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Fireworks By Alice Lin Will Light Up Your TBR List!

Fireworks By Alice Lin Will Light Up Your TBR List!

If there’s one category of books that will never get old, it’s YA romance! We at THP love a good love story. Yes, even with all the ups and downs that come with it. And no, it doesn’t matter which tropes are a part of it.

We can always appreciate those sweet moments that bring two people together, however confusing they may be at first. This is why we’re so excited to review Alice Lin’s debut novel Fireworks today! This novel is sure to spark your interest (see what we did there?), so we’ve thought of a few things we love about it!

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Content Warnings: mental health challenges, verbal abuse

Summary: Lulu Li has her last summer before college all planned out. But her plans go awry when she learns that Kite Xu, her old next-door neighbor and childhood friend, will be returning home from South Korea.

Lulu hasn’t seen Kite since eighth grade, after he left the country to pursue a career in K-pop, eventually debuting in the boy group Karnival. When Karnival announces that Kite will be taking a break from K-pop activities for mysterious reasons, the opportunity to rekindle their friendship arises.

Starstruck and nostalgic, Lulu tries to reconnect with Kite. As they continue to bond and reminisce over the past, Kite’s sister, Connie, warns Lulu not to get too close to her brother. The harder Lulu tries to deny her feelings, the stronger they get. How could a K-pop star ever fall for a nobody from home? And even if he did, is there any way for their relationship to end but badly?

Friends-To-Lovers Romance

Can you imagine being childhood friends with a K-Pop idol? How about finding out that this childhood friend has had a crush on you since before they became an idol? We could never! So you can guess how giddy we were as Lulu and Kite’s rekindled friendship becomes something more. Our main characters had to get creative to prevent fans from recognizing Kite. But between their elaborate disguises outside to stay-at-home date ideas, they know how to enjoy each other’s company no matter what. And that’s what a good friends-to-lovers story is all about.

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Relatable Characters And Conflicts

Lin does a great job at making her characters feel real, and we love that she even creates lyrics to Karnival’s fictional K-Pop songs! Although most of us can’t relate to being friends with a K-Pop idol, we can still relate to Lulu and her friends and family a lot. Especially how the characters deal with maintaining their privacy. As veterans of multiple K-Pop fandoms, we’ve seen it all, from sasaeng fans stalking idols to anonymous users spreading hate on social media. These are real-life issues that we’re so glad the author included.

The Use Of Epigraphs

Before every new chapter in Fireworks, we get to read various epigraphs that make the novel even better! Lin skillfully uses social media posts by fans to show how they’re viewing and reacting to the news about Karnival. Other epigraphs include song lyrics, interviews, emails, letters, text messages, and voicemails that make the story come to life before our eyes. They reveal parts of the past that go unspoken between Lulu and Kite. It feels like we’re following along with these characters in real-time!

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Fireworks by Alice Lin is out June 7th and is available for preorder here!

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