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5 Songs By Girls’ Generation That Your Playlist Needs

5 Songs By Girls’ Generation That Your Playlist Needs

If you are a veteran K-pop stan like us THP, you would know that before groups like BTS and Blackpink were popular, there was Girls’ Generation (or SNSD to some). It was one of the girl groups back then in the 2nd gen of K-pop. These girls were giving us certified bops, many songs which still hold up today! And as such, whether you’re a long-time fan or a newbie to K-pop, we’re giving you five songs by Girls’ Generation that your playlist needs asap! 

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‘Gee’ is a classic! Why wouldn’t you want to add this to your playlist? If the K-pop community needed an official anthem, then this song would be it. For one, ‘Gee’ is just frankly a super catchy song with a beat that just makes you break into a smile. Also, the song itself is really nostalgic as it has all the members on the track before Jessica left. We guarantee that you’ll be hitting that replay button over and over again with ‘Gee.’


Ah, yes, another iconic hit from this group. It’s a bit more experimental than their previous songs, but nevertheless, it’s a masterpiece. It’s not your typical love song, as it has some twists and turns in it that we wouldn’t spoil here. The song is energetic, with the musical elements of dubstep that was popular back in the day, though its usage doesn’t date the song. Oh, far from it!

Plus, the vocals are amazing, especially when it comes to Tiffany’s and Taeyeon’s solos. The hook is honestly so catchy that, just like Jessica says, you’ll be bringing it back to 1:40 just to dance to this some longer.

‘Lion Heart’

‘Lion Heart’ is giving what it needs to give. We love the 50s inspired beat, and we know you’ll love it too! This song is rather cute, and so is the music video they do, which you should totally watch too! To be honest, the vibes this song gives us fit in perfectly with an enemies-to-lovers type show or movie. It does not only give your playlist something sweet, but it’ll be great to listen to while writing some fanfics.

‘Dancing Queen’

If you still want more old-school vibes from Girls’ Generation, then we present you with ‘Dancing Queen’ If the 60s inspired beat and vocals sound familiar, it’s because ‘Dancing Queen’ was actually a remake of Duffy’s ‘Mercy’ in 2008. Actually, fun fact: ‘Dancing Queen’ was supposed to be released on the Gee mini-album in 2009 but ended up being released on the I GOT A BOY album instead. Either way, you’ll be blessing your playlist by adding this playfully funky song.

‘One Last Time’

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Okay, this song is admittedly a bit slower than the rest of the songs we suggested here. However, we argued it still deserves a spot on your playlist. ‘One Last Time’ hails from Holiday, the album which celebrates Girls’ Generation’s tenth anniversary since their debut in 2007. The song makes for a rather bittersweet listen, as it’s the last song they did together as a group before going on indefinite hiatus. So, it is sort of their ‘One Last Time’ of being together, unless they end up making a comeback.

Really though, we recommend adding this song. Every member gets to shine in this piece. And it’s almost like the members are singing to comfort you in a way. Yes, it is ‘One Last Time’ but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s goodbye. More like a “see you later.”

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Image Source: Tenor

That’s a wrap! No need to thank us for making your playlist more awesome than before! You now have plenty of unskippable songs for the queens of K-pop Girls’ Generation. Think we missed some iconic songs from Girls’ Generation? Well, don’t be shy! Tell us which in the comments below. Or better yet, let us know over at our Twitter or Instagram!  

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