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WOOZI Shines With Solo Debut Mixtape ‘Ruby’

WOOZI Shines With Solo Debut Mixtape ‘Ruby’

Be still our hearts! WOOZI from globally dominating K-Pop group SEVENTEEN—dropped his first solo single, ‘Ruby,’ and we’ve fallen even more in love with his vocals.

Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

Not only is this the Vocal Unit leader’s solo debut, but it’s also an entirely English song written, composed, and arranged by the multi-faceted superstar himself. His solo debut smashed the metaphorical guitar, and we can’t wait to see more. 

Watch the official ‘Ruby’ music video and listen to his single on your favorite platform here.

‘Ruby’ begins with a beautiful orchestral overture before jumping straight into WOOZI’s sensational vocals with a drum and guitar hit, setting the tone for his stunning rock anthem before coming to a jazzy piano conclusion. 

“I’m not going back, go color me like you
My forbidden fruit, she got the ruby lips”

He compares the passion he feels for someone to the fiery colors of a ruby. The lyrics are sexy, smooth, and the perfect amount of daring. Along with the striking and vibrant visuals in the music video, this debut is a bold declaration announcing a new power-player to the soloist scene not just in K-Pop but globally. 

Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

‘Ruby’ Interview

An interview with WOOZI discussing his solo mixtape was released on the official SEVENTEEN YouTube channel. The interview titled [17:terview] EP. WOOZI: ‘Ruby,’ offers a unique insight into his process of creating the track from start to finish. “I just really wanted to reflect myself into the music itself,” he says while answering a question regarding the orchestral intro of his song. And by showing different sides of himself through this track, he’s given us even more to admire.

When speaking about his first venture outside of SEVENTEEN’s discography as the full group, he said, “‘Ruby’ is a song that answers the question of who WOOZI is as an artist.” And as an artist, he sets the standard high with each song he creates. 

This gorgeously crafted track displays the artistry and attention to detail he is well known for. His innovation and superb creative skills also won him the Best Producer award at the 2021 Asia Artist Awards. WOOZI has produced many hit songs for SEVENTEEN, and we were thrilled to see his talent and passion recognized! 

Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

We’ve got one thing to say: Hello soloist rock star WOOZI, we’re ready to hear every song you’ve been crafting in your studio. Bring it on.


Of course, we need to mention the music videos outfits as well. From a full red velvet suit to zebra print and Balenciaga, WOOZI rocks it all and looks good doing it. 

Recently, he also posed for Marie Claire. He serves up banger tracks, effortless style, and impeccable stage performances, there really is nothing on this earth he can’t do. 

It’s safe to say that WOOZI is a genius, pure and simple. From his track record of designing phenomenal songs to his precision on stage, he was born to shine under the spotlight and with his magnificent solo song ‘Ruby’ he blazes red hot.

Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

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His solo debut mixtape starts off what is sure to be a dazzling year for SEVENTEEN. Last year, they were established as “quintuple million sellers” with their last five consecutive releases selling over 1 million copies each. Yes, we said million

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of PLEDIS Entertainment

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