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These 3 Music Videos Starred Kids, Including Vance Joy’s ‘Every Side of You’

These 3 Music Videos Starred Kids, Including Vance Joy’s ‘Every Side of You’

Our lyrical geniuses see their striking mugs on billboards, buttons handed out at club nights, and even the faded ticket stub shuffling loosely around in your drawer, but from time to time they like to leave us guessing at what they looked like on a fine filming morning and instead let some kids tell their song’s tale! It’s what Australian national treasure Vance Joy has done through his music video for ‘Every Side Of You,’ the latest single off his upcoming third album In Our Own Sweet Time. He’s not the first, however, having joined a mosaic of others who have employed those pint-sized lovely rascals, and here’s just three, including Riptide himself. 

Steering the Getaway 

You knew we were gonna start with him seeing as his face fronts even the article’s featured image, but from just the first frame of a boy’s silhouette pulling up on a bike through a The Wizard of Oz yellow-hued road, Kaylee Cameron and Knox Chalmers are the stars of this music video! Some top FBI skills before we go further: according to insta, both kids are pretty native to a dirt bike rather than being a skill they picked up just for the mv! Knox’s character cuts up a car magazine to glue onto his wall, showcasing a proper interest, which turns into him working on configuring a bike. After falling off, his mother throws it out, and he sneaks off with Kaylee’s character to a car yard. It’s a nice parallel to Vance’s career, with the unified message of never giving up on one’s penny thrower dreams.

Queen of Our Hearts’ Time Capsule 

Back in 2013, a year when ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version)’ was still kept hidden in a vault patrolled by Taylor Swift’s first borns Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson, the music video for ‘Everything Has Changed’ came to be! The song itself features her ginger bff Ed Sheeran, whom we catch a glimpse of as he picks up his fictional kid from school. The actor’s name is Jack Lewis, and Taylor’s is Ava Ames. Flash forward to February of this year, and those familiar faces nudged their way into an Easter egg-filled story continuation under ‘The Joker And The Queen.’ 

Baby Boss Brody

Even music videos have b-sides, according to Niall Horan, who served up an alternate for pandemic sleeper ‘No Judgment.’ Brody Schaffer, who appears as only four years old, struts past a left-alone football in a leotard in suave fashion. The video ultimately shows an accepting family embracing their feminine son. 

Vance Joy’s In Our Own Sweet Time comes out on Friday, July 10, with a tracklist that reads as follows:

See Also

  1. ‘Don’t Fade’
  2. ‘Solid Ground’
  3. ‘Missing Piece’
  4. ‘Catalonia’
  5. ‘Way That I’m Going’
  6. ‘Every Side Of You’
  7. ‘Clarity’
  8. ‘Wavelength’
  9. ‘Boardwalk’
  10. ‘Looking at Me Like That’
  11. ‘This One’
  12. ‘Daylight’

Vance will be celebrating the release with a live stream of his Toronto, Canada show starting at 11:40 a.m. AEST on the Friday via his YouTube channel. If a song title can provide us with some intel on what it’s about, which track number do you claim? Let us know by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop.


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