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K-POP HOTSPOT: May 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: May 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

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Summer is here, everybody! Are you ready for K-music to provide us with summer-y bops? No matter the season, K-Pop is always right by our side. Yes, that means it is time again for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts: THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! May was packed with quality music, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as ONEUS, THE BOYZ, SEVENTEEN, LIGHTSUM, GOT7, KANG DANIEL, HYO, MAMAMOO WHEEIN, ASTRO, WOOSUNG, B.I, WOODZ, TXT, iKON, LE SSERAFIM, and NCT DREAM.

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Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts from May.


After more than three years since his last album, Ryeowook’s third EP, A Wild Rose, is finally out! And just as we expected, he has blessed us with the most incredible vocals and melodies. The title track ‘Hiding Words’ sweeps us off our feet with such a magical music video and Ryeowook’s charming voice. And HELLO, high notes! His beautiful high notes make us ascend into another dimension. Literally.


Can we take a moment to appreciate what an amazing ballad, ‘The Power Of Love’ by Alice is? We can’t get over these girls’ perfect harmonies and the piano instrumental. This single is the group’s latest comeback since transferring to their new agency and rebranding from Elris to Alice. Their talent is so underrated, but we’re beyond excited to see where Alice will go in the future!


It’s been a long time coming, with Class:y making their debut after the girls won My Teenage Girl. And what a debut it is! ‘Shut Down’ has been on repeat all month, and we can’t seem to be getting enough from these girlies! If you needed a new workout jam? This is it right here! Also, check out ‘Super Cool’ from the EP. It’s a bop!


Jeong Sewoon really knows how to make us want to get up and move with his music. His fifth mini-album, Where Is My Garden! (we adore this title, by the way) instantly makes our days better! The title track ‘Roller Coaster’ is an upbeat and playful song about flying to wherever you dream despite the ups and downs of life. With summer starting in just a few weeks, replaying this EP is the best way to spend those longer days.


RAIN‘s Idol group Ciipher had us whipped with their ‚Blind‘ so obviously, we were excited to see what‘s next for the group! Thankfully, ‚Fame‘ is just as much a bop as ‚Blind‘ was. The boys know how to deliver an upbeat jam with great vocals and amazing raps! 10/10


P Nation’s new boy group TNX has made an explosive debut with their first mini-album, Way Up! They’re going to be the rookie group to beat this year. TNX’s title track, ‘Move,’ is a banger with killer choreography to match! We’re definitely impressed with these six boys’ charisma and their range in B-side tracks like ‘We On’ and ‘Your Favorite Melody.’ Way Up is a confirmed no-skips album.


Drippin made their long-awaited Japanese return with the single ‘So Good,’ and might we just say it is quite literally ‘So Good?!’ The boys sound and look amazing. This upbeat, fun, and refreshing theme really suits them, and after ‘Villain’ had fans in a frenzy, this comeback really gave us all the serotonin we needed!


We have waited, and we were rewarded Ab6ix finally made their comeback with their fifth mini-album, A to B, and their title song really underlines what they are; out ‘Savior.’ The catchy anti-drop chorus really blew our minds, and Woojin’s rap proved yet again he got the bars. Honestly, is there anything Ab6ix can’t do?!


We are slowly but surely getting over GFRIEND‘s disbandment, and the members are helping us all they can. With VIVIZ competing on QUEENDOM and Yuju‘s solo debut, we were wondering what we would be getting from Yerin! Thankfully she graced us with her bubbly energy and delivered her solo debut with ‘ARIA.‘ A real bubble gum pop bop if you ask us, and she looks absolutely stunning in the music video. Also, check out ‘Believer.’ It is a good one!


A special album released three years after their re-debut? Onewe, you spoil us! The band’s latest comeback with Timeless features a new version of their 2017 track ‘Starlight,’ along with the brand new track ‘Roommate.’ We’re constantly in awe of the nostalgia and emotions that Onewe manages to bring out of us whenever we listen to their songs. And we don’t mind getting in our feels if it’s to a Onewe song!


We’ve been counting down the days for BLANK2Y’s debut, and now that it’s here, we can’t help but cry happy tears for the group 😭 BLANK2Y just debuted with their first mini-album, K2Y I : CONFIDENCE, The album has five tracks, the ‘Intro[R],’ ‘Thumbs Up,’ ‘Thumbs Up (ENG Ver.),’ ‘Touch,’ and ‘Fan Song.’ And we gotta say we love the title track ‘Thumbs Up!’ The track, along with its MV, shows new and existing fans what BLANK2Y is capable of. It’s also overall a great track. Congrats on your debut BLANK2Y. THP can’t wait to witness more of your success.


In the three-track mini-album, Yerin Baek shows up and shows out! We can’t recommend Pisces enough. Each track is our fave. We really can’t pick which one we like more. If you are into the bedroom-pop genre, this may become your new favorite album. The title track ‘Pisces’ has such a soft opening, but as soon as it hits the one-minute mark, there’s a little change-up 👀. Did we already mention we loved Yerin and Pisces?

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Snap girls, we think you dropped something: our jaws! Bvndit is back after two years with their third EP, Re-Original, and it is LIT! Their badass title track ‘Venom’ is everything we’ve been waiting for, and Bvndit slayed this concept. We’ve won with this masterpiece of a mini-album where every single song slaps. Here’s hoping we get to see them perform ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ or ‘Awaken’ live too!


ATEEZ is back with a punchy new Japanese release! Atiny is probably already familiar with their track, ‘Rocky,’ which was a side-track on their album, ZERO: FEVER, Part.3. Well, now the song is the title track for their new Japanese mini-album! Moreover, they revamped the song completely, making it ’Rocky (Boxers Ver.).’ The music video takes on a boxing theme to coincide with the track, which we absolutely love! The album showcases Japanese versions of tracks we know and adore. Thank you, ATEEZ!


CRAVITY, how we missed you! Thankfully, Universe exists, and the boys got to release a song through the fan app! What a jam ‘VIVID’ is. You have to find out by yourself by listening to this upbeat dance-pop jam, but we promise you it will get your blood racing!


VICTON is back with a fantastic mini album! Not only is Chaos anything but musical chaos (duh, it’s absolutely fantastic music to our ears), but the title ‘Stupid O’Clock’ has us going stupid over how good it is. We knew we could trust VICTON to deliver a fantastic comeback, and we were not disappointed! Thank you for this upbeat jam, boys! Insider tip: the rest of the album is just as good to check out ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ especially.

How did we make it through this month of bangers without collapsing, right? Are we ready for June’s comebacks to come at us in full force? Of course! What was your favorite comeback of May? Which one are you most excited about in June? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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