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New Music Weekly: Role Model, Maude Latour, and More!

New Music Weekly: Role Model, Maude Latour, and More!

We are once again back with a New Music Weekly wrap-up for you! We’ve got an incredible lineup this week, with the new Role Model album and so many incredible singles and EPs! Let’s jump into it!

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Taylor Bickett – ‘Zodiac Sign’

We can’t help but sing Taylor Bickett‘s praises after listening to ‘zodiac sign.’ Taylor has this way with words that is hard to come by, you can tell you’re getting an honest look into her head and the experiences she has had. ‘zodiac sign’ touches on a subject so many of us are guilty of, ignoring red flags because things feel so good at the moment.

Listen to ‘Zodiac Sign’ here!

Peach Martine – ‘Romeo & Juliet’

Peach Martine bringing back the pop-rock sound we loved from the early 2000s? Yes, please! From our initial listen, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ is an instant favorite and has made us stans!

We can’t get over the line “we’re the kind of legends Shakespeare could use,” unreal.

Listen to ‘Romeo & Juliet’ here!

MONOWHALES – ‘New Threads’

We’re giving you a new group to obsess over this week on New Music Weekly. Allow us to introduce you to MONOWHALES! If you’re a fan of groups like Wallows, then you’re going to love their newest track, ‘New Threads.’ It’s the exact lane of indie-pop-rock that we can never get enough of.

Listen to ‘New Threads’ here!

Caleb Kopta – ‘Heart Attack’

Caleb Kopta has officially captured our hearts. ‘Heart Attack’ is being added to all of our playlists for the summer days that lie ahead immediately. The beat makes the track the perfect song to drive around blasting with the windows down. We have a feeling you’ll be hearing a lot more of the name Caleb Kopta.

Listen to ‘Heart Attack’ here!

David Guetta, Becky Hill, and Ella Henderson – ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’

It’s no secret that if David Guetta is involved in a track, it’s about to be the ultimate song for a night out. David Guetta never misses. And the addition of Becky Hill and Ella Henderson? Unmatched. You’re going to hear ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’ everywhere, all summer long.

Listen to ‘Crazy What Love Can Do’ here!

Cade Hoppe – ‘Morphine’

The raw emotion in this track and the breathtaking vocals combined have us in a state of full-body chills. We’re also in a state of knowing we will be crying to this song in the shower sometime soon. ‘Morphine’ is hitting us hard. Especially the line “finding solace in the temporary pain.” Ouch.

Listen to ‘Morphine’ here!

Maude Latour – ‘Lola’

Our pop princess Maude Latour is here with another absolute smash, ‘Lola.’ This track stems from the love you have for your friends and showcases how powerful that love can be, and how strong the desire to protect them can be. We are utterly obsessed.

Listen to ‘Lola’ here!

Alison Wonderland – ‘Forever’

Alison Wonderland is no stranger to New Music Weekly, she’s a favorite of ours. ‘Forever’ feels otherworldly, like electronic music, meets a head in the clouds state of pop music. We have to say, this may be our favorite Alison Wonderland song yet.

Listen to ‘Forever’ here!

See Also

Matteo Bocelli and Sebastián Yatra – Until She’s Gone

This EP puts us in such a serene state of mind. The vocals are beyond stunning, and the music is so peaceful. This pairing of Matteo and Sebastián is beyond anything we could have expected, this is pure gold.

Listen to Until She’s Gone here!

Role Model – Rx

The album is finally here, and we will never shut up about how much we love Rx. Front to back, you have an album that proves what an incredible artist Role Model is. We need everyone to jump on board and give this record the praise it deserves. ‘die for my bitch’ is our standout track, we can’t turn it off.

Listen to Rx here!

The Knocks ft. Donna Missal – ‘Bang Bang’

If The Knocks and Donna Missal want to make an entire album together, we will gladly support that. What an incredible pairing. We have already used this song as a backing track to dance around our rooms having the time of our lives, and we know this won’t be the last time.

Listen to ‘Bang Bang’ here!

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We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite project featured on this week’s New Music Weekly? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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