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This Is What A Clinton Kane Show In NYC Feels Like

This Is What A Clinton Kane Show In NYC Feels Like

Laughing and crying simultaneously is an interesting experience, one that everyone who caught the sold-out Clinton Kane show in NYC last week knows very well.

The lovely Lu Carter kicked off the show, taking to the stage with nothing but an acoustic guitar. Immediately, we were captivated. She serenaded the crowd with some of the most beautiful songs we’ve ever heard.

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After her set, you could feel the excitement in the air. With the house lights down and ‘Never Say Never’ by Justin Bieber playing, Clinton Kane danced his way on stage.

Performance Of A Lifetime

We didn’t think it’d be possible, but every single song somehow got even better live. Armed with two guitars, a loop pedal, and a keyboard, Clinton wowed the crowd with his incredible vocals. Singing every word as loud as possible, the crowd was captivated by the talent onstage.

We got to hear our faves, including the viral ‘I GUESS I’M IN LOVE’ and ‘CHICKEN TENDIES,’ along with three unreleased songs. Did they destroy us emotionally? Absolutely. Keep an eye out for what he’s up to this year, trust us. Inbetween the sad, Clinton did give the crowd a dance break with the “super emotional” ‘One Less Lonely Girl’ by Justin Bieber.

After playing ‘Too Much’ on keys, one of the new songs, even Clinton said “Well, now I’m depressed.” Everyone around us in the crowd (and us, who are we kidding) had tears in their eyes. He’s such a talented songwriter, it’s virtually impossible to not be moved by his music.

The crowd was having such a good time at the show that we begged for one more song at the end of the set. Seemingly unprepared for an encore, Clinton let the fans pick which song he’d play. When we never shut up about getting to hear ‘GO TO HELL’ twice in one night, you’ll know why.

King Of Banter

One of the best things about intimate shows is getting to interact with your favorite artists on stage. There was a lot of banter between Clinton and the crowd throughout the show. Like, a lot.

Apparently, despite the song title, Clinton doesn’t actually love chicken tendies all that much! In his opinion, wings are better (boneless ones are “for psychopaths” though). When invited for a dollar slice after the show by a fan, he also shared he doesn’t love pizza like us “little cheeky Americans.”

During the show, he fielded questions ranging from dream collab artist (The 1975, no hesitation) to the merch quality (absolutely incredible, BTW) to why he wears his watch backwards (“way sexier”). Clinton even stopped to talk to some fans on FaceTime and posed for photos while on stage!


  1. ‘hopeless’
  2. ‘I Wish I Could Hate You’ (unreleased)
  4. ’14’ (unreleased)
  5. ‘this is what being cheated on feels like’
  6. ‘Too Much’ (unreleased)
  7. ‘i don’t want to watch the world end with someone else’
  8. ‘fix it to break it’
  9. ‘GO TO HELL’
  11. ‘GO TO HELL’

We had such a wonderful time with Clinton Kane at his sold-out show in NYC and can’t wait to see him again soon!

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If you missed it, don’t worry. He’s hitting the road again in April – get your tickets here while you still can!

On a scale of one-‘fix it to break it,’ how heartbreaking is your fave Clinton Kane song? Tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and let us know!

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Gallery Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey POP

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