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NCT Dream Brings Us The ‘Beatbox’

NCT Dream Brings Us The ‘Beatbox’

NCT Dream Brings Us Beatbox

Woah, back so soon? It’s alright, we won’t complain. We have a lot to talk about anyway… like NCT Dream’s repackage album! It feels like we just got ‘Glitch Mode,’ but now, NCT Dream brings us the ‘Beatbox,’ and we can’t believe it. We have a new music video and four new songs to review, so don’t fret; we won’t take you through the original Glitch Mode tracklist again. Grab some headphones and take a seat!

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Drop A Beat: The ‘Beatbox’ Music Video

There is so much to say about this music video because there’s so much to love! One thing about NCT Dream: they will always make a vibrant and youthful music video. It’s their brand, let’s be real. So what did they do this time? Let’s see!

First, off we’re absolutely digging the retro vibes in this music video. It feels very 2000s, which may be a reminder of many of our childhoods. It definitely is perfect for this summer. Despite it not taking place at the beach, it feels like something you might put on while you’re there. Or you could put it on while you and your friends go on adventures around your hometown. Unlike ‘Glitch Mode,’ the music video for ‘Beatbox’ takes place in several different locations: a recording room at a school, the school hall, a basketball court, and what we could consider a local hangout for NCT Dream and their friends. Overall, this music video exemplifies NCT Dream to a T.

The song is just as fun as the music video! The percussion—whether it be the electronic beats or the beatboxing—is one of the key points of the song. If you didn’t pick up on it, ‘Beatbox’ has some old-school hip-hop meshed with the SM K-Pop sound, which NCT Dream does justice to very well. It’s got a nice groove, making it perfect to dance along to (or motivate you to learn the choreo). Lastly, the lyrics are energetic and express NCT Dream “bringing the beatbox” wherever they go; this could be taken as them reaching people everywhere with their music, and that’s not far off from the truth. A certified banger.

Perfect Flow: The New Tracks

Now that we’ve delved into ‘Beatbox,’ we still have three more new songs to check out. Are you ready? Keep those headphones on!

‘To My First’

Why does this title look familiar? Oh, that’s right! It’s because it’s the next song within their ‘My First And Last’ series. Right off the bat, we noted the R&B route the song took, and we’ll say right now that the world needs more of NCT Dream and the R&B genre together. We also noticed how this song sounds emotional, which makes sense as the lyrics are pretty heartbreaking 😩. It’s quite literally about breaking up and saying goodbye to your first (young) love. Despite saying goodbye, they’ll recall all the great memories and times together. As they say, “[their] love is always.”

‘Sorry, Heart’

If you remember from the Glitch Mode album, ‘Saturday Drip’ was a unit song for NCT Dream’s rap line: Mark, Jeno, Jaemin, and Jisung. Now, ‘Sorry, Heart’ is a vocal line song, where Haechan, Renjun, and Chenle let their vocals shine. It’s not quite a ballad, but it’s just an electric guitar, snaps, and their voices. Like ‘To My First,’ ‘Sorry, Heart’ is also an emotional song. However, this one is about hurting someone they love and letting them down. The NCT Dream vocalists express regret and that they’re sorry. There’s so much emotion in these new songs… ouch, our hearts.

‘On The Way’

We get more R&B NCT Dream, yay 🥳! ‘On The Way’ sounds a little bit old-school (like ‘Beatbox’) but primarily because of that synth throughout the song. It’s a great choice, in our humble opinion. This song is also quite heartfelt, but it’s not sad. It more so expresses the Dreamies being on their way to be there for you when you’ve had a long day or if you’re lost. Perhaps, they’ll take you on a night drive away from all your worries… that sounds nice, doesn’t it? It kind of has similar vibes to one of their songs from Hot Sauce, ‘Rainbow.’ We’re here for it 100%!

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Unfortunately, that is all we have for you today. You are free to take off your headphones. We hope that these four new tracks and the new music video were as satisfying for you as they were for us! Was it a rollercoaster of emotions? Yes, but it was worth it. Only NCT Dream could make us feel that many things in just four songs. We also hope that you enjoy the new tracks in conjunction with the ones from Glitch Mode!

So, Czennies, which new track do you like the most? Were you a fan of the retro vibes? Did this shake up your ranking of the tracks for the Glitch Mode/Beatbox album? Let’s talk about it! Slide us a reply on our Twitter,  @TheHoneyPop, Instagram, or Facebook. We’ll be practicing our beatboxing skills just in case we run into NCT Dream in the meantime!

NCT Dream Brings Us Beatbox
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