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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: VERIVERY Take Us ‘Undercover’ Into Their First Full Album

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: VERIVERY Take Us ‘Undercover’ Into Their First Full Album

VERRERs, have you been freaking out as much as we have because of VERIVERY’s first full album? Well, SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE], is an album certified full of bops, that’s all we can say. We have been eagerly following the rookie group, which debuted under Jellyfish Entertainment and have loved to see them grow into their own. This first full album really feels like a milestone in their career and is setting them up for greatness. We just know

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The album offers us, besides the super cool and atmospheric title ‘Undercover,’ various new sides and colors of VERIVERY. Honestly, the second half of the album brings the party home and we are here for it. We love each of these songs and can’t possibly choose a favorite! (No we won’t! Do not force us!)

Well, VERRERs let us tell you we have more for you. We had the incredible opportunity to sit down and talk to VERIVERY, yes actually sit down face to face (well through Zoom but we were still freaking out) and ask VERIVERY some questions about their album, VERRERs and so much more. We still cannot believe how sweet these guys are and if we weren’t big VERRERs before we sure would be now!

Without further ado let’s get into it!

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Hi, boys! We got to interview you in March 2021 about Road To Kingdom and ‘Get Away.’ How do you feel you’ve grown as a group since then?
HOYOUNG: As a group, I think we bonded more together, our teamwork has grown a lot since Road To Kingdom because we stayed together for a long time, and since we went together on the US tour and went to so many different places together we are much stronger as a team.

Talking about the tour, you were one of the first groups to hit the road again for a tour in America. What was it like to tour again?
HOYOUNG: It was a bus tour and it was the first time we could sleep on the bus. So we played lots of games together like mobile games. It was a lot of fun.

We are hyped for VERIVERY and their first full album blowing us away. How was it recording the songs? Who takes the longest in the recording booth?

*Everyone unanimously points at YEONHO*

DONGHEON: Maybe Yeonho because he is the main vocalist so he records for a very long time.
HOYOUNG: He records the chorus as well.
YONGSEUNG: Yes and the adlibs!
HOYOUNG: Yes like all the details he and Gyehyeon take a long time!

*furious nodding from everyone including us*

Your latest single ‘O’ gave us a mature sound and deep meaning. We all feel that darkness at times – But what brings you light at times like those?
DONGHEON: Maybe our fans VERRERs!

*all of the other boys exclaim a cheerful and agreeing yes*

DONGHEON: They always support our team.
HOYOUNG: They give us strength and they are like family. They might be far away but they are always with us. Also our friends, family, company and our team.

*Everyone awes and is touched but suddenly we are invited to join VERIVERY as well we said we are already their biggest fans so we are happy to support them that way!*

Your upcoming album is your first full one after you started this series. How was the approach to this full album different? What do you hope Verrers take away from this album?
YEONHO: With this new full album we did many different songs and you can see new colors and old colors of VERIVERY in those songs. We want to show new and different sides to VERIVERY.

We’ve all seen your dance practice video (and tried it ourselves, no we won’t show you) – Who picks up the choreo fastest in rehearsals, and who messes up most? Bonus points for details!
HOYOUNG: Our title choreography was difficult – probably the hardest we had so far – so all of us took a long time to pick it up. However, Yongseung and Dongheon picked it up the quickest, and usually, Yeonho takes the longest to pick up new choreography.

Looking at ‘Undercover’ we get to see every side of VERIVERY; raps and vocals. Which part would you love to switch with a member?
DONGHEON: I want to switch with Hoyoung, his part at the end! That part is so good, I love it!

The members participated in writing the lyrics for your b-sides for ‚the album. Did you sit down and write lyrics together or did each member write lyrics on their own and later weave them into one story? Tell us about the creation of the track.
YEONHO: When we each write the songs we usually write about four and then they either go up on SoundCloud or they go onto the album.
GYEHYEON: We sometimes write them together or separately it depends.

‘Our Spring’ is a bittersweet love song that talks about looking back and wishing you confessed your feelings before it was too late. If you could time travel to the past, what would you change or do differently?
DONGHEON: In the past I was lazy and I would like to change that.

*Everyone laughs, we can relate though who wasn’t lazy during their teens?!*

So your group name is VERIVERY. What’s something you feel like you do veri, very well in your music?
DONGHEON: I think it’s our stage performances!
HOYOUNG: And our practices we always do well in those!
GYEHYEON: We also think we are great at communicating with our fans. That’s very important to us.

Your stage outfits never fail to blow us away, is there any outfit you liked the most and would like to wear again? What clothes do you feel the most comfortable in? Any fun malfunctioning stories where your stage outfits malfunctioned?
YEONHO: When I am dancing I like to wear something like an oversized suit that’s probably the most comfortable. And sometimes there are shoes that are slippery, so I once almost slipped on stage.

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You always seem so in sync with each other, from the music and choreo, to your energy on stage. The closeness of VERIVERY always shines through – but if you had to embody another member for a day, who would you choose, and what would you do?
DONGHEON: I want to switch with Kangmin because he is our youngest member and I want to get his power since I am weak.

We know how important your fans are to you, and we’ve seen how loyal and passionate they are. In return, you met some of them at your fanmeeting in Korea! But we want to know if there’s one moment that sticks out for each of you, with your fans?
DONGHEON: I loved the slogan event at the fanmeeting!
YONGSEUNG: One of the most memorable moments to me was the US Tour last year actually.
YEONHO: On music shows when we sometimes get some time before we get on stage we get snacks from our fans that is something very memorable to me.
KANGMIN: During music shows or during work I love to meet fans and I love that they get to know us while working.
MINCHAN: Meeting fans at the fan signs actually and getting to communicate with them and seeing how they show their love and support.
HOYOUNG: A few years ago we did an event called VERI-Café where we made coffee for fans and that event is stuck in my head.
GYEHYEON: During the fanmeeting we had a special stage and even though cheering or screaming isn’t allowed at live events in Korea currently, some fans let out a sound of support and that was so cute and touching.

VERIVERY is already off to an incredible 2022, what are your goals as a group for the rest of the year?
YEONHO: We want to get first place on a music show and we want to stay healthy and happy in 2022!

*We wave goodbye, we stare at our black screen, our life is meaningless and miss VERIVERY already*

Well, we promise VERIVERY we will be voting for you on music shows to get that first win! What is your favorite song from the boys’ full album? What do you think about ‘Undercover?’ Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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