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K-POP HOTSPOT: November 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: November 2021 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

‘Tis almost the season, everyone! The Christmas season is here, and we are ready! But before we get all festive on you, it is time for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts! That means it is time for THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! November was a treat, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as The Boyz, B.I, Super Junior D&E, ASTRO MJ, ONEUS, T-ARA, MAMAMOO Hwasa, Eric Nam, TWICE, BROOKLYN, TXT, MONSTA X, Sam Kim, EXO’s Kai, and Stray Kids.

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Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts that happened during November.


2021 really is the year for second-generation K-Pop idols! The kings of ballads 2AM are back after seven years with their fourth EP, Ballad 21 F/W, and we feel so nostalgic listening to this mini-album. The music videos for the two title tracks ‘Should’ve Known’ and ‘No Good In Goodbye’ look like they came straight out of a K-drama too.


Vixx’s Leo returns with a new single, ‘I’m Still Here,’ and a music video release. This is his first comeback since completing his military service and Leo’s voice is literal art. ‘I’m Still Here’ is a pop ballad about constantly thinking about someone after a breakup and being unable to stop. We don’t think he could’ve picked a better vibe.


Some of our favorite girls are back! Laboum has finally made a comeback after changing their agency and a resurgence of interest in their song ‘Journey To Atlantis’ earlier this year. LABOUM made their long-awaited comeback with ‘Kiss Kiss’ this month. The song is giving us all the refreshing and retro girl group vibes we were hoping for.


One of our favorite rookies finally made their comeback with a new mini-album RE:ALIZE and title song ‘No More X.’ And what a jam they delivered at the beginning of the month! The rookies are after a rebrand, finally growing into their own, and ‘No More X’ is making us crave for more.


If we wrote down everything we needed to hear right now, it would be all the lyrics to Huta’s (Minhyuk from BTOB’s) latest single, ‘Good Night.’ This ballad hits us right in the feels, and we can’t thank Huta enough for comforting us with his sweet vocals after a long and tiring day. We’ll be listening to this song before going to sleep every day from now on.


Victon celebrated their fifth anniversary with ‘Sweet Travel,’ a new song dedicated to their fans. ‘Sweet Travel’ belongs to all the songs that put you in a good mood, no matter what. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, they even released a playful music video with all of the members having a party and looking so happy together. What more could Alices want?


We can never have enough ballads in our playlist, especially not with all these November ballads. B1A4 does it again with ‘Adore You,’ a special single released before Sandeul’s military enlistment. Their angelic voices are enough to move us to tears. That is until we read the lyrics full of B1A4’s gratitude toward their fans and started bawling even more.


The newest KPop girl group Billlie have just kicked down the doors with their first release, the Billage of perception : chapter one. The mini-album consists of six tracks, their first fan track, ‘Flowerld,’ and their title track ‘Ring x Ring’ leading in the forefront. Let us tell you, Billlie really showed up and showed out for their first release, and we couldn’t help but become Billlie fans from the get-go.

lilli lilli

It is rare to see a new duo debut, and it sounds this good already! lilli lilli’s concept is super interesting, and ‘Barcode’ really has us jamming for days now! We cannot wait to see what they do next.


Universe is an app that keeps on giving! This month DRIPPIN were up for a new single release, and ‘VERTIGO’ gave us all of the 2nd gen nostalgia we have been waiting for. Those vocals are no joke, more of this please next comeback!


ICHILLIN’ are quickly letting the world know who they are. Following their debut release of the iconic, ‘GOT’YA,’ the group gifted all of us the wonderful ‘FRESH,’ and it was the breath of fresh air we all desperately needed. It is a dance track that we can’t stop dancing along to.


Brace yourselves, IGOT7s, we’re getting a solo album from Mark! His new single ‘Last Breath’ highlights some of his deepest feelings, and it’s so relatable. Mark sings about being in a suffocating situation for so long and finally realizing it. The lines “Usually don’t know how to handle these things / But I’m trying my best, can’t you tell?” hit a little too close to home.


