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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Haley Gold Finds Her Sound

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Haley Gold Finds Her Sound

Continuing her successful musical journey as a soloist after her girl group decided to go their separate ways, Haley Gold shines as a solid musical artist with a powerful voice and sweet songwriting skills. From her grandpa’s inspirational words that helped spark her music career to going on her own tour, there’s no stopping her trajectory toward the stars.

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Haley recently released two incredible singles, ‘Laughing In My Sleep’ and ‘Rocket Science.’ Her new sound is unleashed through witty lyrics and addictive melodies we just can’t get enough of. LIMS champions self-confidence and gives the message of not needing to rely on someone else while ‘Rocket Science’ turns the tables, and now someone is begging for her attention. We love the parallels!

The Honey POP was lucky enough to talk with Haley about her music, inspiration, and even banana pancakes! Keep reading and get to know one of the coolest new artists on the scene, then go stream her music because, yes, it’s amazing.

We’re excited to get to know you better, so first things first! Let’s take a minute to introduce Haley Gold to the world. What is one thing you want everyone who meets you and listens to your music to know about you?
Okie well for starters, Hi! I’m Haley Gold. I’m 24 years old and live in New York! I’m a singer-songwriter mainly in the pop realm of music and yeah; I just take all my terrible decisions and poor choices and turn them into really fun songs! 

Your grandpa was in an acapella group that inspired you to become a singer yourself, is there a piece of advice or encouragement he gave you that has stuck with you throughout your professional music journey?
Wow, you’re already striking my core with this question. My grandpa for sure is such an inspiration to me and literally now my number one fan for sure! I just remember him telling me years ago that as long as the music is honest to who I am then it’s a great song and I love that because it helped me not to think too much into detail, it’s just simple and it’s just me. 

Going from being part of a group to a soloist must have been an interesting experience. What did you learn from that transition into being a solo performer? How did it feel to record your first solo song in the studio?
So I was in my girl group for my “college years” so those 4-5 years of my life I was not only learning how to be in a girl group but learning how to be myself at the same time so it was certainly a struggle for me when I was molded to look and be like the other members of the group and coming out of that I had a moment of “not knowing who I was” so there was a lot of soul searching for even after the split which helped me get very vulnerable and exposed to truly understand who I was. 

Recording my first song solo was actually a bit scary. I recorded covers solo but that was when I was 15/16 and never wrote my own music, so turning 21 I was like, “wow this is all me, I got to do this.” But part of being an independent artist is learning and finding your own sound and I think that was the scariest part of it was fearing I wouldn’t find it. Jumping out of that group and meeting all my friends and now considered my family I really “opened Pandora’s box” and found such a love for my message and my now sound which is very edgy but fun at the same time. 

We have your latest song ‘Laughing In My Sleep’ on repeat! Was there a specific moment that inspired this song? We need to know the backstory because LIMS deserves to be on everyone’s playlist right now.
Oh well this song, I had the melody saved in my voice memos for maybe a solid 2/3 months before showing it to my friends Jesse Blumenfeld and Mark Sanderlin who wrote and produced the song with me. I didn’t know what I wanted the song to be about until Mark had asked me how I was feeling. When we wrote the song March 2021 I felt like I needed an extra boost of confidence in myself to get back out on the weekends and love myself without anyone telling me. So I hope when people listen to the song they don’t just hear it for the beautiful disco production that is but the soul and the lyrics of the song as well. It made me cry hearing it all back and from that moment I knew I needed to release it. 

Recently, you performed in New York City on your Made You Cry tour. Before taking the stage at a show, is there something you do to get yourself hyped and ready to perform? What is it like to hear fans singing your songs back to you?
Oh lord, you guys are going to laugh at me. I mean my boys playing with me always laugh, especially Tom who plays the guitar but as a pre-show warm up for my throat I take my water bottle and pack a straw and blow bubbles for like hours. Literally like the entire day of soundcheck to backstage beforehand I just blow bubbles cause it warms up your throat. But of course, the sound is just hilarious. I look like a 5 year old so it just gets everyone in a giggly mood. Other than that I have a song called, “Montana” which I perform on stage and every soundcheck and rehearsal I change the lyrics from “Montana” to any other random state that fits in the melody which always makes everyone laugh cause they know it’s coming but they don’t know what I’ll say. It’s a running joke that will forever stay! Let’s just say I’m a class clown.

