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From Smiler to Smiler: Our Fave Tracks From Miley Cyrus’ ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE (Deluxe)

From Smiler to Smiler: Our Fave Tracks From Miley Cyrus’ ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE (Deluxe)

Attention, Smilers! Miley has officially expanded her iconic, long-awaited live album ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE with six brand new additions!

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Image Source: Vijat Mohindra

As if the first batch of 20 songs wasn’t incredible enough, these six new tracks round out the album even better than we could have dreamed. From top to bottom, this album is a journey through Miley’s discography, from the fetus ‘See You Again’ days to her glam rock era of today. This album isn’t just a live album, it’s a celebration of Miley’s entire career and Smilers’ dedication through the years. Given the setlist was created with the input of Smilers themselves, this album is truly a collaborative effort between Miley and her fandom, and that’s pretty iconic in and of itself.

“My ATTENTION: South America tour is one I will never forget. It’s one of those ‘you just had to be there’ experiences. So much life lived in only two weeks. I appreciate your dedication to me & my music more than I can express! To show my gratitude I wanted to give you a taste of the ATTENTION Tour by dropping these additional six songs. I love you all so much! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to travel the world and perform for you!

Miley Cyrus

With that being said, we’re definitely claiming ‘Fly On The Wall’ and ‘Angels Like You’! However, there are so many standout moments from this live album that we can’t stop there. Here are our top-tier fave moments!

‘Like A Prayer’

This song is going viral on TikTok, and for extremely good reason!
We’re convinced that anything Miley sings is automatically golden. She could sing literally anything and it would sound angelic. ‘Like A Prayer’ is a prime example of that!
Her signature raspy vocals soar over this pop classic, transforming it into a glimmering rock’n’roll moment that shines through our headphones like we heard it IRL ourselves.

‘Fly On The Wall’

Image Source: Vijat Mohindra

Now, this… this is a moment we have been waiting for.
Ever since Miley has ventured fully into the rock space, we’ve been counting down the seconds until she incorporated this Breakout track into her set. ‘Fly On The Wall’ has the perfect amount of 2000s growl to translate seamlessly into Miley’s mature rock era and finally hearing it live with all the flavor of 2022 is absolutely electrifying!


This cover is so legendary that all we have to say is this: finally!

Ever since Miley first covered this classic Dolly Parton song in 2012 (a whole decade ago, if you’re keeping track), we’ve been wishing for a studio version. This one isn’t technically a studio version, but it is stream-able, and for that, we are forever grateful!
The magic of ‘Jolene’ lives on in this live performance and it’s like slipping on a beloved blanket with frayed edges––perfectly imperfect and timelessly comforting.

Image Source: Vijat Mohindra

‘Angels Like You’

This is truly the definition of a fan-favorite addition to the setlist since it was added the night before Miley’s Colombia show after fans sang it all night long. The pure passion and love for the song inspired this captivating performance and cemented this song as one of our god-tier Miley Cyrus power ballads. ‘Angels Like You‘ allows Miley to simply do what she does best: slay us all with her powerful vocals and emotional delivery that captures our souls.

‘Mother’s Daughter x Boys Don’t Cry’ With Anitta

For this collab, Miley teamed up with guest Brazilian pop star Anitta for this combo of their songs. ‘Mother’s Daughter’ is one of our absolute fave songs from the She Is Coming era, so hearing it live again was super exciting, and the added bonus of a guest like Anitta made it all the more fun.

Watching these two vibrant superstars swap songs and energy onstage was a treat and having their performance immortalized on this album is everything.

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The best part about live albums is that a little piece of music history is preserved forever. Audiences in the future will be able to look back on live albums and experience a small chunk of what it was like to live through this era of music just like generations before have done. We are so happy that Miley Cyrus is one of those immortalized artists now because she’s most definitely a living legend!

Stream ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE (Deluxe) here!

What’s your fave song on ATTENTION: MILEY LIVE? Let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop or on Instagram!

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