Weki Meki never fails to come back with new refreshing concepts, and ‘Siesta’ is just that. There’s no way to explain how much comfort and serotonin this song gives, and the rest of the songs in their fifth mini-album are flawless as always. If there’s one group we can always count on releasing amazing and unique music, it’s Weki Meki.


The man, the legend Ha Sungwoon has returned! As a parting gift from his agency, he gave us the amazing ‘Electrified,’ and honestly, no one else does RnB as well as Sungwoon. We really hope the best for his future and that his new agency just supports his musical direction as much as his previous one!


You can always trust SF9 to deliver, and after their banger of a comeback with ‘Tear Drop,’ the boys are back with minimalistic: ‘Trauma.’ The chorus is super catchy, and the synth elements make this song extra smooth. Zuho really is the “male version of Venus,” and we respect that. Our favorite in the album has to be ‘Gentleman,’ what a banger!


All our prayers have been answered, and Yongguk rejoin the ‘Race’ back into our hearts! The former B.A.P leader released his first single after being discharged from the military, and ‘Race’ is true to Yongguk’s style, when rap and rock meet, you get something absolutely fantastic!


B.I.G is giving us chills as they take off with their “do you remember?”… because we feel those words close to heart! It’s been two years, and this single is nothing short of wonderful. A true ode to their comeback. We are getting a major ‘FLASHBACK,’ and it’s the sweetest kind.


Symphonic rock, anyone? Gaho has been taking the music industry by storm with his hit song ‘Start Now’ and this album Fireworks was highly anticipated by everyone, not just us! The two singles ‘Rush Hour’ and ‘RIDE’ teased how amazing this album would be, and boy did Gaho deliver! ‘Right Now’ has been on replay since it dropped and Gaho’s vocals and the bombastic arena-worthy chorus have us living!

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We couldn’t tell you how emotional Onewe’s ‘Star’ makes us. The lyrics are beautiful, the band’s instruments sound amazing together, and the music video visuals are so comforting. Onewe has never had a bad song, and their pre-release single ‘Star’ just proves that. We’re so hyped for their new mini-album in January!


November was the month of firsts for many groups, and that included girl group NiziU, who released their first full-length album, U. The original tracklist consists of 12 tracks, but if you were to happen to get version B (with the second CD), in total, you would have a whopping 19 tracks! After listening to ‘Chopsticks,’ the title track, we had a guess of what the rest of the album would consist of, and we were right. It’s bop, after bop, after bop. Our faves have to be ‘Poppin’ Shakin’,’ ‘Make You Happy,’ and ‘Take a Picture.’


GHOST9 make their return as seven, and we are getting ‘Think Of Dawn’ vibes. The boys are giving us all of the variety this year, and ‘Control’ has, for better or for worse, taken ‘Control’ of our lives! But the entire mini-album is one to enjoy with those amazing vocals GHOST9 always offers to us!


Ringing in the Christmas season TRI.BE gave us digital single ‘Santa For You,’ and their twist to it is everything! The song encaptures the true holiday spirit and gives us the signature TRI.BE sound! We love it and hope this is just the start.


We thought Chungha would never come back to us. The queen finally dropped a new single, and it is quite literally killing us! Chungha knows how to play with our emotions. She can break us and fix us right up again in the span of 3 minutes, and Chungha looks absolutely stunning doing it so as well. ‘Killing me’ is the power-pop dance song we have been waiting for!


cingnature are finally back after what feels like a century, and they brought us the bop of the century! Boyfriend is the minimalistic pop song we have all been waiting for. The vocals by cignature are more than real during this song and the visuals of the music video had us on the floor! Queens!

November was a real treat comeback-wise, and while December is bound to be much calmer, we have some bangers coming our way! What was your favorite comeback of November? Which one are you most excited about in December? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: The Honey POP Graphics Team – Emily Defoor

Words by: Selina Kuhn, Juu Luquin, Julie Dam, Valerie Valdez, and Augustina Carrion.

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