You are known for keeping a notebook and pen around to write when inspiration strikes so we have to ask, what is the last line you wrote in your notebook? When writing a song, do you begin with lyrics or the melody first, or is there usually another starting point for you?
Okie, I’m a terrible person because I’m GenZ, I use my notes for all my songs so if I lose my phone or my storage gets full….we’re at a loss! That’s only because I hate bringing bags so the less I can carry the better, so I write typically or even I’ll say only when I’m traveling. I like looking out windows and zoning out and inspiration just clicks for me. I don’t even care if random people on the train hear me sing melodies cause I’ll, again, use my phone for voice memos too! But the last thing I wrote recently was, “I see your going for singers now

Want the satisfaction of someone writing songs about you – Just like I do. Just like I did for while.” True story actually, and recently too I found this information out like 2 weeks ago so I don’t know what it’ll turn into but clearly I don’t hold back! 

Your recent releases sound quite different from your earlier songs, we love hearing you explore new music styles! Is there a particular genre you would love to try out in the future?
In the future, as funny as it sounds, I’ve always was told I should go country, which is hilarious cause right now I’m so far from country but that’s how I learned how to songwrite, from listening to country music. Not all country songs are about beers, trucks and girls so that for me is like my roots. “Butterflies” my very first single was technically supposed to be a country song which we turned pop. 

We’ve heard your incredible covers and mashups and we are staying ready for your future collaborations! If you could convince two of your favorite artists to collaborate with you based on how excellent of a meal you cooked them, which artists would you invite for the meal and what would you cook?
That’s a hilarious question. Well I know I’ll win anyone over with my banana pancakes recipe so, I’d have to pick Justin Bieber. I’ve been in love with him since the 6th grade so easily I’d have to say Bieber. But I’m also a sucker for beautiful ballad-like vocals and James Arthur has that down to a T. I’ve loved his music also since his X-Factor days and seeing his transformation now is just astonishing to say the least. I used to, probably still do, harmonize all the time to James Arthur’s song ‘Empty Space’ so if he ever asked I’ll gladly take the mic with him. Maybe I’ll pass out but I’ll do it. 

You teased a new song on TikTok and we’re already excited for the release! Looking at the rest of 2022, can fans get excited about an album or EP? Are there plans to expand the New York tour to more cities?
Oh if anyone thought ‘Laughing In My Sleep’ was out of my typical element ya’ll haven’t heard this new song coming up May 20th. It’s called ‘Rocket Science’ and when I tell you, originally the song was a sadder vibe about having someone you love not notice you but, within one flip of a word, the song is about telling a person off, like, hot girl summer is upon us now! It’s such a fun song and it’s been a long time coming with this one! 

This is it, the last question before we have to say goodbye so we need to ask, what are your five favorite songs on your playlist right now?
Oh lord, well I’m terrible because I tend to listen to the same song like 5,000 [times] when it releases’ and strictly on repeat cause I’m obsessed with it, until truly my whole family starts learning the lyrics cause I’m still blasting it in the shower. So, with that being said, right now the only songs I’m listening to right now are, ‘Vegas’ by Doja Cat, ‘One Night’ by Griff, ‘You Broke Me First’ Tate McRae, ‘GHOST’ Justin Bieber and anything Dua Lipa just anything Dua Lipa! 

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Thank you for having me! This was so nice chatting with you! 

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And that is how we became a Haley Gold stan. 

Haley is already on her way to taking over the music scene with her stunning songs and now we really need to know her banana pancake recipe. ‘Laughing In My Sleep’ and ‘Rocket Science’ are currently consuming our playlists, now go add them to yours!

Listen to Haley Gold’s Current Obsessions Playlist on Spotify ♡

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