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We Are Blooming With Love For Kito’s New EP Blossom

We Are Blooming With Love For Kito’s New EP Blossom

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Kito, the music producer and songwriter behind hits like ‘Bitter’ with Fletcher and ‘Steal My Clothes’ with Bea Miller, has released her new EP Blossom.

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Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

Featuring collabs with artists like BROODS, Jeremih, Winona Oak, and more, Blossom is an infectious, ethereal project. Blossom gives us a bright, sunny spot in the midst of fall and winter’s fast approach. After racking up production credits for artists like Mabel, Tinashe, BANKS, and Jorja Smith, it’s no surprise that this EP is alluring and polished, backed up by Kito’s lush dance-pop style.

Kito got the title Blossom from walks outdoors during screen breaks and likens the project to a bouquet of emotions, sounds, and stories.

“The word ‘blossom’ just kept coming back to me. It feels like the most female-energy music I’ve done. My goal as a producer is to keep working with amazing artists and push myself. I want to grow.”


In honor of the spirit of Blossom, we dove into the language of flowers to process our feelings about this EP. Let’s create the perfect Blossom bouquet!

‘Always Been You’ Is Yarrow

Image Source: orzeczenie via Gardening Know How

The EP’s opener perfectly encapsulates the everlasting love of the medicinal yarrow. Just by the title, the song’s subject is the epitome of everlasting love as the lyrics say – “I know we’re never good with timing / But you’ve always stuck around / And at the end of the day we / Never shake, never break…” There’s nothing better to represent devotion than a flower whose properties include wound healing.

‘Recap’ Is The Pink Camellia

Image Source: Kelly Spicer/Gardener’s Path

‘Recap’ features VanJess and Channel Tres and is a bouncy, catchy bop. With lyrics like “maybe I can make you change your ways” and “I just want you to fit my life / But the pieces are complicated,” this song carries the energy of the pink camellia, which means longing for you. Because sometimes you can’t help but long for someone, even if you know it won’t end well.

‘Skin & Bones’ Is The Gladiolus

Image Source: Breck’s

After receiving a triple j premiere in Australia, ‘Skin & Bones’ featuring Winona Oak garnered critical acclaim from multiple outlets. The dreamy vocals and club-ready beat make this one a standout on Blossom. The gladiolus flower that represents infatuation captures the repeated “everywhere I go, I think of you” lyric.

‘Locked On You’ Is The Zinnia

Image Source: Unverdorben Jr. via Garden Design

Zinnias represent thoughts of absent friends and lasting affection, which both emerge in this lowkey jam featuring BROODS. “I was chasing you ovеr the ocean / Had me drowning in my wastеd devotion / Oh believe, it was just my emotion / Oh baby, come and talk to me,” the New Zealand duo sings. Whether you interpret the song as lost friendship, romantic pining, or anything else, this evocative bloom conveys it.

‘Steal My Clothes’ Is Lavender And Candytuft

Image Sources: High Country Gardens & Eden Brothers

This banger featuring Bea Miller is a short track with a long-lasting impression. THP previously said “From the lyrics, to what a feel-good track it is, everything is A+,” and that definitely still stands. Lavender and candytuft, meaning distrust and indifference, respectively, capture the casual ups and downs of a youthful relationship.

‘Tongue Tied’ Is The Carnation

Image Source: Gurney’s

Carnations have many colors and varied meanings, but ‘Tongue Tied’ evokes fascination. “I could spend my life / Tongue-tied, caught me on your line (You) / Got so high, lost in time (You) / In your eyes…” croon American duo Terror Jr. Serving as Kito’s newest single, ‘Tongue Tied’ is relatable and sonically futuristic, perfect for blasting in the car.

‘Follow’ Is Lilac And Yellow Lily

Image Sources: Marisa DeMeglio via Wikipedia & Dutch Bulbs

Lilac carries the joy of youth, while yellow lily conveys the feeling of walking on air. Both of these sensations are evoked by ‘Follow’ featuring Jeremih. A euphoric closer to Blossom, ‘Follow’ feels like a night out with friends when the very air feels magical. It’s the twinkling of streetlights and the taste of something sweet, the sensation of holding someone’s hand and feeling like you’ll know them forever and going upside down on a rollercoaster. “High in the sky and I feel like I got wings again / Down with the vibes and you know I got you,” Jeremih’s vocals soar over Kito’s dreamy production.

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And there you have it – our Blossom bouquet.

Stream Blossom by Kito here and let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or on Instagram and Facebook!

Want more new music? We gotchu.


Featured Image Source: Elizabeth Miranda

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