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BTS Are In Las Vegas For PTD And ARMY, Before Anything Else

BTS Are In Las Vegas For PTD And ARMY, Before Anything Else

BTS are back on stage where they belong, and PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: LAS VEGAS has kicked off with a bang! Following on from the PTD shows in Los Angeles and Seoul, Las Vegas is the next city to face Bangtanification, and this time, they’ve really stepped it up to the next level! From cafes serving BTS’ favorite food to post-concert after-parties on The Strip, Las Vegas is being well and truly borafied.

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It’s been an up-and-down week for BTS and ARMY, filled with the highs and lows of an iconic ‘Butter‘ GRAMMYs performance, followed by them not winning their nomination for Pop Group/Duo Performance, then the excitement for these PTD shows brewing not just in Las Vegas, but all over the world.

Namjoon For President

One of the things we love about Namjoon (AKA RM) is his eloquence, and that really shone in a city full of lights during their first show on Friday night. He gave one of his best speeches ever during BTS’ ending ment, where he addressed so many things from BTS and ARMY’s unique relationship, to their artistry, to the pressure that outsiders try to put on them.

BTS’ philosophy is one that the whole world should take note of. They prove time and time again that they’re in this for the right reasons. No wonder why they have the fanbase that they do! It’s well established that BTS are some of the hardest-working artists in the industry – just look at Jin with his multi-colored cast as he performs whilst in recovery from hand surgery. Not to mention Jungkook and j-hope have just recovered from Covid, and it’s only been a couple of months since Jimin had his appendix removed.

Regardless of what outside voices have to say, BTS are self-made artists. Having said that, their ability to use criticism as motivation, and reassure both themselves and ARMY of their purpose and goals, is truly remarkable.

Here at THP, just like BTS, we’re only interested in celebrating the good things, and when you stan BTS, there are a lot of great things to celebrate!


And the very best thing about this weekend? We’re nowhere near done with PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: LAS VEGAS yet! We’ve still got two more shows on the 15th and 16th, and Sin City will be lit up purple for yet another week!

One of the most delightful things about PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: LAS VEGAS has been seeing BTS’ long-held dreams of a citywide takeover finally realized after a long two years. There’s so much to do that honestly, we’re wondering if Vegas ARMYs will even have the time to do it all. BTS stay spoiling us.

From BTS-themed rooms (and exclusive photocards!) in eleven different hotels, to BTS-themed fountain shows at the Bellagio. (Can you see there’s a pattern with “BTS-themed?”). Then there are art and photography exhibitions across the city dedicated to BTS and the PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE series.

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Image Source: @BTS_bighit on Twitter

Can’t make it to Vegas? Don’t worry. The finale of PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE: LAS VEGAS will be live-streamed globally, and you can find the details of that here!

Somehow we’re only three-and-a-bit months into 2022, and it already feels like BTS, and ARMY, have achieved so much. We’re so happy to see BTS’ dreams of a ‘borafied’ city come to life, and we know it’s just another in the long list of BTS’ dreams come true.

What has been your favorite moment from the first weekend of PTD Las Vegas? Anything in particular that you’re manifesting for week two? Let us know all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more BTS in your life? Anything for you!


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