop to hip-hop and trap, CL does it all.

The Music Production Of ‘Xai’

Something about the music in ‘Xai’ is so hypnotizing. And we never want to stop listening to this song! CL sings about feeling in-between in one’s relationship. It may feel confusing, but it’s unpredictable and free when you’re in the moment. So just have fun and do what you want to do. You’ll find yourself soon enough.

The Trap Beat In ‘Paradise’

CL proves that, once again, she is the most versatile solo artist in South Korea. We can’t help getting lit to ‘Paradise’ and feeling like we’re in paradise too! The chorus is addicting, and CL‘s rap verses show off what a badass woman she is. We have no choice but to stan.

‘Siren’ Being Sung In English

Of course, we don’t expect Korean artists to sing in English, but we love it whenever they do! ‘Siren’ is about trying so hard to make things work with one person. You don’t want to give up, and you don’t want them to walk away. CL’s vocals take this song to the next level, and we will be blasting this song to get in our feels.

The Emotional Lyrics Of ‘Let It’

‘Let It’ is about letting go of the past and letting life take its course. CL reassures us that things will be ok as long as we stay true to ourselves as she does. This song was supposed to be sung by 2NE1, but Minzy didn’t get a chance to record her part due to her schedule. Our Blackjack hearts are crying right now.

CL has gifted us with a high-quality studio album, and the wait was definitely worth it. ALPHA comes out just in time, as she will be performing at the Head In The Clouds Festival in November. We’re so proud to be supporting such a unique and authentic artist. CL, you are the best! (Why did we make a 2NE1 reference if we knew we were going to cry?)

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CL's new album concept photo
Image Source: CL via Twitter

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Featured Image Source: CL via Twitter

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