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How Camila Cabello Celebrates Both Chosen And Blood Family On Familia

How Camila Cabello Celebrates Both Chosen And Blood Family On Familia

We have ‘No Doubt’ about it – Camila Cabello dropped some of her best work to date with the intricately vulnerable Familia! The album explores her life over the past few years through a familial lens, including her blood family, her chosen family of friends, and her romance with someone she thought would always be her family. 

With 12 tracks including the buzzy singles ‘Don’t Go Yet’ and ‘Bam Bam,’ Familia is a sonic rollercoaster in the best ways possible. Camila pays homage to her Cuban heritage with the album’s Latin influence, all while basically handing us her diary in audio form. We’re obsessed with the album’s concept and how she manages to tie it all together with the family theme, so let’s take a closer look at the way she does it!

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‘Celia’ is a Spanish love song that sees Camila falling for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish or quite understand her family traditions, though he makes an effort and wants to learn about her Cuban roots. Since it’s in Spanish, it almost feels like we as the listeners are part of Camila’s blood family as she’s introducing us to a new guy in her life. It even has some involvement from her real-life familia, specifically her younger cousin named Caro, who sings on the post-chorus! 


On this mid-tempo collab with WILLOW, Camila touches on her insecurities and how they’ve impacted her relationships – including her family, her friends, and even her former bandmates in Fifth Harmony. It gives us a new, more vulnerable side of Camila and we once again get to feel like we’re part of her inner circle as she expresses her worries.

‘Bam Bam’

Camila once again joins forces with Ed Sheeran for ‘Bam Bam,’ a post-breakup reflection on how Camila and her ex have changed over the years and her newfound independence as she shrugs off the pain with a simple “así es la vida” (“that’s life”). Even though she thought this person would be in her life and familia forever, she’s come to accept that it simply wasn’t meant to be and dances her way into the future.

‘La Buena Vida’

The energetic guitar-driven track ‘La Buena Vida’ sees Camila recognizing the emptiness in a relationship, where she wakes up alone and seems to be the only one putting in effort. The song offers a sharp contrast from the idea of Familia, one of love and comfort with those you’re closest with. 

And can we talk about the stunning Spanish lyrics on the bridge, which pretty much sum up the album’s main theme? She sings “En la vida, lo que importa es el amor que nos llena el corazón. Lo demás viene y se va,” which translates to “in life, what matters is the love that fills our heart. The rest comes and goes.” 

‘Boys Don’t Cry’

With ‘Boys Don’t Cry,’ Camila aims to support someone in her life who’s struggling with the fears and insecurities in their head, as well as memories of their past. It showcases her caring side and the heart that’s at the center of Familia, both the album and literal families. The kind of vulnerability she describes on this song shows what a supportive relationship should be about!

‘No Doubt’

Camila worries that her biggest fears are coming to life on ‘No Doubt,’ a raw track about her insecurities that the person she loves will find familia in someone else and abandon her. It shows off the dark side of such a deep connection and we love that she displays the duality of it! Romance can leave us either fulfilled or hurting, and we see a bit of both on Familia

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Camila sends love to her home country of Cuba with ‘Lola,’ a song detailing how government censorship can suppress creatives and affect young people’s futures. It’s a beautiful tribute to those who can’t live the lives they’ve dreamed of because of external circumstances, and we hope it inspires change where people are suffering!

‘everyone at this party’

Camila explores the complications of sharing a chosen family with a lover on ‘everyone at this party,’ where she simultaneously hopes to run into her ex and dreads it at the same time. She asks their mutual friends if he’ll be at the same party as them and isn’t sure which answer she really wants to hear, and we love that the lyrics perfectly capture that post-breakup confusion. It shatters our hearts with every line!

So there we have it! Familia is a stunning exploration of family, Camila’s Latin roots, and what happens when someone you always viewed as your family and future leaves your life. We feel so blessed that Camila poured her heart out like this and can’t wait to see what comes next in the Familia era.

What are your favorite tracks from Familia? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! But ‘Don’t Go Yet,’ check out more Camila Cabello content right here!


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