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These Are The Best Ways To Listen To Shawn Mendes’ ‘When You’re Gone’

These Are The Best Ways To Listen To Shawn Mendes’ ‘When You’re Gone’

We’ve only had Shawn Mendes’ ‘When You’re Gone’ for one day, but if anything happened to it we would wreak havoc on everyone and also ourselves. Okay, perhaps we’re being a little dramatic – we don’t think so, but whatever. We were anticipating this release and when we finally got to hear it, it did not disappoint. Talk about being worth the wait!

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You see that? That’s us, freaking out over this song.

Shawn managed to blend vulnerability and heartbreak together with an upbeat, high-energy track to create the masterpiece that is ‘When You’re Gone.’ On first listen, if you weren’t paying attention to the lyrics, it would sound like a fun, upbeat track. But if you pay closer attention to what he’s saying, you get hit with all the feelings.

“I don’t wanna know what it’s like when you’re gone for good
You’re slipping through my fingertips
A little bit by a little bit
I didn’t know that loving you was the happiest I’ve ever been 
So I’m just trying to hold on” 

That kinda hurt a little bit, ngl. We’re not sure what Shawn Mendes put in ‘When You’re Gone’ but we can’t stop listening to it. The vocals are stunning, the lyrics hit you where it hurts, and it just makes us want to scream and dance along.

That got us thinking, what would be the best ways to listen to this song? Here’s what we came up with:

Driving Down The Freeway

Whether you’re a solo car karaoke fan or prefer to have mobile jam sessions with your besties, we think ‘When You’re Gone’ is the PERFECT song to blast when you’re driving down an empty freeway with the windows down. Sunset feels like the appropriate time. Don’t ask us to elaborate, we’re right.

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During A Karaoke Session

‘When You’re Gone’ is one of those songs you just have to scream along to when the chorus hits. What better way to have a healthy outlet for your emotions than by screaming along to your favorite songs into a microphone? We can’t think of one, but if you do, let us know.

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Lying On The Floor

Does the beat match lying on the floor? Maybe not, it kinda makes us wanna dance. But if you’re going through it thinking about that one person that makes this song unfortunately too relatable, sometimes you need a good jam session from the floor. Therapy: expensive. Screaming this song from your floor: free. It’s economics. (Is it? We’re writers, don’t ask us.)

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Live In Concert

This is one of our personal favorite ways to enjoy songs. Nothing beats the feeling of screaming your favorite lyrics to your favorite artist when they’re live in front of you. Lucky for us, Shawn Mendes is kicking off his Wonder: The World Tour soon and you know we’re ready. You can grab tickets here if you haven’t already and get ready to sing along to ‘When You’re Gone.’ We have a feeling it’ll end up on the setlist! (Shawn, if you see this: please).

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You can stream the song here with whichever method you prefer. What do you think of ‘When You’re Gone?’ What’s your favorite way to listen to music? Let us know in the comments below or drop us a line on Twitter!

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